With monsoon season 2022 in full swing, your vacation senses must be tingling all over! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a hot cup of tea and delectable savoury treats on a rainy afternoon? While several Indians plan the ideal monsoon trip, the rest are busy experiencing the worse end of the season. 

It goes without saying - every region in India encounters a different monsoon narrative. Some states experience pleasant rains, while others meet torrential downpours that devastate entire cities. 

Every year news channels relay the destruction caused by the unpredictable Indian monsoons. Unfortunately, flash floods and landslides aren’t the only cause of the mayhem. During the rains, diseases like dengue, typhoid and dysentery are at their peak, owing to poor hygienic conditions in certain areas and regions. Furthermore, the likelihood of road accidents is tenfold because of the slick roads and unkempt roads with potholes. 

Common Diseases During Indian Monsoon

Once monsoon strikes, we all become susceptible to catching colds or viral fevers. An overdependence on take-out meals, poor cleanliness and hygiene exponentially increase the chances of falling victim to these diseases. While falling ill during the rainy season is unavoidable, watch out for these common but deadly diseases. 

  • Cold and Flu: Sudden changes in temperatures makes your body susceptible to bacterial and viral attacks

  • Dengue: Bites from mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus can cause painful fevers 

  • Cholera: Water-borne infection that affects the gastrointestinal tract 

  • Typhoid: Fevers caused by a bacterial infection that’s spread through contaminated food and water 

  • Hepatitis A: Mainly affects the liver with symptoms like fever and vomiting 


Medical experts have cautioned people about the risks of neglecting the dangers of these diseases. And, it’s no wonder why! They’re contagious and, if left untreated, could cause the host a variety of health conditions. 

Small-Ticket Insurance Policies for Monsoons

Watching out for every diseased person, contaminated edibles and pothole-riddled roads is troublesome. It’s impossible to evade them, and most of us stand the chance of catching a cold after getting drenched in the rain. Furthermore, motorists and vehicle drivers are prone to skidding on slick roads. 


Nobody can foresee accidents or illnesses, so why take a chance? These situations come with a sizeable medical bill, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t back up your finances. Explore the following bite-sized pocket insurance plans to ensure you remain protected under these unpredictable circumstances. 

1. Monsoon Insurance 

The wet and clammy weather makes the perfect pair for disastrous situations. Fluctuating temperatures and accident-prone roads require twice more care and caution. This pocket insurance ensures that you remain covered in case of illnesses like malaria or dengue or if you suffer an accident. Pay a minimum premium of ₹649 for coverage up to ₹50,000. 

Overall, monsoon insurance covers treatment expenses, pre-and-post hospital expenses and room rent charges. 

2. Monsoon Preventive Care 

While monsoon woes differ from one person to another, there’s a way to receive bite-sized insurance similar to a comprehensive cover. The monsoon preventive care policy covers events like loss of lives and livestock, damage to property and water-borne diseases. Such policies tackle various rainy season concerns. 

Receive the benefits of this policy by paying an annual premium of ₹1,499. Additionally, the policy offers benefits like lab test package OPD/Doctor’s consultation and network discounts. 

3. Water-Borne Disease Care 

According to a study in 2019, roughly 70% of surface water in India is unsafe for drinking. With problems like water pollution still rampant, monsoons increase the spread of water-borne diseases. Avoid the financial strain of infections and diseases caused by this situation with the water-borne disease care policy.

By paying ₹2,399 p.a., you receive benefits like preventive health checkups and discounts on IPD room rentals. 

4. Typhoid Water-Borne Cover 

Highly infectious and contagious diseases like typhoid spread through an infected person’s bodily discharge and fluids. It includes eating contaminated food or drinks, and even the slightest contact can cause a severe case of typhoid. Protect yourself and your loved ones by purchasing the typhoid water-borne cover; premium starting at ₹194. 

5. Dengue Cover 

The damp weather invites vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria. It spreads through pests like mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. With the rise in disease-ridden insects like these invading homes and streets, avoid falling victim to dengue cover. For ₹299, it covers medical expenses caused by this disease with a sum insured of up to ₹50,000. 

Get cover for expenses like pre-hospitalisation costs, medicines, doctor’s fees, etc. 

Whether you own health insurance or are still contemplating it, purchase these handy small-ticket policies. They’re pocket-friendly and offer a variety of financial and medical benefits. Interested in learning more about these bite-sized policies? Head over to Bajaj Markets and purchase pocket insurance today! 

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