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What is Myocardial Infarction Cover?

Myocardial infarction or commonly known as heart attack is a serious medical condition which occurs when there is not enough blood supply to the heart muscles. If not treated immediately, it may lead to the death of the patient. Treatment of severe myocardial infarction can be quite expensive. But with a financial backing, it just gets easier to handle. Stay covered with the help of a Myocardial Infarction Insurance policy where you can claim up to Rs. 3 Lakhs to pay off the medical costs of treating heart attacks. Thus, avoid any financial stress with the help of heart attack insurance coverage starting from just Rs. 271!

Key Features of Myocardial Infarction Insurance Cover

Here are the benefits you can get after purchasing the heart attack insurance cover:

Coverage of treatment charges

Get coverage against all kinds of treatment charges such as ICU expenses, medicine costs, and hospital room rent.

Nominal premium amount

You can obtain this heart attack insurance policy at a very nominal premium amount starting from Rs. 271.

Doctor's charges

This plan covers the entire expenses of doctor's fees before, after and throughout the hospitalisation period.

How to Apply for the Myocardial Infarction Cover?

All you have to do is to follow a simple step-by-step process to apply for the heart attack insurance policy:

  • Click on ‘Buy Now’

    Click on 'Buy Now’ on the product page.

  • Fill in the Application Form

    Simply enter the necessary details in the application form before submission.

  • Complete Your Transaction

    Check the heart attack insurance coverage amount and make the corresponding premium payment online.


You will get your entire membership details on your email ID after your purchase is successful.


What's Covered Under the Myocardial Infarction Cover?

The expenses included in Myocardial Infarction Cover are as follows:

  • Hospitalisation charges

Enjoy lump-sum coverage of up to Rs. 3 Lakhs in order to clear your hospital bills while getting treated after a heart attack.

  • Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses

You will receive pre and post-hospitalisation benefits for 30 days and 60 days, respectively.

  • Expenses for diagnostic tests

This heart attack insurance policy covers the charges incurred for performing diagnostic tests during the pre-hospitalisation period or during hospitalisation.

  • Medicine bills

All expenses incurred for the purchase of medicines related to hospitalisation are covered under the heart attack insurance policy.

  • Ambulance charges

The cost of hiring an ambulance up to Rs. 2000 is also covered by the policy.

Policy Details and Specifications

The table below lists the policy details and specifications.


Premium Amount (Including GST)

Sum Insured

Rs. 271

Up to Rs. 1 Lakhs

Rs. 531

Up to Rs. 2 Lakhs

Rs. 684

Up to Rs. 3 Lakhs

What's Not Covered?

There are some excluding factors that policyholders need to consider before buying an insurance policy for heart attack patients. They are:

  • Getting hospitalised within 90 days

The policy cannot cover the medical charges if you are admitted in the hospital for the treatment within a span of 90 days of purchasing the policy.

  • Any previously existing disease

This insurance plan does not cover the treatment costs if you have any previously existing disease.

  • Angina pectoris or coronary syndromes

This policy excludes the treatment costs if someone is suffering from Angina pectoris or coronary disorders.

How to Make a Claim

To raise a heart attack insurance claim, you can connect with the insurer in the following ways:

  • Phone call

Call 1800-102-4488 (Toll-free)

  • Email

Send an email to

Customer Care Details for Myocardial Infarction Cover

If you are desirous to know more about this policy covering Myocardial Infarction, contact us at:

Myocardial Infarction Cover - FAQs

Is Bajaj Markets the issuer of this plan?

No, Bajaj Markets offers an online platform from where you can purchase this heart attack insurance policy effortlessly.

Which are the best cardiac insurance plans for heart patients?

There is nothing as the best insurance policy for heart patients. Compare the offerings from multiple insurance providers and select the one most suitable as per your needs. 

What is the maximum coverage amount I get with the Myocardial Infarction Cover?

One can obtain maximum coverage of up to Rs. 3 Lakhs with the Myocardial Infarction Cover against the premium amount of Rs. 684. 

How can I pay the membership charge while purchasing this insurance for heart attack patients?

You can easily make the premium payment via several online payment modes including UPI, mobile wallet, and debit/credit cards.

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