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In recent times, smartphones have become a natural part of our lives and aren’t just used for calling or messaging. Many individuals make hefty investments towards their phones to enjoy the latest technology! Although mobiles have made life easier for us, it has also made us targets for security breaches and viruses. We end up storing our account passwords, personal information, pictures and many such private details on our phones. Imagine losing your precious data due to a lack of proper phone security! To ensure your smartphone is always secure, here are 10 easy mobile safety tips to follow.


1. Opt for a Phone Case


Yes, we get it that a phone case might not allow you to flaunt the latest colour or design of your smartphone. But there is always a chance of dropping your phone from varying heights. Without a phone case, the loss caused to your mobile can range from a shattered screen to internal damage to certain parts. To steer clear of such possibilities, opt for a sturdy phone case.


2. Protect Your Phone Screen


A screen protector goes a long way in safeguarding your mobile screen. Not only is your phone secure from any cracks in case you drop it but it’s also protected from scratches! Thus, you must get a CPP FoneSafe Lite policy that provides a complimentary screen damage cover along with other lucrative features to protect your smartphone!


3. Connect to a Secure WiFi


Have you ever felt the glee of finding free WiFi? Well, free internet has now become a thing at restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, etc. But no matter how badly you need to kill time, you must ensure to connect to a secure WiFi. Moreover, you can make use of Virtual Private Networks or VPNs while using public WiFi to stay protected!


4. Always Keep Your Phone Locked


There is always a possibility of losing your mobile and never being able to get it back. Be it theft or forgetfulness, it is crucial to have a strong passcode that doesn’t allow anyone direct access to your phone! Furthermore, you can also set a timer for your phone screen to get locked based on how long the mobile is idle.


5. Set a Secure Password


Apart from the passcode set to access your phone, you can now use passwords to open certain applications as well. Mobile apps used for online banking, investments, storing your personal documents, browsers with saved passwords, photo galleries, etc. are always at risk. This is why you should opt for a secure password to ensure phone protection!


6. Declutter & Update Your Mobile Apps


Remove the phone applications that you do not use anymore as they can easily drain your battery. Furthermore, it is vital to update the apps on your smartphone and run the latest version. Developers keep updating their apps to remove bugs and improve security threats!


7. Clear the Cache


Did you know that mobile apps leave behind junk files in the cache? To get rid of such files that may take up space, you must clear the cache which is possible for both Android and iOS.


8. Use Trusted Sources Only


Android mobile phones enable you to download applications online that aren’t necessarily from a trusted source. Hence, there’s always a risk of malware or security breach which is why you must keep away from such apps. So, it is recommended to only download applications from your mobile app store or trusted sources only!


9. Encrypt Your Data


The key perk of encrypting the data on your smartphone is that it is stored in an unreadable format. If your mobile gets stolen or lost, important information on your phone would be secure due to encryption!


10. Take Care of Your Battery


The battery of your smartphone needs to be taken care of to maintain its longevity. Although you shall find various recommendations online, the best way to maintain the cell phone battery is to follow the guidelines offered by the manufacturer.


Now that you have gone through the top 10 smartphone maintenance tips, you can easily protect your smartphone against risks! But even after adding such protection features and doing your best to maintain phone security, there is still a Bajaj Markets is why Bajaj Markets offers mobile insurance that offers complete safety and secures smartphones! Avail accidental damage cover, complimentary anti-virus protection and more Bajaj Markets.


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Smartphone Safety and Security FAQs

How do I make sure my phone is secure?

You can ensure your smartphone is secure by following the below mobile safety tips:

  • Encrypt your phone data

  • Use a strong passcode

  • Download apps from trustworthy sources

  • Connect to secure WiFi

  • Keep your phone locked

What is the best security tip for mobile?

The best phone security tip for mobile is that you should always maintain a strong password for important phone applications to steer clear of security breaches.

Which insurance is best for mobile?

A suitable insurance plan for your smartphone is the CPP Mobile Phone Insurance plan available on Bajaj Markets which provides extensive coverage!

What is the best way to protect your mobile from a cracked screen?

The best way to safeguard your mobile against a cracked screen is to opt for a good-quality screen protector and a phone case. To financially secure yourself against the cost of replacing your phone screen, you can opt for a CPP FoneSafe Lite plan!

Do I have security on my phone?

Yes, both Android and iOS phones come with some in-built safety features such as passcodes, touch ID, encryption, etc. that you can activate on your mobile.

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