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Everybody loves the monsoon season – the weather that relieves us from the deadly heat. Altogether, the environment is breezy, and who doesn’t like the earthy smell?


Now, even though monsoons are quite welcoming after the scorching heat of the summers, they get along many diseases with them. Apart from the unwelcoming illness, you will come across many deadly road mishaps too.


So, how do you plan to play safe this monsoon? We are here to tell you just that.

Accidents during the Monsoon Season

Due to heavy rainfall, the likeliness of road accidents doubles drastically. Further, these mishaps lead to deaths, acute injuries, and damage to properties. As a matter of fact, the Mumbai city alone holds the record of more than 500 accidents every monsoon.


Road accidents are quite common during the monsoon season because there is a decrease in visibility, the roads are slippery, water-logging in areas, undetectable potholes, and falling trees. Generally, it is a combination of reckless driving or poor automobile maintenance, along with these factors.


Health Risks during the Monsoon Season

Water-logging and puddles not only leads to a higher risk of road accidents but also serve as a breeding ground for diseases and germs. Monsoon makes your body vulnerable to infections and affects your immunity in all ways.


High humidity accelerates the growth of bacteria and fungus, leading to the outbreak of infections and ailments like influenza, pneumonia, asthma, typhoid, hepatitis, conjunctivitis, leptospirosis, etc. Also, mosquitoes live on stagnant water and can cause diseases like malaria and dengue.


How Health Insurance Comes To Your Rescue?

Unfortunate accidents and unforeseen illness can cause a financial blunder. In such intense situations, health insurance comes in handy. However, most people avoid shelling out their hard-earned money in health insurance premiums.


Now, this cannot be a reason not to take a mediclaim policy. In fact, you should buy a family medicalim policy to protect your loved ones in case of accidents and sickness. Appropriate medical insurance will safeguard you and your loved ones from the vast medical expenses.

Buy Health Insurance, Today!

Having a health insurance policy under your name is essential. Various insurance providers offer different healthcare plans.


Wondering which mediclaim is the best for you?

In that case, you can compare health insurance plans online from different vendors and choose a policy that is best suitable for your needs. Ultimately, make sure that you are having a health care policy, as most monsoon illnesses include expensive treatments and hospitalization.

Are you looking for health insurance?

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