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The world is currently fighting a battle against pollution, it is increasing day by day and it is getting more and more difficult to overcome its effects. One of the biggest contributors to pollution is the manufacturing units where chemical, mechanical and other types of waste are produced during the manufacturing procedure. Not only does this pollution is affecting the environment but it is also affecting the health of the people. 


Pollution insurance coverage is a type of insurance policy that covers and compensates the expenses for respiratory diseases caused by pollution in the environment. The insurance company offers pocket-friendly premium plans to render fund assistance in medical treatments.

Key Features of Pollution Insurance Policy

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the pollution insurance policy - 

Extensive cover at an affordable premium

Generally, the premium amount paid by the policyholder for pollution coverage is very affordable, customisable as per the financial goals and needs of the customer. The amount of premium might vary according to the insurance plan opted for by the policyholder.

Focus on treatment without worrying about costs

A pollution insurance policy, aims to provide fund assistance to the policyholders during medical emergencies. During such times of emergencies, the main focus of the individual must only be the treatment and not the cost of treatment. Pollution insurance, therefore, makes sure that the individual can focus on the treatment properly without worrying about the cost of the same.

Immediate care during emergencies

The pollution insurance claim procedure is very quick and easy. You just have to follow the claim procedure and then you can easily get the claim amount so that you neither have to burn down your pockets during any emergencies nor compromise the quality of the treatment.

How to Apply for Pollution Cover?

To purchase a pollution insurance policy, the customers can opt for an online or offline method at their convenience. Applicants can visit the office of the insurance company to complete the offline application procedure, however, before purchasing the policy plan the customers should compare the quotes, benefits, etc. to find an ideal policy cover that offers maximum benefits at affordable rates. Once the pollution insurance plan is selected, the customers can apply online by following the steps mentioned below

  • Tap on ‘Buy Now’

    Visit the official portal of the insurance company. Under the ‘Insurance’ option, select the ‘Pollution insurance’ option. Read the description and details and click on the ‘Buy Now’ option to commence the application procedure.

  • Fill in all the Required Details

    Applicants will be redirected to a new page. Fill out the application form and attach all the mandatory documents.

  • Complete the Payment

    Once the documents are attached, proceed to the premium payment for the pollution insurance plan. Once the online payment is completed, the policy details will be sent to the registered contact details of the policyholder.

What's Covered in Pollution Insurance Policy?

  • Hospitalisation expenditure

    Generally, the coverage provided in a pollution insurance policy is Rs. 2 lakhs. This amount might differ as per the insurance plan you choose. This amount is provided to cover the hospitalisation costs, only if the treatment is carried out under a specialist doctor’s guidance. Along with this amount, the policyholder will also receive cover for the expenses incurred pre and post-hospitalization. The pre and post-hospitalization considered are generally of a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days.

  • Fees and charges of doctor

    The doctor’s charges are also included in the pollution coverage plan. You can claim the amount during, pre, or post-hospitalization. All you have to do is submit a few supporting documents along with the claim application form and you can easily avail of the insurance coverage.

  • Diagnostic expenses covered

    You can claim for diagnostic test expenses as well as doctor’s fees.

  • Cost of diagnostics tests

    Unlike health insurance plans, even pollution insurance provides for the other important treatment procedures during hospitalisation like the cost of the diagnostic tests. The period of this feature is fixed and is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the plan beforehand only.

Plan Details and Specifications of Pollution Coverage

  • Coverage Limit - 

The coverage limit of pollution insurance is affected by various factors like the type of plan, type of risks, etc. Therefore you cannot be specific about the  premium and plan details, however, check out the table below to find out  generalised plan details for pollution insurance -

Premium Amount (Rs.)

Insured Sum (Rs.)




1 lakh


2 lakh

  • Validity 

Just like the coverage limit, the validity of the insurance plan also differs according to the policy and other factors. Generally, the validity of pollution coverage  is of  1 year which can be renewed as per the requirements of the policyholder.

What's Not Covered in Pollution Insurance Policy?

Just like inclusions, exclusions are also a very important point of an insurance policy. Here is a list of all the major exclusions of a pollution insurance policy.

  • Hospitalisation for illnesses other than respiratory.

  • Hospitalisation within 90 days of policy commencement.

  • Treatment for pre-existing diseases.


Note - The inclusions and exclusions are subject to change as per the policy details and norms and conditions of the insurance company.

How to Claim for Pollution Cover?

The policyholders can claim pollution coverage via 

  • Toll-free number - You can contact the insurance company via their toll-free number 1800-102-4488 and initiate your claim process. The executive will then connect to the concerned official, who will guide you through the further process. Make sure you use your registered mobile number for this process.

  • Email - You can also connect to the insurance company for a claim through email. You can write an email to claims@careinsurance.com and request the company to initiate the claim procedure. Make sure you mention all the necessary details related to your insurance policy. The insurance will connect with you soon either through call or email and guide you through the further procedure.


Bajaj Markets Customer Care Details

The customers can connect with the Bajaj Markets team by contacting their customer care centres by calling on the toll-Free Number - 1800-102-4488.  The policyholders can also write an email to  wecare@bajajyfinserv.in  to address their queries, grievances, or complaints.

Pollution Insurance Policy FAQs

Will the plan cover pre-existing ailments?

The pollution insurance policy will not cover or compensate for any pre-existing ailments.

Can I purchase Pollution Coverage offline?

Yes, you can buy pollution coverage insurance offline as well. All you have to do is visit the nearest office branch of the insurance company you want to buy insurance from. Make an enquiry about the pollution insurance policies and the concerned executive will guide you through the process.

What is the renewal process of a Pollution Cover?

The renewal process for pollution cover insurance is very simple. After your current policy plan expires, you have to contact the insurance company executives either through mail or call. The executives will guide you through the further process. You can even renew your pollution insurance through the official website of the insurance company by following the below-mentioned steps -

  • Visit the official portal of the company

  • Login using your credentials

  • Go to the Insurance plans tab.

  • Click on Current/Existing Plans

  • If your plan has reached the expiry date, a renewal option will be visible on your screen. Click on that.

  • You will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill in details and submit the form along with the supporting documents.

  • Your renewal process will be completed as soon as you pay the charges.

What is the premium amount that you need to pay for Rs. 50,000?

Generally, the premium amount for an insured sum of Rs. 50,000 in a pollution insurance policy is  Rs. 531. This might vary as per the policy you chose.

What are the documents that you need to claim for the insurance plan?

The documents required for an insurance claim depend on the type of insurance plan you are claiming. For pollution insurance, you will have to submit all the documents related to the medical history of the patient, hospital papers, treatment bills, etc.

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