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Samsung premium phones

In today’s digital era, smartphones have become absolutely necessary for people living in urban areas. Smartphones enable us to communicate with each other, design and edit pictures, enjoy gaming, shopping and so on.


Samsung is a pioneer in the Android smartphone space. Samsung has a wide range of smartphones that cater to your diverse needs. They are one of the mobile phone manufacturers in India that offer both budget and premium options. They feature low-range smartphones starting under Rs. 5,000 and premium mobiles like Galaxy Fold priced at Rs 1,19,999.


To maintain and control Samsung’s smartphone quality, a team of mobile experts from ZDNET tested and reviewed Samsung’s premium phones. These mobiles included models like Samsung galaxy j7 premium, the flagship S-series, A-series and the foldable Z-series model. These Samsung premium mobiles have received positive feedback and have effectively provided people with the satisfaction they were looking for.  


In this blog, we’ll give a detailed description of Samsung’s flagship phones to help you decide to get the best Samsung smartphone for yourself. In addition, this blog will also feature a detailed specification list for some of the top Samsung smartphone models.

List of Samsung Premium Phones in India

Samsung premium phones can get you all those features. Let’s take a look at them below:

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the flagship models launched in February 2022. Samsung decided to use the catchphrase of “Break the rules” to promote this premium smartphone. Samsung advertises that the Galaxy S22 Ultra can perform better processing compared to the existing flagship mobile phones such as OnePlus Nord and Xiaomi 12 Pro.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra holds the power of a Galaxy Notebook. Its slim and bold design creates perfect symmetry. The mobile phone features an AMOLED 2x display screen size of 17.31 cm with an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz. This model also features a “built-in S pen” in the Galaxy S series. This S Pen can be used to draw and write notes, boosting productivity. 


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers rear cameras with a 108 MP wide-angle camera and three 10MP zoom cameras that you can use to click detailed and crisp photos anytime, even in a low light setting. The front camera is loaded with a 40 MP camera that can be used to click clear selfies! The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a fingerprint sensor, 12 GBs of RAM and 256 GBs of storage so that you have a seamless experience.


Finally, the S22 ultra has the fastest 4NM processor, which can run any application or game without lag. You can also choose from a wide range of colour variations like white, black and burgundy. S22 Ultra comes with wireless charging, cutting-edge 5G connectivity and efficient data security. Additionally, the S22 Ultra’s posh look and light weight of 229 grams make it one of the best phones you can have in 2022.


2. Samsung Galaxy S22+

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ has almost the same features as the lower-end model of the S22. But, the Galaxy S22+ offers a larger and dynamic 6.6-inch AMOLED screen which makes for a more pleasurable gaming and viewing experience. Regarding the resolution, it has 1080*2340 pixels, giving you a crisp and smooth display. 


The wide variety of colours like Phantom white, Pink Gold, Phantom black and green also lets you express your personality. -The Galaxy S22+, one of the Samsung premium mobiles, is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, which can handle almost all games and applications easily. In addition, it has a 45W turbo charging and a 4500 mAh battery that can be used for up to a day without needing to be charged again.


When it comes to cameras, Galaxy S22+ is equipped with a 50MP wide-angle camera, a 12 MP zoom camera and a 10 MP standard camera on its rear. While its front camera has a 10 MP selfie lens. Such camera specifications can help you capture detailed and enchanting pictures.  It also offers the Knox vault, an application that keeps your data safe from hackers and malware. The Knox vault also has a secure folder which keeps your biometric information secure and stores private data. 


On top, the S22+ has a sleek, professional look with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. A combination that gives you both aesthetics and performance. Additionally, it comes with the newest android v12. Therefore, getting your hands on Galaxy S22+ can give you the edge in 2022.       

3. Samsung S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G comes with an amazing build quality from the lightweight category. It has a 6.4-inch screen size, giving you an amazing viewing experience. In addition, you can also select from a wide range of phone colours, such as lavender, white, graphite and radiant olive. 


Regarding the camera, S21 FE comes with three pro-grade rear cameras of a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, 12 wide-angle cameras and an 8 MP telephoto camera. In addition, it also comes with a 32 MP selfie camera so that you can capture every moment in your life with full clarity! 


In addition, Samsung S21 FE features the Exynos 2100 processor with 8GB ram, which is more than enough to run any application or game without hassle or lag. This faster chipset will allow a smoother performance. It also comes with the standard 4500 mAh battery that can easily sustain a day of phone usage. The Samsung S21 FE has wireless charging 2.0, so you don’t have to worry about charging cords anymore.


Lastly, it weighs just 177 grams, making it one of the most lightweight Samsung premium phones. The bright AMOLED display and 120Hz refresh rate with increased stability is created to satisfy flagship phone fans and, definitely, the mass. 

4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Recently released on the 10th of August, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Samsung’s one of the most user-based, productivity-centred mobile phones. It also features a unique smartphone feature, the Flex Mode, which allows this flagship smartphone to stand uptight. The Flex mode is complemented by the balanced and symmetrical design of the phone. 


This flagship phone also features the cutting-edge Infinity Flex Display, which opens up when you unfold the screen. This AMOLED Display screen also offers an Under Display Camera so that the Camera disappears. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is powered by Dolby Atmos and Stereo Speakers to experience the most immersive music.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers the thinnest screen and easy-to-carry Fold phones. When it’s in a folded position, you can use it like a 6.2-inch smartphone. Whereas you can use it as a tablet or a gaming device when you unfold it. Samsung features eternal strong colour hues in the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, ranging from Phantom Black to Phantom green and Phantom silver. 


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 also features the first S pen in the foldable series. This will allow you to be very accurate with your fingers. You can also use the S pen to cut the screen into two halves. For example, your could work on your designs in the first half of the screen and play your favourite tracks in the lower half of your foldable phone. The Flex mode allows users to watch videos and choose music tracks without requiring any physical effort.  


Coming to the camera, it offers three 12MP cameras with a Telephoto lens, Wide lens and Ultra Wide lens on its rear. While it features a 4 MP Under Display front Camera, it also has a 10 MP cover camera that you can use to click amazing selfies with crisp details. Additionally, it has a huge storage of 512 GBs, so you can forget about deleting things from your phone. 


Get your hands on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 if you want a fast and smooth mobile experience. It is powered by the all-new 5NM processor, which comes with integrated GPU, CPU and NPU. With a massive 12 GB ram, this flagship phone can do whatever you require it to do. 

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is often dubbed as Fold’s cousin because they share several similar characteristics. To start with, you can fold the entire phone to tuck it into your pocket or wallet. You don’t have to worry about getting your phone wet as it has an IPX8 rating, making it waterproof and perfect for daily usage. It is a luxury lifestyle product most sought after by flagship phone fans. 


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 also features a smooth scrolling experience with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a large Infinity Flex Display screen of 6.7 inches. The device also optimises its refresh rate according to the application or the video you’re watching. Additionally, its dynamic AMOLED display offers a vivid and smooth display you can't even dream of in mid. 


Regarding the camera, It features a 10 MP front camera and two 12 MP cameras on the rear comprising of an Ultra wide and a Wide-angle lens. Apart from that, when you fold your phone, you can also take selfies with the dual rear camera. To do this, you need to hit on the up volume button.


Like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Z flip 3 also features the Flex mode, which allows the phone to stand vertically. You don't have to worry about breaking your glass as the main screen of this phone is made with  Samsung Ultra Thin Glass. This glass is 80% more durable than standard gorilla glass and sustains up to at least 2,00,00 folds. Flip 3’s standard 3300 mAh battery enables users to keep using the phone all day long.


To conclude, it also comes with a 5nm processor and 8 GB RAM so that you can enjoy frictionless gaming and hover over different applications. You can also express your colour choice from a wide range, such as cream, lavender and Phantom Black.  

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Galaxy Notes were always dedicated to putting more power into the user. Now Galaxy Note 20 Ultra offers wireless DeX, a new S pen, Knox security, and the Enterprise edition. If you are a business owner or management professional. These features will help you have a seamless business experience. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is available in several colours, ranging from Mystic Black, Bronze and Mystic white.  


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra offers the best rear cameras with a 108 MP standard camera and two 12 MP cameras of Optical and a Wide-angle lens -on its rear. While the front cam has a 10 MP selfie camera. You can take amazing photographs in various lighting conditions using this phone camera. The Exynos 990 processor with 8 GB ram can run any heavy apps or game seamlessly.  The 6.9-inch colour Dynamic AMOLED screen also lets you immerse in videos and visuals.

7. Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

This recently launched flagship phone is powered by the powerful Snapdragon 778G 5G, which features advanced AI to enable smarter UI performance. Integrated with 8GB ram, Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is the perfect choice which people who want a good gaming experience on their mobile phones.


It also features a standard 5,000 mAh battery that can easily sustain 2 days' worth of phone usage. Samsung Galaxy A73 5G comes with a 25W charging system, so you can charge your phone easily. It has a full HD+ AMOLED display screen of almost 6.7 inches. This allows the pictures you take to come to life.


Which Samsung phone between Rs 30,000 and Rs 35,000 is the best?

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is one of the great buys in this range. It offers the latest Snapdragon 865 processor and a 6.5-inch super AMOLED display that provides a great viewing experience. 

Which Samsung mobile device offers the most value for your money?

 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 are one of the most unique products that are worth your money. Their unique design and specifications make them one of the smartest choices.

Must you purchase the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE right away?

 For its value, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is one of the best mobile phones you can get your hands on. It features a great camera and the latest android v12. 

Which Samsung phone is the best for Rs. 60,000?

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G is one of the best Samsung smartphones under 60,000 as it provides a stylish sleeky design with most of the cutting-edge technologies that you might be looking for in a modern smartphone.

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