Life without gadgets for most would be impossible to comprehend. While making it convenient, a sudden loss or destruction of a gadget could turn our lives upside down.


Likewise, not everyone would be inclined to pursue costly maintenance and at times time-consuming replacement routes. A prudent step in this situation is to have gadgets such as vacuum cleaners, phones, speakers, and many other handy devices covered under small gadgets insurance.

What is a Small Gadgets Insurance Cover?

It has become vital to safeguard against any financial losses occurring due to our increased dependency on small devices. Though indispensable, they are quite expensive as well. In a world where technology has become pervasive and controls every aspect of our modern lives, the absence of gadgets is unthinkable.


In this arena, "gadget insurance." has come to play a significant role with few insurance policies designed expressly for people who have recently acquired a smartphone, laptop, or another pricey piece of technology.


Usually covering smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and similar pieces of equipment are covered by gadget-based insurance plans. Primarily meant for lost and stolen devices, gadget insurance could be extended to provide coverage for mechanical failures as well, provided the user was not guilty of any ulterior motive.


The Bajaj Markets ' Small Gadgets Insurance Cover is a suitable option for shielding gadgets from unexpected losses and damages.

Key Features of Gadgets Insurance Cover

Nowadays, it is rare to come across anyone having less than 2 electronic gadgets. Given the tendency to stay in touch with the latest technology, purchasing additional devices has become the norm. Hence, to guarantee sufficient funding for repairing all the devices and gadgets, small gadget insurance coverage comes in handy.

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This insurance coverage offers the features mentioned below:

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Attractive Annual Premiums

Small gadget insurance for gadgets and devices can be purchased for a reasonable membership fee of Rs.399. What’s more, the fee is payable only once a year to ensure a continuation of services and bene Read Morefits. Read Less

High Coverage Amount at Lower Premiums

Policyholders receive full coverage of up to Rs. 10,000 against a nominal membership cost of Rs. 399. The coverage of this policy extends to all costs associated with losses or damages up to the maximu Read Morem coverage amount. Read Less

How to Apply for Small Gadgets Insurance Cover?

The Small Gadgets Insurance cover can be conveniently applied by the below-mentioned steps:

1. Click on ‘Buy Now

Click on the ‘Buy Now button at the top of the small gadgets insurance page

2. Provide Appropriate Details

The click on the ‘Buy Now button will lead to the application form which needs to be duly filled and submitted

3. Make the Online Payment

Post submission of the application form, pay the membership fee using any of the available online methods of payment

What's Covered under Gadget Insurance?

1. Mechanical Breakdown or Malfunction

You may be entitled to reimbursement for your small device's costs if it had broken down unexpectedly or due to technical issues. However, only if the device was with you when the damage occurred do these repairs or replacements fall inside the scope of a gadget insurance’s coverage.

2. Accidental Damage Cover

This insurance plan will pay for any accidental damage that occurred to a device while it was in your possession. Furthermore, this device insurance policy will provide coverage for the same if you decide to replace it with a new one.

3. Loss or Damage Due to Fire or Disaster

If a small gadget suffers loss or damage on account of a fire or other natural disasters, this insurance coverage is pretty handy. Furthermore, coverage is provided for damage or loss brought on by incidents such as riots and strikes.

4. Theft Protection

Fully comprehensive coverage for theft- and burglary-related losses or damages is provided by small gadgets insurance provided, the device had been in your possession when the event occurred. The coverage amount is determined by the maximum coverage and amount mentioned in the invoice.

Gadgets Insurance Cover Policy Plan Details and Specifications

The details of the small gadget insurance offered by Bajaj Markets  are stated below:

1. Membership Fee

The insurance plan can be purchased for just Rs.399

2. Maximum Coverage Limit

Rs.10,000 is the maximum amount for which coverage can be provided

3. Validity

A policy one purchased stands valid for 12 months. However, post completion of its tenure, Bajaj Markets can be contacted for renewing the policy.

Please note, that this policy carries a few deductibles and exclusions that all applicants should be cognizant of.

What's not Covered under Small Gadget Insurance?

Below listed items are excluded from gadget insurance's coverage:

1. More than 30-day Delay in Application

Application for this insurance should be made within 30 days of purchasing a small gadget, which should tally per the date on the invoice. No coverage will be provided if it undergoes damage or loss and a policy has not been purchased within 30 days.

2. Damage or Loss due to Pollution

Loss or damage brought on by pollution or ecological contamination is not covered. Any cost incurred against a device, or damage by pollution will have to be borne by the owner.

3. Loss or Damage due to Terrorism

A device that is damaged or stolen as a result of terrorist activity is not covered. 

How to Make a Claim with Gadget Insurance?

Submission of a claim can be done through either of the ways listed below:

1. Call

Use a toll-free number, 1800 209 5858, to speak with the staff immediately.

2. Email

Send an email to for filing a claim.

3. Website

Visit the official customer support website online to raise a claim

A mail to Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. -Bajaj Allianz House, Airport Road, Yerwada, Pune - 411006 is one more alternative method to contact.

Documents Required for Processing the Claim

To support a claim, below mentioned documents are crucial:

  • A completely filled-in application form

  • Invoice of Bill about the equipment

  • FIR Copy - in the event of a theft or break-in

Small Gadgets Insurance Customer Care Details

For any questions about electronic stationery insurance contact insuranceconnect@bajajfinservmarkets for a prompt response.

FAQs - Small Gadgets Insurance

Why should I buy a Small Gadgets Insurance plan?

The cost of repairs and replacements of high-tech equipment is amply covered under this plan, hence it is a prudent purchase.

How much is the premium payable amount for Small Gadgets Insurance?

Rs.399 for a year is the membership fee charged as a premium.

Will damage due to an earthquake fall under Small Gadgets Insurance coverage?

This plan covers any loss or damage that occurred on account of a natural calamity.

How much is the maximum coverage amount available under Small Gadgets Insurance?

Rs, 10,000 is the maximum coverage provided under this plan.

Who is the coverage provider for Small Gadgets Insurance?

A small gadget insurance plan is currently being provided by Bajaj Markets.

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