What is Sports Insurance?

The importance of sports and fitness has grown exponentially. However, sports and fitness enthusiasts are also at risk of injury. Sports insurance serves as a financial shield in case you get injured while playing your favourite sport or while working out for your fitness.


With the increasing number of injuries sustained while playing sports or engaging in fitness activities, there is also a rise in the introduction of policies that offer sports insurance coverage. These policies are important because some sports injuries may not be minor scrapes but serious injuries that require expensive rehabilitation and treatment. Also, they may cause you to stay in bed for many days at a stretch. Sports insurance policies prevent you from pouring your savings on injury treatments.  They help you access instant medical treatment without having to worry about finances.


You can register for the best sports insurance plan through Bajaj Markets. On this portal, you can invest as little as Rs. 499 per annum and get extensive coverage.

Key Features of Sports Insurance

Before applying for sports cover insurance, it is important to understand its key features and benefits. Read below to know how a total sports insurance policy can help you reduce your treatment-relate Read Mored expenditure in case of sports and fitness-related injuries: Read Less

Comprehensive Coverage

Sports can often result in long-term injuries requiring extensive treatment. A sports injury insurance policy can be extremely helpful to deal with these expensive treatments and the cost of medication Read More. With a sports insurance policy from Bajaj Markets, you can get coverage of up to Rs. 2 Lakhs at just an annual spend of Rs. 499. Read Less

Minimal Documentation

You can register for and file claims for sports injury insurance policies on Bajaj Markets from the comfort of your home. With minimal documentation and easy online application, you don’t need to wor Read Morery about the hassles of insurance buying. A quick and convenient claim process also makes it easier to seek remuneration so you don’t have to stress yourself while you are already injured. Read Less

How to Apply for Sports Insurance?

Applying for a sports insurance policy on Bajaj Markets is now easier than ever. It involves just three steps after you log on to the website or mobile application. The steps are below:

1. Tap on ‘Buy Now’

Once you are on the page where the sports insurance plan and its features have been elaborated, click on ‘Buy Now.’

2. Fill in the Details

 Fill in all the requisite details in the online application. These will be required for your KYC verification.

3. Make Your Payment

Once you have submitted the form, you will be asked to make the payment. You can opt for any payment method among cards, UPI, or wallets..

Policy Details and Specifications

Below are the primary details and specifications of a sports insurance policy from one of the sports insurance companies on Bajaj Markets.

  • Coverage: You get sports cover insurance of up to 2 lakhs

  • Validity of Plan: The best sports insurance companies offer policies with a validity of 1-year

Documents Required

A set of documents is required to verify your application and approve your request for sports insurance. However, Bajaj Markets requires very few documents and makes the process of buying a sports insurance policy hassle-free. Read below to know the list of documents required to buy a policy from sports insurance companies:

  • KYC papers 
  • Proof of your identity
  • Proof of your age

What's Covered and Not Covered Under Sports Insurance?

Here are the inclusions and exclusions of sports insurance. 



Accidental disability 

Injuries aside from those caused due to sports and fitness activities


Routine medical issues

Personal accident 

Self-caused injuries

How to Make a Sports Insurance Claim?

There are several ways in which you can raise a claim with the sports injury insurance plan from Bajaj Markets. You can reach out to the Customer Care team either through phone and email in order to raise your claim.


 Bajaj Markets - Customer Care Details


To reach the team at Bajaj Markets for raising your claim, use the following methods.

1. Phone: 

You can call the team on the toll-free number: 1800-209-1021. Make sure you have your policy details handy. 

2. Email:

You can reach out to the team over email at customercare@bajajallianz.co.in or insuranceconnect@bajajfinservmarkets.in. Make sure you have your policy details handy and mention them while sending your email.

Sports Insurance FAQs

What is the validity of sports cover?

The validity for the sports cover offered by Bajaj Markets is one year.

How much cover do you get under the Sports Cover?

You can get coverage of up to ₹2 Lakhs under the sports insurance plan.

What type of treatment expenses will be covered in case of sports injury?

Any treatment expenses incurred while engaging in sports or fitness activities will be covered under the sports injury policy offered by Bajaj Markets.

Can we renew the sports insurance?

You can renew your sports insurance plan online with minimal documentation.

Does Bajaj Markets offer sports insurance?

Bajaj Markets offers a sports insurance plan with coverage of up to ₹2 Lakhs, which you can claim by paying a premium of only ₹499 annually.

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