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A stroke can be a serious health emergency that requires immediate hospitalisation. According to research, stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in India. Like most types of brain injuries, treatment for a stroke can be expensive. In fact, most stroke patients have to live with disabilities, forcing them to undergo long-term care. However, with the Group Care 360 Stroke Cover by Care Insurance on Bajaj Markets, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This plan is tailored to cover expenses incurred against stroke treatment.

Policy Plan and Details

Here are the key details of the Stroke Cover:


Premium (including GST)

Plan Validity

Up to ₹1 Lakh





1 Year

Up to ₹2 Lakh


Up to ₹3 Lakh


Features and Benefits

Treatment Expenses

The insurance plan covers the treatment costs such as hospital room rent, doctor fees, ICU, and blood tests.

Diagnostic Tests

Expenses incurred on diagnostic tests before and during hospitalisation are covered under the plan.

Ambulance Expenses

The cost of an ambulance to and from the hospital is covered under the plan up to a maximum of ₹2,000.

What's Covered?

  • Hospitalisation Expenses

  • Expenses incurred on stroke treatment up to ₹3 Lakh are covered under the Stroke Cover. This includes pre-hospitalisation expenses for up to 30 days before admission and post-hospitalisation expenses for up to 60 days after discharge.

  • Treatment Expenses

  • The plan also takes care of the treatment costs like hospital room rent, doctor fees, ICU, medicines, transfusion, and tests.

  • Doctors’ Fees and Medication

  • The doctor's consultation charges, as well as expenses incurred on medication, are covered under the plan up to the maximum sum insured.

What's Not Covered?

While purchasing an insurance plan, it is imperative to know what isn’t covered under the plan you wish to buy. So, let’s check them out now:

  • Hospitalisation within the first 90 days from the issuance of the policy will not be covered.

  • Hospitalisation due to any other condition apart from stroke is not covered. Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA), vascular diseases affecting only the eye, optical nerve, or vestibular functions, and traumatic brain injury are not covered either.

  • Any pre-existing disease.

How to Apply for Stroke Cover?

You can apply for this Stroke Insurance Cover by following these three easy steps:

  • Click on ‘Buy Now’

    Visit the Stroke Cover product page on Bajaj Markets and click on ‘Buy Now’.

  • Enter Your Details

    Fill in all your necessary details in the online application form.

  • Pay the Insurance Premium

    Pay the premium for your stroke insurance coverage online.

How to Make a Claim?

To file a claim under the Stroke Cover, you can go for any of the two methods:

Customer Care Details

You can connect with Bajaj Markets at to get solutions for any queries related to the Stroke Cover.

Stroke Cover FAQs

What documents are required for making a claim?

The duly signed claim form, doctor's diagnosis confirming stroke, and copies of receipts are required for making a claim. Certain other documents may also be required in special cases.

How much premium should I pay for coverage of ₹3 Lakh?

You need to pay ₹271 to get a stroke coverage of ₹2 Lakh.

Can I buy stroke insurance coverage online?

Yes. You can buy stroke insurance online on Bajaj Markets.

What is the duration of the policy?

The duration of the Group Care 360 Stroke Insurance plan is 1 year.

What is the amount of cover provided under the plan?

The amount of cover under the Group Care 360 Stroke Cover plan varies with the premium as mentioned in the table below:

Sum Insured

Premium (Including GST)

Up to ₹1 Lakh


Up to ₹2 Lakh


Up to ₹3 Lakh


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