Vector-Borne Treatment Cover Plan with one-year validity | Buy Vector-borne diseases cover at just Rs. 508


What is Vector-Borne Treatment Cover Plan

According to WHO, Vector-Borne diseases amount to 17% of the infectious diseases which include malaria and dengue. As big as these numbers are, their treatment expenses can hurt your pockets. The Vector Borne Treatment Cover Plan becomes a vital financial backup. Daily cash for Vector-borne diseases covers hospitalisation and ambulance transportation charges at a minimum premium rate of Rs. 508, raising the benefits to Rs. 30,000.


Key Features and Benefits

Hospital Cash Benefit

Should your hospitalisation period exceed 24 hours, you will be provided with a cash benefit.

Quick Financial Help

The Vector-Borne Treatment Cover Plan offers Rs. 1000 to cover for road ambulance transportation.

High Sum Assured

Get extensive coverage for a premium minimal rate for 30,000.

How to Apply for the Vector-Borne Treatment Cover Plan?

  • Fill Online Application

    Click on ‘Buy Now’ and complete an online application form.

  • Enter One Time Password

    Enter an OTP sent to your mobile number for form completion.

  • Make Online Payment

    Make payment through online payment methods.


That's all! You will receive the policy membership details on your registered email ID.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 50 years is eligible for the Daily Cash Insurance for Vector-Borne Disease.


What’s Covered under the Vector-Borne Treatment Cover Plan?

  • Hospitalisation Costs

    Dengue and malaria are covered under the vector-borne disease daily cash health plan, offering Rs. 30,000 for expenses, on the condition of an accurate consultant neurologist’s diagnosis.

  • Diagnosis

    Diagnostics tests are during the period of hospitalisation is also covered under the Vector Borne Disease Plan.

  • Medicines and Pharmacy

    This insurance company covers the financial weight a hospitalisation period can cause you to incur.

  • Doctor’s Fee

    Expenses incurred to pay doctors’ fees before or during hospitalisation are covered generously by this pocket plan.

  • Treatment Expenditure

    The Daily Cash Cover for Vector-Borne Disease cushions the financial brunt caused by diagnostic tests, hospitalisation, ICU, transfusions, consultation fees, medicines, etc. allowing you tension-free access to optimum healthcare services.

What’s Not Covered under the Vector-Borne Treatment Cover Plan?

Other Fevers

The Vector-Borne Disease Insurance Policy does not cover treatment for other diseases. Medical care which strictly treats only dengue fever and malaria are covered.


Consultations with general practitioners, nutritionists, dermatologist, etc. that do not pertain to Vector-borne disease related treatments cannot utilise the benefits of this plan.

Age Above 50 years

Anyone above the age of 50 years cannot use the Vector-Borne Disease Insurance Policy and neither can anyone under the age of 18 years.

Prior Hospitalisation

If an individual is already hospitalised for a Vector-borne disease prior to applying for the policy, they cannot utilise its benefits.

Pre-existing Ailments

Individuals already diagnosed with malaria or dengue cannot reap the benefits of this insurance policy.


*A complete policy wording is available for customers to read before purchase.


How to Make A Claim?

You can claim this policy under the Hospital Insurance Plan by contacting the insurer.




Toll Free Number: 1800-270-7000


Contact Us:

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FAQs on Vector-Borne Treatment Cover Plan

  • ✔️Can I access this policy abroad?

    Emergency medical care under this policy will be provided worldwide. If medical assistance is unavailable around the insured individual, evacuation will be arranged under proper medical surveillance to the closest medical facility. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings.

  • ✔️ What documents would I need to submit during the claim?

    The completed claim form, photo ID, policy copy, KYC documents, etc. are to be provided to apply for this insurance. In order to utilise the benefits this policy offers a discharge card, invoices, original diagnostic reports, etc. will be asked for depending upon the requirement, terms and conditions of the policy. For more, please read through the policy brochure thoroughly.

  • ✔️ How will I be given updates with regards to my policy?

    Communications, notices and instructions will be sent in written (hard copy/soft copy) at the address registered by the policyholder. Other digital communications will happen over the mobile number or email address provided by the policyholder in the policy application.