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What is Ventricular Assist Devices Cover?

A mechanical pump that is used to aid blood flow and heart function for those who have a weak heart is called Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD). Installation of VAD can be a costly affair, sometimes even depleting one’s savings and driving them into debt.


Cover the costs of installation of VAD, pre and post hospitalisation of the surgery with Ventricular Assist Devices Cover offered by Care Health Insurance Co. Ltd. on Bajaj Markets at just Rs. 271/year. Read on to find more.


How to Apply for the Ventricular Assist Devices Cover?

The process of application for this plan is simple.

1. Click on “Buy Now”

On the product page, tap "Buy Now."

2. Fill in the Details

Enter the necessary information in the online application form.

3. Make the payment

Complete the payment through UPI, credit/debit card or any other online payment method.




It’s done! You will receive the insurance details on your registered email ID.


What's Covered under Ventricular Assist Devices Cover

1. Diagnostic Tests

This policy covers the cost of diagnostic tests done during pre and post hospitalisation (within a specified time)

2. Hospitalisation costs

Ventricular Assist Devices Cover offers coverage up to Rs.3 Lakhs for in-patient care, pre-hospitalisation expenses (up to 30 days) and post-hospitalisation expenses (up to 60 days).

3. Doctor fees

The doctor fees before, after and during hospitalisation is taken care of under this policy.

4.  Treatment charges

The treatment charges that are included in this policy are expenses on ICU, doctor fees, medications, tests and transfusions.

5. Ambulance fees

This plan covers ambulance charges up to Rs.2,000.

6. Medications

Costs related to medications during hospitalisation are covered.

Plan Details & Specifications


Sum Insured

Premium (including taxes)

Up to Rs.1 Lakh


Up to Rs.2 Lakhs


Up to Rs.3 Lakhs


Policy duration is 1 year.

What’s not Covered under Ventricular Assist Devices Cover

  1. Pre-existing ailments

  2. For hospitalisation other than surgery to place ventricular assist device

  3. Hospitalisation within 90 days of getting the policy, as the waiting period is 90 days

  4. Heart failure or Ventricular dysfunction due to alcohol or drug abuse

How to Make a Claim

You may submit a claim by getting in touch with the insurer using one of the methods listed below:

Phone call:  


Through e-mail:

Customer Care Details

You can connect with us at Bajaj Markets. Write to us at:

Frequently Asked Questions About Ventricular Assist Devices Cover

What is the premium for Ventricular Assist Devices Cover?

The premium for this insurance policy starts from Rs.271, inclusive of taxes.

What is the validity of Ventricular Assist Devices Cover?

This insurance policy is valid for a period of 1 year.

What is included in the Ventricular Assist Devices Cover plan?

Accidental permanent total disablement benefit, accidental permanent partial disablement benefit and accidental support items cover are covered under this plan. 

What is not included in the Ventricular Assist Devices Cover plan?

Pre-existing ailments and injuries due to adventure sports are not covered under this plan.

What is the coverage amount for Ventricular Assist Devices Cover?

The coverage amount goes up to Rs.3 Lakhs depending upon the premium paid for this plan.

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