About Wallet Care

How unnerving can be the loss of your wallet, especially when you are traveling outside your country. Imagine your important IDs like PAN, Aadhaar Card being exposed to risks like theft, forgery etc. and your credit and debit cards being misused. 

Finserv MARKETS presents Wallet Care by CPP that provides coverage against these unforeseen situations. It assists in getting your cards blocked immediately over one call, with re-issuance of your PAN Card, and also offers advance cash facilities in case of an emergency. Buying this plan can surely manage a situation gone all wrong for you!

Features and Benefits

  • High Coverage Amount

    Coverage of up to Rs. 2 Lakhs for one year is provided at a monthly EMI of just Rs. 599.

  • ZEE5 All Access Annual Subscription

    Wallet Care Plan offers an annual ZEE5 LIVE TV subscription, which allows you to watch TV shows, originals, movies, music, news etc. on any device of your choice.

  • Flexible payment options

    Wallet Care Plan allows you to pay the membership fee easily. Payment can be made via multiple modes of payment like debit card, credit card, online banking, mobile wallets or UPI.

What is Covered?

  • 24x7 Card Block Facility

    You can get your stolen or lost cards blocked at just one call with Wallet Care Cover plan. Simply call at 1800-419-4000 at any time of the day to get your cards blocked immediately.

  • Emergency Travel Assistance

    With Wallet Care Plan, you can get an emergency advance up to Rs. 1 Lakh for international and up to Rs. 50,000 in India. Also, cash advance up to Rs. 10,000 can be taken in India to pay your hotel bills or arrange travel tickets, if required.

  • PAN Card Replacement

    Wallet Care Plan ensures free cancellation and reissuance of lost/stolen PAN Card over just one call. Complete documentation is taken care of and one doesn’t have to sweat around government departments for the procedure.

  • SIM Card Blocking

    This plan also helps in getting your SIM card blocked, if you lose your mobile phone. For that, you need to register your mobile phone IMEI and SIM number with us.

  • Complimentary Fraud Protection Including Mobile Wallet Protection*

    Maximum coverage of Rs. 2 Lakhs is provided for frauds such as lost/stolen, tele-phishing, phishing, online transactions etc. In case of physical loss of device only, maximum coverage of Rs. 50,000 is provided.

What is Not Covered?

  • Loss of any items while you are under the influence of any inebriating substances

  • Any instance of intentionally causing loss, theft, forgery done towards the issuer of the payment cards

Documents Required

  • KYC Documents (Photo ID, valid address proof, etc.)
  • Details of all cards and other crucial documents
  • Wallet Care Cover membership letter

How to Apply?

The application process for Wallet Care Plan is very smooth and hassle-free. Simply, follow the given steps:

  • Visit www.bajajfinservmarkets.in

  • Select ‘Pocket Insurance & VAS’ from the main menu

  • The landing page will take you to many plans. Select Wallet Care Plan, shown in the end and click on 'Buy Now'

  • Submit the completed application form

  • Post this, complete your payment using the option you chose

Claim Process

To avail the claim benefits, call on 1800-419-4000 within 24 hours. Or drop an email at feedback@cppindia.com. Policy number and other details need to be mentioned in the email.

FAQs Related to Wallet Care

  • ✔️How do I report loss of card?

    Immediately call on the 24*7 helpline number 1800-419-400 or call 6000-4000 prefixed with city STD code. The card would be blocked there and then.

  • ✔️What is the tenure of the plan?

    The Wallet Care plan will remain active for 1 year from the date of membership.

  • ✔️How can I cancel my ongoing Wallet Care membership?

    You can cancel it anytime! Should you cancel it within one month of issuance, you will get a complete refund of Rs. 599. However, after one month, you won’t get any refund, but the plan can still be cancelled.

  • ✔️When can I file for my claim?

    All claims should be made within 30 days of card loss along with necessary documents like FIR copy, bank account/ credit card statement, subrogation bond etc.

  • ✔️Can I also get my Aadhaar Card re-issued with Wallet Care, if I lose it ?

    No, the Wallet Care only covers re-issuance of your PAN Card.