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What is Waterborne Illness Cover?

Waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera and diarrhoea cause several deaths annually. It would be a mistake to underestimate how waterborne diseases impact our lives, considering how easily they spread. A healthcare insurance policy for waterborne diseases will help us handle these crises better.


Bajaj Markets offers exclusive insurance coverage for the treatment of waterborne diseases at just Rs. 349/ annum. This coverage takes care of your expenses against doctor's fees, hospitalisation, and other medications. Read on to know more.

Key Features and Benefits of Waterborne Illness Cover

Following are the prime features and benefits of the policy: 

Extensive Coverage at a Nominal Cost

By simply paying a yearly premium of Rs. 349, you can get maximum coverage of Rs. 35,000. 

Easy Buying Process

At Bajaj Markets, the procedure for documentation is simple and extremely precise.

Get Treated without Worrying about the Costs

Avail coverage for treatment charges, including ICU expenses, medications and transfusions.

How to Apply for Waterborne Illness Cover

By following these simple steps, complete the application for the insurance policy covering waterborne illness treatment costs..


1. Tap on “Buy Now”

Click on the ‘Buy Now' button on the page.


2. Fill out Your Details

Next, fill out the online application form.


3. Pay the Premium

Pay the membership fee via the available online payment option.

You will get the details of your membership and policy details on your registered email ID.

What’s Covered under Waterborne Disease Insurance?

With waterborne disease insurance policy, you will get coverage for the following expenses:

  • Doctor’s fee

The doctor's fees incurred before, during and after hospitalisation are included in this plan.

  • Diagnostic tests

It also covers expenses incurred for undertaking diagnostic tests before and during hospitalisation.

  • Hospitalisation expenses

Hospitalisation expenses of up to Rs. 35,000 will be taken care of by this waterborne disease insurance.

  • Medicines

All expenses for prescribed medicines before, during and after hospitalisation are taken care of in this plan.

  • Medical expenses

All medical expenses that occur within the 15-days before and after hospitalisation fall under the coverage.

  • Daily room rent

Policyholders get daily room rent coverage of Rs. 1000/- for standard rooms and Rs. 2000/- for ICU.

Policy Details and Specifications

The policy details are provided below for your convenience:

  • Membership fee

Rs. 349/annum

  • Coverage limit

Rs. 35,000

Exclusions of Waterborne Illness Cover

This plan does not offer coverage under the following circumstances:

  • Hospitalisation for other conditions

It does not cover any kind of hospital expenses incurred due to health issues arising from diseases other than typhoid.

  • Hospitalisation within 30 days

If the policyholder gets diagnosed with typhoid and gets hospitalised within 30 days from the policy start date, the coverage will be inapplicable.

How to Make a Claim?

Get your claim through either of the ways:

  • Connect telephonically by calling at 1800-270-7000

  • Connect via Email at care.healthinsurance@adityabirlacapital.com

Waterborne Illness Cover Customer Care Details

For further help, you can reach out to Bajaj Markets' by writing to insuranceconnect@bajajfinservmarkets.in.


Clearly, this waterborne disease cover will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from getting infected by any sort of waterborne infectious disease. To get this plan, follow the simple steps mentioned above and take advantage of the coverage. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterborne Illness Cover

Why should I take the Waterborne Insurance Cover on Bajaj Markets?

Waterborne diseases are highly contagious and can lead to hefty expenditures. Bajaj Markets brings you this insurance cover that can help you with all these medical and hospitalisation expenses. 

Will this waterborne disease cover protect me outside the policy period?

The tenure of Waterborne Disease Cover is valid for one year; after that, you will have to repurchase it to enjoy its benefits.

What is the maximum coverage amount offered under this plan?

The maximum coverage amount offered under this plan is Rs. 35,000/-.

How much does the waterborne disease cover cost?

The waterborne disease cover available on Bajaj Markets, costs Rs. 349/- per annum.

What treatment expenses are covered?

Policyholders will get coverage for all sorts of expenses like medical, doctors' fees and hospitalisation. 

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