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9 Ways to Removes Scratches from Your Mobile Screen

Our smartphones have become a pivotal part of our lives, and keeping them safe has always been a priority. However, their phone screen may be subject to scratches over the course of time. 


A scratch on a phone screen can come from anywhere, from the car keys in your pocket to a sudden drop on a hard surface. Phone screens don't always come with corning gorilla glass protection. Even if they do, minor nicks and scratches can appear just from everyday usage.


But you don’t have to worry. There are many ways to remove these unwanted scratches from your phone. Read on to explore seven proven home remedies to remove minor inconvenient scratches from your phone screen.

1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste does not just keep your teeth strong, but also keeps your phone scratch-free. However, remember that gel-based toothpaste offers no resistance and cannot remove scratches. You must use the paste ones.


The steps to use toothpaste as a remedy for screen scratches are as follows:

  • Apply some toothpaste on a cotton swab or clean smooth fabric

  • Rub the swab or cloth in slow circular motions on the screen with gentle force till you see the scratches disappearing

  • Finally, wipe off any excess toothpaste from your phone surface using a damp cloth


That’s all! You will see an improved version of your screen in no time.

2. Sandpaper or drill grinders

If you want to remove stubborn scuffs from your phone, you can use either sandpaper or a small drill grinder. This method can be used as a last resort to remove scratches. It is not advisable to do this at first, because sandpaper is a rough surface that can potentially cause more damage.


It is advisable to use sandpaper to smooth out dents on the edges of your phone’s body instead of directly rubbing over the screen. It can smooth out harsh edges and give your phone a smooth finish. 

3. Magic Erasers

You have probably heard of magic erasers from television advertisements. They work well on minor scratches, but they have a surface similar to sandpaper, so use them with caution.


To use magic erasers correctly and seamlessly, you must start by gently rubbing them over the screen surface. If you notice any signs of wear, stop using them at once. You can get adequately sized magic erasers from various brands that can help remove screen scratches. 

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is not just helpful in the kitchen or for baking some delicious delicacies. It also has its utility when it comes to removing scratches from phone screens. For this, you will have to create a paste with the baking soda. This is how you can go about it: 

  • First, you need to mix two parts baking soda with one part water in a bowl

  • Keep stirring till it forms a thick paste

  • Next, dab a clean soft cloth on the paste and apply it in circular motions over your phone screen

  • Lastly, remove any excess paste from your screen using a clean soft cloth

5. Baby Powder

Baby powder can work as an excellent tool to reduce scratches on your screen. All you need to do is add a tiny amount of water to it so that it creates a slightly thick paste. 


Take a soft piece of screen wiping cloth that you get with your reading glasses and wet it with the paste. Now, gently rub from top to bottom on the screen surface in a circular motion, till you see the scratches disappearing. 

6. Vegetable Oil

Although vegetable oil only provides a temporary fix, it can be used to remove minor scratches and spots from the screen surface. Perform the following steps to remove scratches using vegetable oil:

  • Take a lint-free microfibre cloth or cotton swab and dip it in some vegetable oil

  • Press the swab or cloth on top of the screen in a circular motion with gentle force to remove scratches


You should note that this is just a temporary fix. A more sustainable option to prevent unwanted, sudden scratches on your phone screen is to apply a screen guard.


Tempered glass screen protectors are easy to apply at home. Just clean the surface of the screen with a lint-free cloth before applying the screen guard and carefully adjust the edges of the tempered glass with your phone screen’s edges.

7. Egg and potassium aluminum sulfate

Mixing potassium aluminum sulfate and egg whites can form a paste that can help remove scratches from a phone. Follow this procedure to use it:

  • Take one egg white and one teaspoon of aluminium potassium aluminum sulfate and place them in a saucepan. Now put the pan on top of a flame and heat it to 66 degrees Celsius

  • Soak a microfibre cloth in the egg white and the aluminium mixture that you have prepared

  • Lay out the microfibre cloth on top of an aluminum foil and heat it in an oven until it is moisture-free

  • Next, take the cloth out and rinse it thoroughly under clear, cold running tap water for 20-30 seconds

  • Allow the cloth to rest for a while. Air-dry it for about 48 hours


Your cloth is now ready to be used for removing scratches. Apply it gently on top of your phone screen in swirling motions to eliminate marks.

8. Car scratch removal creams

Car scratch-removing creams are known to remove scratches off your car’s surface, but work just as fine on your phone’s screen as well. These can help remove dust particles and dirt as well. Use a dry and soft cloth and apply the cream, and then wipe the phone’s surface to get rid of unwanted scratches.  

9. Brasso, Silvo, or other polishes

Polishes like Brasso or Silvo, although beneficial in removing scratches, can also wipe off the top coating of our phone screen if not used with caution. You can find the steps to use polishes below:

  • First, pour out some polish into a dry, clean bowl

  • Dip a soft microfibre cloth inside the polish

  • You now need to rub the cloth up and down on top of the screen surface, in circular motions

  • Finally, wipe off any excess from the screen surface using a clean piece of cloth

All of the above-mentioned methods are known to be proven ways of removing small to medium scratches from smartphone screens.


Taking a mental note of where certain objects that can cause scratches on your phone are, can help you minimise screen damage. However, the good news is that even if your phone gets some scratches, it can easily be mended in several ways.

Moreover, you can also take the assistance of Mobile Screen Insurance as well, as it covers all mechanical and technical breakdowns, along with coverage for accidental screen damages. For more details on the insurance policies you can avail, visit the Bajaj Markets website.

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