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Electric bikes are here to stay. With Bajaj taking center stage when it comes to manufacturing some of the best two-wheelers in the EV space, it is important to invest in the bike that fits your budget and expectations alike. However, purchasing an electric bike also concerns getting an insurance plan, capable of covering you through damages, repairs, and inspections. Bajaj Electric Bike Insurance, therefore, is a commendable and reliable option to invest in, along with the new bike.

Types of Bajaj Electric Bikes

At present, Bajaj is only marketing the new Chetak, in its EV workspace. However, with time you can expect the OEM to delve deeper into the space with newer options.

Why purchase a Bajaj Electric Bike insurance plan?

As the electric two-wheeler space is still quite nascent in the Indian subcontinent, there aren’t many well-defined rules when it comes to the availability of parts and maintenance. Also, riding the EVs can be a tad overwhelming to the conventional users, who might take some time to adjust to this newer development, thereby making the bikes and other two-wheelers prone to accidents or smaller mishaps.

This is the reason why an electric bike insurance plan becomes all the more important. As far as Bajaj electric bikes are concerned, insurance makes more sense as the credible service provider never lets you down when it comes to customer support and coverage. With a good insurance plan to rely on, you wouldn’t have to worry about the expenses and losses.

Types of Insurance Plans

Depending on the budget, requirements, and state of the vehicle, you can choose between Comprehensive and Third-party insurance plans, with the former covering damages to the vehicle along with the third-party obligations.

Why opt for Bajaj Markets as the preferred insurance finding platform?

There are several insurance service providers in the market but only a handful of them are willing to cover electric bikes. This is the reason why Bajaj Markets should be your primary choice for searching for reliable and trusted insurers. Also, Bajaj Markets lets you compare multiple service providers, according to the premium rates, additional services, and perks that might come in handy.


Most Bajaj electric bike insurance plans cover accidental damages, damages caused by fire, natural disasters, and other issues including bike theft.


Almost every electric bike insurance plan stays away from basic wear and tear, illegal usage of the concerned vehicle, theft that concerns bike accessories, electrical breakdowns, and damages incurred while driving without a valid license.


There are several add-ons that you can pair with an existing Bajaj electric bike insurance plan. The type of add-ons and riders depend on your preferences, which often include but isn’t limited to zero depreciation cover, ‘Return-to-Invoice’ cover, depreciating premium, and more.

Applying and claiming an insurance plan online

Before you connect with the relevant insurer, it is necessary to first calculate the premium liabilities for specific insurance plans, relevant to the concerned Bajaj vehicle. Once you zero in on the service provider of choice, it becomes necessary to apply using the required set of documents, including the invoice of the bike, purchase value, identity proof, and the validations that reveal the existing condition of the two-wheeler.

Plus, if you plan on claiming the same anytime soon, you might have to connect with the provider, via the toll-free contact number or the email ID.

How to renew insurance plans?

Renewing Bajaj electric bike insurance plans is quite easy and straightforward as you simply need to pay the renewal premium. However, it is important to keep an eye on the no-claim bonus to get a significant discount on the existing insurance plan.


Electric bike insurance plans, especially for EVs from Bajaj, are easy to get hold of. However, if you want to decipher the space further, it is advisable to rely on Bajaj Markets for getting better deals and offers on the insurance plans. 

FAQs on Bajaj Electric Bike Insurance

How to correctly calculate electric bike insurance liabilities?

To correctly calculate bike insurance, you must cross-reference the inclusions, exclusions, and add-ons with the vehicle value and the IDV. 

What do you mean by Comprehensive Electric Bike Insurance?

Comprehensive bike insurance covers damages to the EV, bike thefts, and other damages. 

When to consider Third-party Electric Bike Insurance Plans?

Third-party bike insurance plans make sense if you have older bikes at your disposal and you hardly take them out in the open and mostly drive around the complex. 

Why are electric bike insurance plans getting popular by the day?

Electric bike insurance plans are getting popular as EVs are gradually moving up the space and therefore, the requirements pertaining to repairs and servicing are also increasing in time. 

What are the benefits of electric bike insurance plans apart from the coverage amount?

Other benefits include 24x7 support, self-inspection, and faster claim settlements.

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