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About Electric Bike Buying Guide

As there are several two-wheelers available in the market, it's always very convenient to choose one according to the need. But the options shrink when it comes to e-bikes or scooters. Besides, they also have a tough EV working mechanism so it gets a bit hectic to choose and buy one. The right electric bike buying guide in this case can help you to make a decision wisely. The following article will guide you to buying an electric bike,so you don't have to face many problems while buying one.

How to Save Money while Purchasing Your Electric Bike/Two-Wheeler?

Electric bikes and scooters are costlier than the usual two-wheelers. This is because of their modern features and accessories. The main thing is that an e-bike consists of an electric powertrain and a battery pack. The following is an electric bike-buying guide that will help you to save money while purchasing your electric bike or two-wheeler:

  • Registration price and insurance:

Every two-wheeler needs to be insured to abide by the government laws. However, a lesser speed electric scooter needs none of the above due to its limited speed. They are usually within the speed limit on the road. So, the charge required for both can be ignored if you buy an electric scooter.

  • Tax benefits:

You will be offered incentives by the government bodies for buying e-bikes. Since the sales tax on EVs is lesser than that of diesel or petrol cars, you can also avail tax benefits. Therefore, go through the tax benefits present in the market and make a wise decision before buying.

Points to Consider while Purchasing an Electric Bike

Whenever you buy something costly for a permanent need, you must always look into some factors and make the right decisions. There can be several things that will be involved in your purchase. So, you must be aware to explore all the corners. Given below is an e-bike buying guide which will help you to ponder over the important stuff whole purchasing a bike:

  • Price:

This is the first and foremost aspect one ought to consider while buying anything. Make sure of your budget and find an affordable e-bike in that range. EVs usually come with a high range. The lowest speed bike is for about Rs. 5000, so you can evaluate the rest based on this.

  • Velocity/speed:

The other vital factor when buying an EV is speed. Buying a very slow two-wheeler can be annoying at some point or in case of an emergency. So, it's better to buy a higher speed bike, where you can keep changing the speed limit while you ride it, according to your need.

  • Battery:

As e-bikes come with a battery, hence it is always advised to look for one which has a good battery life. However, you can always change your battery but that would cost you some extra charge. The pattern life depends on its composition and usage. While you can choose one among lithium-ion battery packs or lead batteries, you have to make sure to use them correctly.

  • Motor:

The transmission to wheels from the electric power is dependent on motors. Hence, this is another important factor to keep in mind while buying an EV. There are several motors with varied range and power in the market. Go through them and choose one which is not underpowered. See the features and specifications accurately and select the right product.

  • Creating stations:

You have to charge your bike occasionally. Your home charging point won't suffice. Some charging stations in public are also needed to get a good amount of charge.

  • Maintenance charge:

Unlike the usual bikes, e-bike maintenance is less costly. As it has less moving parts and no internal combustion engine, EVs don't require much service.

  • Options:

Presently, there are only a few e-bikes available in the market. So, choose wisely among the few and get yourself the best one possible.

  • Post Sale Support:

It is important to find a reliable and authentic company while you spend money on buying an e-bike. You will require assistance while there are several issues, in that case, a poor staff service will mess up the situation. Hence, a post-sale support is as crucial as the bike you will buy.

  • Build quality:

E-bikes are usually made of conventional parts. So, it's important for you to feel comfy while you ride it. Make sure to choose a comfortable two-wheeler and get a bike with a reasonable build quality.

  • Reliability:

This could be a problem for the availability of very few charging stations. There can be several emergencies where you might be needing a charging station and you don't get one. So, never look over this point because a charging station plays a crucial role.

  • Warranty:

The warranty period is very important to be checked before purchasing an e-bike. As the parts of the e-bike are usually costly, hence it is suggested to understand the warranty period and take a step accordingly.

  • Maximum load:

The weight is usually lesser than that of normal bikes. This is because of the components of the e-bike. So, make sure to check the capacity and buy one that suits you the best.

  • New or second hand:

You can always buy a second-hand e-bike in case your budget doesn't fit. Just make sure it is in a good condition and has all the required documents. Besides, check the mileage, battery and warranty period before buying one.

  • Insurance Cost:

Insurance plans for e-bikes are usually not costly. As these bikes can commute small distances, the insurance coverage doesn't have to take care of a lot of charges.

  • Noise:

E-bikes are usually noise-less. You won't get the same sound as your normal bikes produce.

  • Brakes:

E-bikes don't come with high-end brakes as the two-wheelers are quite light. Most of them are manufactured with drum brakes.

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Checklist for Purchasing your Electric Two-Wheeler

Given below is a guide to buying an e-bike:

  • Battery warranty:

This determines the bike's lifespan and the way it will serve you in the long run.

  • Charging time:

The charging time is necessary to be checked. If it takes more time to charge, then it is better to choose the other one.

  • Battery type:

Battery types usually depend on the constituent and neatly the usage of the e-bike.

  • Licence:

The insurance or licence plans are inexpensive as compared to that of conventional two-wheelers. You don't have to spend much on this part.

  • After sale network:

The company you buy your bike from plays a crucial role in both the post and pre-period. A poor assistance or service won't help you in case any problem arises.

Why is it Necessary to Insure your Electric Bikes?

It is not always necessary to buy insurance for your e-bike. They are usually of standard or low speed. Which means they don't need to be inspired. But high-speed e-bikes need to be insured. There are two electric bike insurance plans- ‘Third party insurance’ and 'Comprehensive insurance'. You can check both of them and buy them for your needs.

Wrapping it Up!

E-bikes are costly and eco-friendly. To control the growing damages to the earth, this can be a good motive. While there are limited options in the market, you still can buy one among them. While buying an e-bike can be a great decision, it is key to maintain the condition of it. To protect your vehicle from damages and yourself from financial stress, you can opt for Bike Insurance available on Bajaj Markets. Bajaj Markets' Bike Insurance comes with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options.

FAQs on Electric Bike Buying Guide

What kind of battery is better?

Having a portable battery can be an advantage if you want to charge the battery at your desired relocation. 

What are the usual motor capacity and riding range?

The usual motor capacity of low-speed electric scooters is low and the riding range is about 50-60km. 

Can water be used to wash the bike?

Yes, you can use water for cleaning purposes. Just make sure the water doesn't enter inside the e-bike.

How to charge my e-bike?

You can charge your e-bike either at your home charging station or any nearby public charging station. 

Can I ride my e-bike in the monsoon?

Yes, you can. But make sure not to take your e-bike in waterlogged locations or lanes. 

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