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Electric bikes are the new fad. With prices pertaining to traditional fuel amplifying with each day, it becomes all the more important to concentrate on a reliable electric bike variant. While there are quite a few options in the market, Hero electric bike consortium offers the widest possible range of options to choose from.

But then, Hero Honda electric bikes need insurance cover like any other two-wheeler. However, as the fuel source is unconventional and more sustainable, the premium rates for the Hero Electric Bike Insurance plans are quite affordable and at par with user expectations. 

Types of Honda Electric Bikes

Before you talk about the insurance schemes relevant to the Hero Honda electric bikes, it is important to understand that there are several variants to choose from. Some of the more sought-after ones include:

  1. Optima DX

  2. Hero Electric Flash

  3. Electric Zion

  4. Electric Photon

  5. Electric E Sprint

  6. Electric Maxi

  7. Electric NYX

  8. Electric Zippy

  9. Electric Wave

  10. Optima Plus

While there are a few other options to choose from, the insured value depends on the actual cost of the vehicle and the premium amount that you are willing to pay, either yearly or monthly.

Why is it important to buy Hero Honda Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Investing in a Hero electric bike insurance plan makes sense as it provides coverage against mishaps and repairs. However, if you look closely, buying insurance has a host of other benefits, which include:

  • Cashless Repairs

Most electric bikes come at a premium over comparable, traditional bikes and scooters. 

Therefore, instead of spending a lot of money on repairs or premium-part replacements, it is better to enroll in an insurance scheme that supports and connects a wide range of cashless garages.

  • Support for Self-Inspection

Insurance plans for electric bikes, especially the ones from Honda, also support paperless- claim filing. What’s heartening is that smartphone-enabled inspection is also offered via selected applications, thereby letting you and the insurer analyse the bike condition beforehand raising and entertaining claims.

  • Faster Claims

As electric bikes are more like new kids on the block, the claim settlement process is way quicker than conventional claim settlement processes. In the case of electric bikes, claims have been known to be settled in less than 11 days.

  • Improved Customisation

Insurance plans pertaining to Hero electric bikes allow you to customize the IDV or the insured declared amount of the vehicle, depending on the premium you are willing to pay. This feature is beneficial for any perceptive user who understands the nature of repairs and claims that might be raised in time.

  • Round-the-Clock support

Insurance plans associated with electric bikes offer 24x7 support and assistance to the insured, more so, as these vehicles are relatively new.

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Types of Insurance Plans

If you are looking at a broader classification of Hero Electric Bike insurance plans, you need to consider a Third-party or even a Comprehensive Insurance Plan. While the former only covers damages to the third party, a Comprehensive plan is a better bet for newer bikes as it even covers damages sustained by your own vehicle.

Why choose Bajaj Markets as your preferred insurance platform?

Bajaj Markets lets you choose an insurer as per your budget and requirements. Therefore, you can pick the requirements, needs, and expectations and then conduct a detailed platform-wide search.


In case you consider investing in a comprehensive electric bike insurance plan, you can expect the same to cover accidents, bike thefts, damages incurred in case of a natural disaster, personal accidents, and damages due to fire. Certain plans also cover third-party obligations along with comprehensive offerings.


If you plan on buying third-party bike insurance, damages to your vehicle aren’t covered. Plus, you wouldn’t be getting any claim amount if you were found driving without a valid licence. Also, most insurance plans do not cover contributory negligence and consequential damages.

Add-ons and Riders

As a perceptive user, you can always opt for riders and add-ons like zero depreciation, RTI cover, and engine protection.

How to raise claims?

For raising claims, you simply need to call on the toll-free number of the insurer, convey the nature of damages, and fill in details directly onto the smartphone to get access to compatible garages.

Understanding Renewals

Renewals for electric bike insurance are also quite straightforward, as you only need to pay the pending premium amount and get hold of bonuses, if you haven’t made claims prior to this.

Wrap Up

Hero Electric Bike Insurance Plan is self-explanatory and comes with a wide range of perks, provided you select the preferred insurer over Bajaj Markets.

FAQs on Hero Electric Bike Insurance

Are electric bike insurance plans costly?

If you choose well, you can get electric bike insurance plans at affordable prices. Also, it is better to select plans where IDV can be customized. 

Do insurers support self-inspection?

Some insurers offer smartphone-based support to help you convey the actual condition of the bike via self-inspection and monitoring. 

Which documents are needed for filing claims?

You only need the existing insurance, loan papers, invoice, and your details to file a claim. 

What are the mistakes to avoid while renewing?

You should always look for the no-claim bonus to get a sizable discount on the renewal plan. 

When to take a Third-party Insurance Plan?

If your electric bike hardly goes out and you need to get insurance for completing documentation, a third-party seems like a legit option. 

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