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If you want to fulfill the dream of owning a luxury two-wheeler, then Hero Electric Flash Two Wheeler Insurance can help you fulfill your aim.

In India, road accidents are quite frequent due to the heavy traffic and poor condition of the roads. Under such a scenario, there is always a risk of damage to your two-wheeler. Therefore, it becomes a must to have the Hero Electric Flash Two-Wheeler Insurance so that your vehicle is always safe and secure.

Purchasing the Hero Electric Flash Two-Wheeler Insurance means that in the case of a mishap such as accidents, natural disaster, theft, and much more, the insurance company will bear the financial liability of repairs or replacement of parts. Also, it is mandatory, as per the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, to have vehicle insurance to be able to ride your bike in India.

Types of Insurance Plans Offered for Hero Electric Flash Two-Wheeler Insurance

Two kinds of bike insurance are available to you:

  • Third-party bike insurance: In third-party bike insurance, you get a basic insurance coverage plan. This plan covers the damages and injuries caused to the third-party property, due to your bike. The insured gets the cover for the bike driver and death and disability.
  • Comprehensive bike insurance: This plan offers an extended cover to your bike. It provides complete coverage to both personal and third-party damage. Under this plan, you get extensive financial help for the damages that happened to your bike. This plan needs you to pay a higher premium.

Why Choose Bajaj Markets For Hero Electric Flash Insurance?

It is a wise decision for Bajaj Markets for seeking a Hero Electric Flash Insurance because it offers a host of advantages such as:

  • Round the clock Roadside Assistance : You can avail 24*7 roadside assistance for getting emergency repairs, towing facilities, etc.
  • Cashless Claim: At times, people fall short of cash to get their vehicle repaired. A comprehensive insurance plan offers cashless claims.
  • Easy Installments: You can pay the insurance premium in easy monthly installments, according to your convenience.
  • Simple renewal: Not only is the buying simple, but renewing the Hero Electric Flash Two-wheeler insurance is also easy on Bajaj Markets.

Inclusions in Hero Electric Flash Insurance

The inclusions in the Hero Electric Flash Two-wheeler insurance include:

  1. Man-made disasters

  2. Natural disasters

  3. Replacement of the bike

  4. Repair of the bike

  5. Third-party liability

  6. Act of terrorism, unrest, riots, and strikes

Exclusions in Hero Electric Flash Insurance

The Hero Electric Flash Two-wheeler Insurance will not be able to provide coverage for these:

  1. Damage due to a specific geographical location

  2. Loss due to influence of intoxicants

  3. Damage due to speed

  4. Loss due to a nuclear explosion, war, malicious acts, etc.

Add-ons to Hero Electric Flash Insurance

You can consider these add-ons to your Hero Electric Flash Insurance:

  1. Zero depreciation cover

  2. Return to invoice cover

  3. Engine protection cover

  4. Roadside assistance cover

  5. Consumable cover

  6. NCB protection cover

How to Apply for Hero Electric Flash Insurance?

It is an extremely easy process to apply for Hero Electric Flash Insurance.

  1. Open Bajaj Markets

  2. Fill the application form for two-wheeler insurance correctly

  3. Click the ‘submit button

  4. Upload the necessary documents

  5. Make online payment

Claim Process

In the case of an accident/damage/theft, you can submit the claim online. Provide details like chassis and engine number, kilometer reading, date of the accident, location of the accident, etc. Upload the asked documents like FIR report, etc. Then, you can take your bike to a network garage for repair.

Wrapping it Up!

As you would have observed, it is easy to apply and avail the policy on Bajaj Markets for your electric two-wheeler insurance. When you have Hero Electric Flash Insurance by Bajaj Markets, you can remain ensured that you are safe and protected at all times.

FAQs about Hero Electric Flash Insurance

From where should I purchase Hero Electric Flash insurance?

You can buy a bike insurance policy offered by a top-rated insurer such as Bajaj Finserv.

Which are the best insurance add-ons for Hero Electric Flash bikes?

The best insurance add-ons are zero dep, NCB protects, consumable cover, etc.

What are the documents needed for applying for two-wheeler insurance?

The documents like ID proof, address proof, driving license, RC, passport size photo, etc. are needed.

Will I get coverage for an accident due to an act of terrorism?

Yes. The bike insurance will provide coverage for this.

Which type of insurance is more expensive?

A comprehensive bike insurance cover has a higher premium and is therefore more expensive. But, the comprehensive plan not only covers you for damage to a third party but also for damage done to your own vehicle.

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