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Ola Electric Scooter Variants

Ola has currently introduced two variants of the electric scooter. Below we mention the Ola electric scooter price and variants:


Ex-Showroom Price

Estimated Third-party Premium~

Ola S1

₹ 85,099 to ₹ 1.10 Lakhs

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Ola S1 Pro

₹ 1.10 Lakhs

Check Premium

At more than Rs 1 lakh, the price of the Ola S1 Pro price might be higher than the petrol run models, but there are advantages, specifically environmental advantages of the electric scooter. To know more about the two-wheeler insurance insurance for the electric scooter, you can visit the Bajaj Markets website.

Types of Ola S1 Pro Scooter Insurance Plans

Third-Party Insurance

This insurance coverage is mandatory by law for all vehicles playing on Indian roads. It provides coverage for the legal ramifications in case of a mishap. If your Ola S1 Pro is involved in an accident that causes damage or injury to another person or property, then the cost of repair and medical care can be ginormous. With third-party liability insurance, these expenses will be taken care of by the insurance provider.

Comprehensive Insurance

If you want a more holistic coverage for your Ola S1 Pro insurance, you should opt for comprehensive bike insurance cover. This covers incidents of not just accidental damage to third-parties but also cases of accident, theft, or loss due to artificial or natural disasters. For this reason, the premiums under a comprehensive insurance cover are higher than those under a simple third-party cover. Consider an upgrade to your insurance coverage so that it includes more features and benefits, with a comprehensive insurance policy.

Inclusions in Ola S1 Pro Insurance

In a comprehensive insurance policy, the following risks are covered:


  1. Accidental damages

  2. Loss or damage due to natural calamities like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, landslides, etc

  3. Loss or damage due to fire or self-ignition

  4. Loss or damages due to unrest created by man, including malicious activities, thefts, riots

  5. Personal accidental injuries suffered by the driver or owner of the Ford Aspire

  6. Compensation for death or permanent disability caused by any of the above

Third-party liability coverage includes


  1. Injuries to third-party in an accident

  2. Damages to car/property due to an accident caused by the insured vehicle

Exclusions in Ola S1 Pro Insurance

Even though a comprehensive insurance cover will expand the extent of cover you get, it will not cover every issue. Here are some exclusions you should be watchful of:


  1. Mechanical breakdown or wear and tear caused due to age

  2. Any damage caused when the driver was under the influence of any substance, driving without a valid driving license, or driving rashly or for illegal activities

Add-On Covers for Your Ola S1 Pro Insurance

Additional covers can also be added to your Ola S1 pro insurance policy. These will provide very specific services under the insurance for a marginally higher premium.

These include:

  • Personal Cover for Accidents

Coverage for accidental death, permanent disability, or bodily harm to the driver of the Ola S1 Pro.

  • Roadside Assistance or Spot assistance

Coverage for situations in which your Ola S1 Pro electric scooter breaks down in the middle of the road.

  • Zero depreciation cover

This cover helps protect against the value reduction caused by depreciation, at least for insurance purposes. This means that in case of damage, you are entitled to full value for the scooter.

When buying an insurance policy, you should look for suitable add-on covers.

How To Apply For Ola S1 Pro Insurance Online?

It is very easy to apply for car insurance for your Ola S1 Pro electric scooter online. Here are the steps to follow:


  1. Fill the form that prompts you to submit details of your scooter and other required information

  2. This will generate a list of suitable Ola S1 Pro insurance plan options for you. You can browse and choose the one that suits your needs.

  3. Pick the plan and proceed to make the premium payment online.

  4. You will receive the policy via email.

How to Renew Ola S1 Pro Insurance

You can easily renew your Ola S1 Pro electric scooter insurance online by following the listed steps:


  1. Visit the insurance provider’s website and select the renewal option.

  2. You will be prompted to submit details of your previous policy and details about your Ola S1 Pro electric scooter.

  3. You will receive options for renewal with the premium amounts.

  4. Choose the most suitable plan and make an online payment to renew. Within minutes, you’ll have your renewed policy in hand.

Ola S1 Pro Insurance Claim Process

To file an insurance claim for your Ola S1 Pro, you can either use the Cashless route or the Reimbursement mode.

Cashless Claims

Cashless claims will not require you to spend any money as the repair will be one at a network garage.

Reimbursement mode

If you opt for a reimbursement claim, you can take your Ola electric scooter to your preferred garage. Later on, you can file a claim for reimbursement based on the original invoices.

Steps to Claim Ola S1 Pro Insurance Online

In case of a cashless claim:

  1. For a cashless claim, call your insurer or file a claim online on their website.

  2. Get it repaired at a network garage and furnish all insurance documentation.

  3. The bill will be settled by your insurer directly with the garage.

In case of a reimbursement claim:

  1. Intimate your insurance provider and file the claim.

  2. Get it repaired at any repair shop or garage and preserve all documentation.

  3. The original invoices and receipts will be examined and the approved amount will be reimbursed to you.

Documents Required for Ola S1 Pro Insurance Claim

In order to successfully make an Ola electric scooter insurance claim, keep the following handy

  • Ola S1 Pro electric scooter insurance documents

  • Details about the scooter

  • A copy of the FIR in the event of theft

  • Original bike repair invoices and receipts in case of reimbursement claim


Having an electric scooter like the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter is a great lifestyle upgrade, with minimum maintenance and environmental-friendliness added to the equation. As you level up your commute, don't forget to make sure your vehicle is registered and insured, too. Bike insurance can protect you against unforeseen situations, damages and liabilities. Ride safe!

FAQs on Ola S1 Pro Insurance

Should I buy add-on covers for my Ola S1 Pro Insurance?

Add-on covers enhance the value of the existing insurance cover by extending your coverage beyond the basics. The add-ons serve very specific needs, so if you think it fits your needs, consider buying an add-on. 

Is Ola S1 Pro waterproof?

The Ola S1 Pro electric scooter is water-resistant. 

Is the Ola S1 Pro covered under warranty in India?

Ola Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd. offers an extended warranty to all those who purchase the Ola S1 Pro. Hence, with its ₹1.2 Lakhs damage cover, your total ownership amount and other sleeper costs can be reduced significantly.

What is the deductible amount that you are responsible for when it comes to Ola S1 Pro insurance?

According to the regulations of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, you will be liable to pay ₹100 as a set deductible amount against your Ola S1 Pro bike insurance.

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