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One of the most commonly used yet misunderstood aspects is the understanding of what is self care. The approach to self care for many include 'taking care of themselves better', which more often does not work. When scrutinizing the self care meaning, self care is often confused with self improvement whereas there is a subtle difference between them.  It is vital to understand the underlying difference between self improvement and self care. Self improvement arises from the desire to be better at aspects of your life that don’t feel adequate enough. Some aspects of self improvement like following a healthy diet, playing a sport, etc. can also constitute self care.

What Is Self Care?

On the contrary to working hard in the future, the self care meaning incorporates having a nurturing experience of life at present and taking care of yourself. Self care encompasses any activity that is deliberately done to take good care of your mental, physical and emotional health. Taking care of yourself is the key to reduced anxiety and improved mood.

Why Is Self Care Important?

Many of us can mistaken coping mechanisms that are unhealthy like over-eating, alcohol or drugs as self care as they make you feel good. However, they are self destructive activities that do not help in regulating our emotions and have only short term relief effects in numbing the situation. Proper self care comprises being kind to yourself as you would be to others. They have long term benefits on your body and mind. It is the key to a good relationship with yourself and others.

Benefits of Self Care

  • More productivity - Right when you start saying 'no' to all the things that over-exert yourself and make room for the things that matter more, you begin to gain a sharper perspective and focus on your goals.
  • Improved physical health - Incorporating self care routines into your daily activity leads to less stress and boosted immune system.
  • Resistance to diseases - Surveys show that with an improved immune system and less stress to shoulder, activities that include self care automatically activates the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) in your body.
  • Amplified self knowledge - As there are various types of self care routines that you can incorporate in your daily life, you may start doing activities that you really enjoy and love to do. This inturn ignites your passion and you feel inspired in your personal and work life.
  • Inflated self esteem - Right when you properly start taking care of yourself by meeting your needs and treating yourself good, this sends a positive message to your subconscious mind. When you start treating yourself better by valuing yourself, no amount of discouragement and negative talk can criticize your self worth in the long run.

How to Incorporate Self-Care Habits?

After understanding what is self care and its benefits, the immediate need to integrate a few self care activities in your day to day life is crucial. It is good to revisit your hobbies and things you were once passionate about as there are numerous types of self care activities one can divulge in according to your preference and requirements.


  • Holding a pet in your arms
  • Walking on grass or ocean shore bare feet
  • Cuddling under a soft blanket
  • Taking a warm or cold bath and feeling the water hitting your skin
  • Lying down to listen to music
  • Listing down "feeling words" in order to expand your emotional vocabulary
  • Keep a journal and honestly write about how you feel
  • Reading poetry
  • Being creative through music, art or writing
  • Dancing to your favorite songs
  • Writing an email to someone whom you miss yet haven't met in a long time
  • Go on breakfast/lunch/dinner dates with your friends


Different people are responsive to different activities, and you can figure out which one works best for you. Although the self care meaning may be confused with others, in simple terms, they are the activities that makes your body replenished and rejuvenated. As self care has such a huge impact in our lives, it is necessary to practice routines that are good for your mental and physical health.


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