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In the past decade, the number of vehicles in the state of Maharashtra has crossed 2.9 crores. This makes factors such as adherence to rules and driving licence renewal in Mumbai a very crucial prerequisite. With traffic congestion and busy roads increasing risk of injury for drivers and passengers, having both motor insurance as well as a valid driving licence in Maharashtra is key. 


A driver's licence is a mandatory requirement to drive on Indian roads as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. There are two types of driving licences in Maharashtra, personal and commercial. Here is everything you should know about getting an offline or online driving licence in Maharashtra.

Types of Driving Licences in Maharashtra

Before you opt for an offline or online driving licence in Maharashtra, identify the type of vehicle you operate. There are two types of driving licences you can get.


  • Licence for transport vehicles

  • Licence for non-transport vehicles


1. Transport Vehicle

Those who drive a commercial vehicle belong to this category. Transport vehicles include light motor vehicles such as jeeps, auto rickshaws, etc.  It also includes medium passenger or goods vehicles such as delivery vans, tempos and minivans used for ferrying passengers or transporting goods. Heavy vehicles such as public transport buses and huge trucks or vans used for commercial transport of goods are also classified under this category.


2. Non-transport Vehicle

If you want to drive a private vehicle, you may qualify for a driving licence in Maharashtra as per this category. It includes motor vehicles with gear and without gear, such as mopeds, scooters, and light motor vehicles like cars and SUVs. 

How to Apply for an Online & Offline Driving Licence in Maharashtra?

Here’s how you can apply for a driver’s licence in Maharashtra through online and offline modes.

Online Application

 An online driving licence application in Maharashtra is easier and more convenient. Here is how to go about it.


  • Visit the official Sarathi Parivahan website (https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/stateSelection.do)

  • Select ‘Maharashtra’ as your state in the drop-down menu

  • Click on the ‘Apply for Driving Licence’ option on the page


You will be redirected to a page containing instructions regarding the process of online driving licence application in Maharashtra.


  • Click on ‘Continue’ and fill in the learner’s licence number and other personal details

  • Upload the supporting documents, photos and signature

  • Book your driving licence test slot online and pay the driving licence fees applicable in Maharashtra


You can also initiate the process of driving licence renewal online in Maharashtra from the Parivahan website. 

Offline Application

Follow the instructions given below to complete the offline application process for a driver’s licence in Maharashtra.


  • Visit the nearest RTO office and ask for Form 4

  • Fill out the application form carefully and submit it

  • Attach all essential documents to the application

  • Request a slot for a driving test


The driver’s licence will be sent to you via post soon after you pass your driving test.

Driving Licence Fees in Maharashtra

Check out the charges for a learning and permanent driving licence in Maharashtra. You need to pay these fees before getting a licence.



Learner's Licence per Vehicle Category


Test for Learner's Licence per Vehicle Category


Permanent Licence


Permanent Licence Renewal


Permanent Licence Renewal after Grace Period


Duplicate Driving Licence


International Driving Licence


Certification for Driving Public Vehicles


Addition of New Vehicle Class to Driving Licence


Eligibility Criteria for Driving Licence in Maharashtra

It is essential to verify your eligibility before applying for a driving licence in Maharashtra. Here are a few pointers to help you.


  • Applicants applying for a two-wheeler driving licence in Maharashtra should be above 16 years of age

  • The age limit to apply for a four-wheeler driving licence is 18

  • An applicant who wants to drive a transport vehicle for commercial purposes should be above 20 years of age

  • All applicants, whether they wish to drive a two-wheeler or four-wheeler for personal or commercial purposes, should have a valid learner’s licence before they apply for a permanent licence

  • Remember to apply for your permanent driving licence 30 days after your learner’s licence is issued

  • Make sure you complete the online driving licence application within 6 months of receiving your learner’s licence

Documents Required for Driving Licence in Maharashtra

Whether you are filling out your online or offline DL application in Maharashtra, you must submit the following documents.


  • Proof of age (Birth certificate, voter ID card, school leaving certificate, Aadhaar card, PAN card or passport)

  • Proof of address (Copy of passport, Aadhaar card, life insurance policy, ration card, electricity, telephone bill or pay slips issued by the state or central government)

  • Original learner’s licence

  • Application Form 4

  • Three passport-size photographs

  • Certificate issued from a driving school, in case of a commercial driving licence application

  • Motor insurance policy and registration certificate in case you take your vehicle for the driving licence test

How to Check the Driving Licence Application Status Online?

It is an easy and simple process to check the status of your driving licence in Maharashtra via the online mode. Follow the steps mentioned below. 


  • Step 1: Visit the official Sarathi Parivahan website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/stateSelection.do

  • Step 2: Select ‘Maharashtra’ as your state from the drop-down menu

  • Step 3: Click on ‘Application Status’ present in the top menu bar

  • Step 4: Enter your application number and date of birth to know the status of your driving licence application

Steps to Apply for an International Driving Licence in Maharashtra

Here is how you can apply for an international driving permit in Maharashtra:


  • Visit the RTO in person to get and fill your application form or do so from the Sarathi Parivahan website

  • Submit or upload all relevant supporting documents 

  • Pay the fee online or offline and submit the receipt to the concerned RTO


Once your application details and documents are verified, your international driver’s licence will be mailed to your registered address.

Steps to Apply for Duplicate Driving Licence in Maharashtra

  • Step 1: Visit the RTO and submit the application form for duplicate licence and other relevant documentation 

  • Step 2: Pay the fees and get the receipt 

  • Step 3: Await verification and receive your duplicate licence at your residence 


You can also complete the first and second steps online at the official Sarathi Parivahan website. 

Documents Required for Duplicate Driving Licence in Maharashtra

A duplicate driving licence in Maharashtra may be issued when there has been:


  • Theft

  • Damage or mutilation

  • Damage to your Smart Card driver’s licence chip


Submit the following documents when applying for a duplicate driving licence in Maharashtra:


  • Copy of FIR (First Information Report)

  • Application form for obtaining a duplicate driving licence 

  • Passport size photos

  • Original or attested copies of your driving licence, if possible

  • Proof of age and address

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FAQs on Driving Licence in Maharashtra

Is it compulsory to take your own vehicle for a driving licence test in Maharashtra?

It is advisable to take a vehicle with you for a driving licence test in Maharashtra. In case you do not own a vehicle, you can borrow a vehicle from the driving test centre where you have practised driving.

How do you get a driving licence if it is lost in Maharashtra?

If you lose or misplace your driving licence, you can apply for a duplicate driving licence in Maharashtra either online or offline.

How can I make any corrections on my driving licence in Maharashtra?

You can visit the nearest RTO and collect the application form for corrections. Keep the following documents handy when submitting the request.


  • Copy of driving licence

  • Supporting documents related to the correction required

  • Application form

How can I track my driving licence in Maharashtra?

To track your driving licence application, you can visit Sarathi Parivahan website, select Maharashtra from the state list and click on ‘Application Status’. Enter the required details to track your status with ease.

What are the fees for obtaining a driving licence in Maharashtra?

To get a learner’s licence, you must pay approximately ₹150-200. In the case of a permanent licence in Maharashtra, it can cost ₹700-1000.

What are the benefits of having a driving licence in Maharashtra?

Here are a few advantages of obtaining a driving licence in Maharashtra:


  • Gives you the legal permit to drive a specific category of vehicle on the road

  • Acts as a crucial document for your identification

  • Beneficial to you in case of an accident as it mentions important details

  • Stores your personal information in a chip that contains your biometric details

  • Functions as a proof of your nationality


Just as this document is crucial for you to be able to drive in Maharashtra, so is availing car insurance. Apart from third-party motor insurance being compulsory, this coverage helps you manage expenses during unforeseen circumstances like accidents or theft. 


If the traffic police stop your vehicle for any reason, your car insurance is checked along with your driving licence. So, get a vehicle insurance plan that not only covers third-party liability, but also you and your car without delay.

How can I renew my driving licence in Maharashtra?

In order to renew your driving licence in Maharashtra, follow the step-by-step process mentioned below:


  • Step 1: Visit the nearest RTO and collect the driving licence renewal form and Form 9

  • Step 2: Fill in the required details in the forms and furnish the necessary documents 

  • Step 3: Pay the driving licence renewal fees applicable in Maharashtra and get the receipt 

  • Step 4: Your renewed licence will be sent to your registered address


Note that licences that have lapsed beyond 5 years are not eligible for renewal. Individuals who have been previously banned from driving are also ineligible for renewal. You can also renew your driving licence online, and this process is also easy to complete. 

What are the documents required for renewal of driving licence in Maharashtra?

Keep the following documents ready during the renewal of your driving licence in Maharashtra:


  • Form 1 (your physical fitness declaration)

  • Three passport-size photographs

  • Medical certificate, for individuals above 50 years of age

  • Renewal application form

What is the eligibility criteria for an international driving licence in Maharashtra?

It is easy to get an international driving licence in Maharashtra if you meet the following eligibility criteria:


  • You are over 18 years old

  • You already hold a valid driver’s licence

  • You have not had your licence revoked or barred


These are the documents required to apply for an international driving licence in Maharashtra


  • Application form

  • Passport and Visa

  • Copy of a valid Indian driving licence

  • Medical certificate

How can I make corrections in my driving licence in Maharashtra?

There are chances for minor errors in your driving licence like a misspelling of your name or a mistake in your address. If you have changed your maiden name after marriage, the same has to be reflected in your driving licence too. 


Since your driving licence serves as an important document for identification, correct these errors at the earliest. Follow the process mentioned below. 


What are the documents required for making corrections in my driving licence in Maharashtra?

For any change in the existing licence, submit the application at the same RTO from where your licence was originally issued. 


Submit the following documents to apply for a correction in your driving licence in Maharashtra.


  • Application form

  • Supporting documents that serve as ID or address proof

  • Copy of your original driving licence

What is the procedure for making corrections in my driving licence in Maharashtra?

Follow this process to make corrections to your driving licence in Maharashtra.


  • Receive an acknowledgement after submitting the application

  • Get a temporary licence with the necessary changes done

  • Collect the new driving licence at your registered address

How can I change my address on my driving licence in Maharashtra?

If you have changed your residential address, apply for an address change in your licence within 7 days. Since your licence is an important ID proof, follow the procedure mentioned below to change your address.


Submit your documents along with a letter addressed to the Regional Transport Officer and application fees. You may also need to submit your photo for verification. You will then be issued a temporary licence with a new address. You will receive a new driving licence in Maharashtra at your address mentioned in the application form.

What are the documents required for an address change on a driving licence in Maharashtra?

Submit the following documents for address change in your driving licence in Maharashtra:


  • Application form

  • Copy of the original driving licence

  • Proof of address (passport, telephone/electricity bills, ration card etc)

  • Application fees

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