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Vadodara is the second largest city of Gujarat and home to a large volume of traffic. To properly regulate the traffic and decrease the risk of accidents, Vadodara e-challan is an effective and efficient management method. An e-challan can be issued for a wide range of traffic violations and can invoke different penalties that include imprisonment or fine or both. If anyone is caught violating the traffic rules, an e-challan will be issued against the offender. The e-challan initiative is a swift, transparent and hassle-free method of punishing offenders of traffic rules. Read more to know about traffic offences, penalties and online payment methods.

Vadodara Traffic Police Challan

The present city of Vadodara, in the state of Gujarat, has a population of more than 18.2 Lakh (as per 2011 census). With a burgeoning population, the city traffic police has initiated various steps to effectively manage the traffic-related woes. Along with CCTV surveillance at vantage points, the latest framework on traffic violations has been implemented. These violations could range from jumping a red signal to driving without a valid licence. If you are caught violating the traffic rules and regulations, you will be issued an e-challan, which is a computer-generated challan or fine issued by the traffic police.


With the e-challan initiative, the government aims to improve its safety services and ensure transparency in fine payments. Traffic violators can now pay the e-challan fines both online and offline. Let’s have a look at the traffic violations that attract e-challans in the city of Vadodara.

Latest Traffic Violations Penalties in Vadodara

After the Motor Vehicle Act, 2019 was passed by the Central Government, the Gujarat government reduced penalties for some violations while maintaining the status quo on certain penalties. The Vadodara traffic police follows the traffic fines as stipulated by the State Government. Here is a look at the major violations that can attract e-challans:

Traffic Violations

Fines imposed by Vadodara city traffic police

Parking violations

₹ 500

Not producing documents, like driving licence, PUC certificates, third party insurance and registration certificate

₹. 500

Not wearing a seatbelt

₹ 500

Riding without a helmet

₹ 500

Illegal alteration of vehicles

₹ 5,000 per alteration


₹ 1,500 for two-wheelers and Rs. 2,000 for Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) , like cars

Not possessing a driving license

₹ 2,000 for two-wheelers and Rs. 3,000 for four-wheelers

Using vehicles without registration

₹ 500 for two-wheelers and Rs. 5,000 for other vehicles.

Failure to make way for emergency vehicles

₹ 1,000

Not possessing a PUC certificate

₹ 1,000 for two-wheelers, and Rs. 3,000 for other vehicles

Not having third-party insurance

₹ 2,000 for the first offence and Rs. 4,000 for the subsequent offence

Driving under the influence of alcohol

₹ 10,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment for first offence and Rs. 15,000 and/or 2 years imprisonment for the subsequent offence

Minor driving a vehicle

₹ 25,000 along with imprisonment of up to 3 years

Failure to follow traffic lights

Fines ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000 and/or imprisonment up to 1 year

Sounding the horn in a prohibited area or unnecessary honking

₹ 1,000

Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive

₹ 1,000

Know How to Pay E-Challan in Vadodara Online

The foremost benefit of Vadodara e-challan to common citizens is that they can pay the fines online, in a hassle-free manner. Besides, it also allows greater transparency with regard to the details of traffic offences and payment of fines. You can pay the e-challan online through the Vadodara traffic police’s challan payment system. You are required to complete the following steps:


Step 1: Visit the official website :

Step 2: After you enter the registration number of your vehicle, you will be directed to the section detailing the fine imposed.

Step 3:  Now, you will be able to see the option of ‘Pay fine’. You can choose to pay the e-challan/e-memo Vadodara fine through the secured payment gateway using any of the given online payment options such as debit/credit card, net banking, etc.

Step 4:  Once you pay the fine online, you will receive an SMS, confirming that the traffic police have received the fine for the particular challan number.


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Pay Vadodara E-Challan Through Parivahan

You can also pay the traffic fine through Parivahan - a Central Government website. You are required to follow the step as detailed below::


Step 1: Visit the website :


Step 2: Provide details of either your challan number or driving licence number or vehicle registration number.

Step 3: Now  click on the section for paying fines.

Step 4: You will then be redirected to a secured payment gateway, where you can use online payment methods to pay the requisite fine.

Step 5:  After making the payment, you will receive a transaction ID along with a confirmation message.

Learn How to Check E-Challan Vadodara Status Online

If you think that you have made a traffic violation, but haven’t received an e-challan, you can now check whether a challan has been issued against you. Doing an online status check will help you know about the details of the traffic violation, along with the traffic fine. In the case of an e-challan not being issued, you will be notified accordingly. You need to follow a few simple steps:


Step 1: Visit the official website of the city police :

Step 2: Provide your vehicle registration number

Step 3: You can now view the details of your traffic offence, along with fine imposed.

Step 4: If no challans have been issued, you will receive a message : ‘No records found.

Check the Status of Vadodara E-Challan Using Gujarat E-Challan App: Follow These Steps

Now you can check the status of your Vadodara traffic challan, while on-the-go, using a mobile-based app. You are required to complete the following steps:

Now you can check the status of your Vadodara traffic challan, while on-the-go, using a mobile-based app. You are required to complete the following steps:

1. Install the app

2. After providing your vehicle number, click on get details.

3. You can now see the status of your traffic challans.


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FAQs On E-challan Vadodara

Can I pay my e-challan Vadodara by using traffic police’s mobile-based app?

No, access to this mobile application is restricted to Vadodara city police only. Traffic police can directly capture traffic violations via the app, and generate e-challans.


Is it mandatory to make the Vadodara e-challan payment online?

You have to compulsorily pay the fine within 60 days of receiving the challan. The fine, however, can be paid through both the online and offline mode. 

I received a Vadodara e-challan memo but failed to pay the fine within the stipulated time frame. What can be its consequences?

The traffic police will now initiate court proceedings against you. You must contact the concerned authorities immediately.

What happens if I fail to pay the Vadodara RTO challan on time?

If you fail to pay the traffic challan in Vadodara, the traffic police will initiate a legal notice and worse, court proceedings against you. You will need to contact the concerned authorities immediately.


Who is authorised to issue traffic e challan?

Only the traffic police authorities and the automatic e-challan system are authorised to issue an online challan in Vadodara.

Can I pay the online memo in Vadodara at the RTO?

 Yes, if you wish to pay your e-challan memo in Vadodara offline, you can pay it at your nearest RTO office.

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