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A driving licence is an important government-issued document that also serves a valid proof of identity. To drive a vehicle in Gujarat, you will need a valid Gujarat driving licence. A driving licence in Gujarat can be obtained at your nearest Gujarat RTO. Initially, you will be issued a learner’s licence, which will be valid for up to six months. However, you can apply for a permanent driving licence 1 month after getting your learner’s licence. Make sure you get your permanent licence before your learner’s licence expires.

Types of Driving Licences in Gujarat

As a citizen over 18 years of age, you can apply for getting a driving license in Gujarat. However, to obtain the same, you must pass a practical driving exam. Listed below are the different types of driving licences issued in Gujarat and across the country as well. 

1. Learning Licence

This is the first step towards obtaining a permanent licence in India. It is issued to those who are learning how to drive a vehicle. This permit is valid for 6 months, within which you have to apply for a permanent licence.


You can apply for a permanent licence any time after thirty days of issuance of a learner’s licence. You cannot obtain a permanent licence without getting a learner’s licence first.This permit, however, comes with certain stipulations, as mentioned below:


  1. You can only get trained by someone who has a permanent licence.

  2. You must not merely be trained in the physical operation of the vehicle but also have knowledge of the traffic rules and regulations.

  3. The vehicle that you are learning to drive should have an ‘L’ symbol displayed in the colour red. This sign should be clearly visible to the other drivers on the road.

  4. If you hold a learner’s licence for a commercial vehicle, you must complete your training from an accredited vehicle training institute that is recognised by the government. 

  5. With regard to two-wheelers, only trainers are allowed to ride pillion behind the learner.

  6. The vehicle that you’re learning to drive should comply with the category mentioned on your learner’s permit.

2. Permanent Licence (Private Vehicle)

Individuals over the age of 18 who already possess a learning permit are eligible to apply for a permanent driving licence. You can apply for a permanent driving licence online or by visiting an RTO (Regional Transport Office). After booking a date for your driving test and successfully clearing it, your permanent driving licence will be issued to you.

3. Permanent Licence (Commercial Vehicle)

This licence is provided to those who drive vehicles for a commercial purpose, either to facilitate the transportation of people or goods. To obtain this licence, drivers need to have cleared the eighth grade in school. 


For the issuance of commercial vehicle licences, the government has established a separate class of rules. Regulations are stringent, and aspiring drivers must mandatorily complete an operational heavy vehicle training course from a government-recognised training institute. 


These mandates ensure strict adherence to safety on the road along with making sure that the drivers have knowledge of the specialised functioning of heavy motor transportation. 

4. International Driving Permit

An international licence is for those citizens who wish to drive outside India. Such a renewable permit is recognised worldwide and has a validity of one year. However, keep in mind that you can get it only if you have a permanent licence.

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How to Apply Online for DL in Gujarat

While you can apply for a licence online, you must visit an RTO office to provide your biometric data and take part in the mandatory driving test. To apply for a licence online, follow the steps mentioned below: 


  1. On the Parivahan website, select your state (Gujarat). To do so, click on the following link - https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice10/stateSelection.do

  2. On the homepage, browse to the ‘Apply Online’ section.

  3. Here, click on the ‘New Driving Licence’

  4. After carefully reading the steps, tap on ‘Continue’

  5. Next, type in your demographics and other respective details including your name, address, email ID, mobile number, RTO address, blood group, relation data, qualification, class of vehicle, date, and country of birth. Then, click on ‘Submit’

  6. Your application number will be sent to your email and your phone number

  7. Now, upload the abovementioned documents, along with your passport-size photographs and your signature to verify them. Then, click ‘Submit’ and pay the fees.

  8. To book a slot for your driving licence exam, you need to enter your application number and your date of birth.

  9. After making the payment, print your application form and payment slip. You need to carry them with you on the date of your driving licence exam.

Application for Driving Licence in Gujarat at the RTO (Offline)

If you’re not fully comfortable with applying for your Gujarat driving licence online, you can still visit an RTO office and get your driving licence. Follow the steps as stated below, to apply for your driving licence in Gujarat via an offline mode: 


  1. Go to your nearest RTO and fill in the application form. Submit the signed form to the RTO officer along with other necessary documents and your passport-size photographs.

  2. The RTO officer will cross-check the authenticity of the data provided and tell you whether you’re eligible to take the test or not. 

  3. If you opt for a Smart Card driver’s licence, you will be required to pay an extra fee of Rs. 200.

  4. Once your appointment for the driving licence exam is scheduled, your driving test will be conducted in the presence of a Motor Vehicle Inspector.

  5. If you pass the test, the driving licence will be sent to your residential address within the stipulated period.

  6. If you do not pass the test, you will be able to retake the same after 7 days. 

Driving Licence Fees in Gujarat

Whether you are applying for your first driving licence or looking to renew your preexisting permit, you need to be aware of the charges you will be required to pay for the different processes involved. The table given below lists all the fees related to applying for or renewing your driving licence:




Issuance of the learner’s licence in Form 3 (for each class of vehicle)


Fee for the learner’s licence test or repeat test 


Fee for the test, or repeat test, of driving competence (for each class of vehicle)


Issuance of a driving licence


Issuance of an International Driving Permit


Addition of another vehicle class to the driving licence


Endorsement or renewal of authorization for a vehicle carrying hazardous goods


Renewal of a driving licence


Renewal of a driving licence for which the application is made post the grace period


Issuance or renewal of a licence to a school or establishment for imparting driving instructions 


Issuance of a duplicate licence to a school or establishment for imparting driving instructions


An appeal against the orders of licensing authority in reference to Rule 29


An application for change in address or any other particulars recorded in the driving licence 


Eligibility Criteria to Acquire a Driving Licence in Gujarat

Before applying for a driving licence in Gujarat, you must take note of the eligibility criteria for obtaining the permit, as specified by the RTO: 


  1. An individual must be at least 16 years of age to acquire a licence to drive a two-wheeler without gear.

  2. An individual must be at least 18 years of age to acquire a licence to drive a two-wheeler with gear, a four-wheeler, a tractor, a car, or a non-transport vehicle.

  3. An individual must be at least 20 years of age and must have passed 8th grade, to acquire a licence to drive a heavy transport vehicle. 


Documents Needed to Apply for Driving Licence in Gujarat

Now that you are aware of the eligibility criteria for getting a licence in Gujarat, it is important for you to take note of all the documents that you’ll be required to submit, in order to get a driving licence.


  • The RTO website for the state of Gujarat (http://rtogujarat.gov.in/form.php) provides all the forms necessary for the smooth processing of a driving licence application. These documents are available in English and Gujarati

  • An application form (http://rtogujarat.gov.in/documents/form/licence/FORM%204E.pdf)

  • Age proof and address proof (Submission of your Aadhaar card is mandatory)

  • Proof of citizenship 

  • 4 passport-size photographs

  • Medical certificate (http://rtogujarat.gov.in/documents/form/licence/form_1A.PDF)

How To Check Your Driving Licence Application Status Online

In order to be able to check the status of your driving licence application, you’ll first need to apply for a driving permit. To apply for one online, follow a few simple steps, as stated below: 

  • Step 1: Visit the website: https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/stateSelection.do

  • Step 2: Select the state in which you have enrolled for a driving licence

  • Step 3: Check whether you can see a new window page with various options

  • Step 4: Tap on the ‘Apply for Driving Licence’ button

  • Step 5: Enter your details and upload relevant documents

  • Step 6: Pay the fees online and print a receipt of the same


You must enter your learner’s licence number before applying for an online driving licence. Once you’re done, follow this simple process to check your driving licence application status online:


  1. Visit the official portal of Sarathi Parivahan: https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/stateSelection.do and select your state.

  2. Click on the ‘Application Status’ option. 

  3. Type in details like your date of birth and your application number

  4. Enter the captcha code

  5. Verify the details you’ve entered and click on ‘Submit’. 


You will be redirected to a new screen wherein you can check the current status of your driving licence.

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International Driving Licence Process

If you wish to settle overseas and need an International driving licence, you can follow a few simple steps to obtain one. 


  1. Submit forms 1A and 4A to the RTO. (Form 1A is the medical certificate and Form 4A is an application form for an international driving licence).

  2. Submit a copy of documents including your existing driver’s licence, visa, passport, and 3 passport-size photographs.

  3. Pay a fee of ₹500. Please note that you cannot apply for an international driver’s licence online. You will be required to visit an RTO office in person.

  4. Afterwards, you will receive an International permit having a validity of 1 year.

  5. Duplication of an international driver’s licence is not permitted.

Duplicate Driving Licence Process

If your original driving licence gets lost or stolen, you can apply for a duplicate driving licence. To acquire the same, you’ll have to collect the following documents and stop by the nearest RTO office to apply for a duplicate driving licence: 


  • N.O.C from the RTO office which issued the original driving licence

  • Application form L.L.D.

  • Details of original DL

  • Copy of FIR in case the DL is stolen.

  • A fee of ₹200 in case you wish to change your name or address

Driving Licence Renewal in Gujarat

After your driving licence is issued to you, it is valid for 20 years or up until you reach the age of 50 years, after which, the permit expires. Once this happens, you’ll need to submit an application for the renewal of your driving licence. Just follow a few simple steps to renew your permit in Gujarat: 


  1. Once your driving licence expires, a grace period of 30 days is applicable, to initiate the renewal process. You can visit your nearest RTO office and apply for a driving licence renewal.

  2. You will be required to submit a medical certificate, if your age is above 50 years.

  3. A ‘No Objection Certificate’ is mandatory if you have relocated to Gujarat from another state.

  4. You’ll have to pay a fee of ₹50, to renew your driving licence (if renewed within 30 days). Additional late fees of ₹50 must be paid in case of delay. If you opt for Smart Car Driving Licence, an extra fee of Rs. 200 will be charged as well.

FAQs on Driving Licence Gujarat

How to check the status of your driving licence in Gujarat?

You can check your Gujarat driving licence status online, by visiting the Sarathi website. All you have to do is enter your application number and date of birth. Alternatively, you can check the status of the same by visiting the nearest RTO office.

What is the procedure for getting a duplicate driving licence in Gujarat?

To get a duplicate DL in Gujarat, you will have to visit the RTO website and browse to the renewal section. Then, pay ₹200 for the smart card DL in Gujarat. Submit the documents, as prompted. A duplicate driving licence will be issued once your documents are verified.

Is a Gujarat driving licence valid across all of India?

Yes. A driving licence issued in Gujarat is valid across the country. However, you need to make sure that you carry a valid copy of your DL with you at all times whilst driving in different states of India.

Is it compulsory to get a Smart Card DL? What is the fee payable for obtaining a smart driving licence in Gujarat?

No. It is not compulsory to get a Smart Card driving licence in Gujarat. However, it is still better to have a smart card DL instead of the regular version, for extra security.  The fee for obtaining a smart card driving licence is ₹200.

In Gujarat, apart from a driving licence, what other documents must you carry mandatorily, at all times?

Along with a driving licence, you need to carry an active motor insurance plan, a valid vehicle registration certificate, your automobile’s PUC certificate, and any other permit that is deemed necessary. Failing to present any of these documents will attract hefty penalties, under the New Motor Vehicle Act

How can I change the address on my driving licence?

  • You can modify the address on your Gujarat driving licence by visiting the RTO that issued your driving licence and submitting the following documents: 

    • NOC/CC

    • Form 7

    • Change in the address application form

    • Passport size photograph

    • Latest address proof

  • Once you apply for a change in address on your DL, an RTO officer will check the details and ask you to pay a fee of ₹200 (for smart card DL) + ₹20 (address change). After you pay the fee, don't forget to collect the receipt. You will receive the updated DL by post, within 30 days of the application.

How do I link a Gujarat state driving licence to Digilocker?

The steps to linking your driving licence to DigiLocker are as follows:
  • Visit the DigiLocker website and download the mobile application

  • Sign in with your credentials (if you are an existing user) or sign up as a new user

  • Tap on ‘Issued Documents’, a button present on the left side of the app interface

  • Click on the ‘Get Issued Documents’ 

  • Under the ‘Central Government’ menu, tap on ‘Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’

  • Now, tap on ‘Driving Licence’

  • Enter your driving licence number and share your Aadhaar details

  • Click on ‘Get Document’

    After this, DigiLocker will automatically export your driving licence details and save them.

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