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According to the Tripura Motor Vehicles Tax Act of 1972, every person who owns a motor vehicle must pay a specific amount in Tripura as road tax. This money is used by the state government to build and maintain public roads around the state. A part of the fee, however, is dedicated to protecting the safety of taxpayers on the road. The tax amount will be determined by the kind of vehicle and its intended use. Furthermore, car owners will be required to pay extra road tax if they travel to states other than those where their vehicle is registered. After acquiring the car and registering it with the local RTO, they are required to pay the road tax.

Why is Road Tax Levied at State Level

States in India levy road tax for a range of purposes, including the construction and upkeep of roads all across the state. The upkeep and construction of these roads is financed by the state itself, and revenue generated from taxes go towards this purpose. Each state ascertains its own road tax rates, and these further contribute to variations in the on-road price of vehicles from state to state.

How To Pay Road Tax In Tripura Online

For online Tripura road tax payment, follow the steps below -


  • Visit the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways' official website.

  • On the Home Page, go to "Online Services" and then "Vehicle Related Services."

  • From the drop-down menu, select "Tripura."

  • To log in and make a payment, go to the next page and input your car registration number.

  • Make your payment using online banking or a credit card.

How Is Road Tax Calculated In Tripura

Tripura levies road taxes on all sorts of vehicles, including private and passenger cars, new and old vehicles, vehicles utilized for transportation, and those not used for transportation. The major factors affecting the calculation of road tax in Tripura are mentioned below:


  • Age of the vehicle

  • Weight

  • Size

  • Place of origin

  • Purpose of the vehicle

  • The capacity of the engine


You normally don't have to pay your road taxes again if you've already paid them. Keep in mind that you must pay taxes on the basis of the ex-showroom price rather than the on-road price. If you possess a two-wheeler, take note of the table below.

Two-Wheeler Road Tax In Tripura

Below are the tables which show how taxes are levied on new vehicles or vehicles transferred in from other states.

Type of the Vehicle

Tax Amount

2 wheeler without gear for private use

For the first 15 years, there is a one-time tax of Rs.1000, followed by a five-year tax of Rs.500.

2 wheeler with gear for private use

Rs. 2200 for a one-time tax of 15 years, followed by Rs. 1000 per 5 years after that.

2 wheeler with buying price more than 1 Lakh for private use

For the first 15 years, there is a one-time tax of Rs.2650, followed by a five-year tax of Rs.1100.

Four-Wheeler Road Tax in Tripura

Owners of four-wheelers are required to pay the Tripura road tax as per the table given below. The exact amount of the road tax is dependent on the vehicle’s price.

Vehicle Price (in ₹)

Payable Tax 

Less than or equal to 3 Lakh

For 15 years, you'll pay Rs.4100, then Rs.2050 every 5 years after that.

Between 3-5 Lakh

For 15 years, you'll pay Rs.4800, and every 5 years, you'll pay Rs.2400.

Between 5-10 Lakh

For the first 15 years, you'll pay Rs.6900, and every 5 years after that, you'll pay Rs.3450.

Between 10-15 Lakh

For the first 15 years, you'll pay Rs.7550, then Rs.3775 per 5 years after that.

Above 15 Lakh

For 15 years, you'll pay Rs.8250, and every 5 years, you'll pay Rs.4125.

Commercial Vehicle Road Tax in Tripura

Commercial vehicles are taxed at the following rates:

Registered Laden Weight

Tripura Parivahan Tax

Less or equal to 3,000 kg

Rs.600 per year

3,000 - 5,560 kg

Rs.900 per year

5,560 - 7,500 kg

Rs.1,620 per year

7,500 - 12,000 kg

Rs.2,625 per year

12,000 - 16,200 kg

Rs.5,250 per year

More than 16,200 kg

Rs.6,560 per year + additionally Rs.25 per 1,000 kg

Auto Tax

Rs.125 per year

Penalty For Non-Payment Of Road Tax In Tripura

If you fail to pay the road tax, you may be fined up to one and a half times the amount of the tax due for the year for the motor vehicle. This is in respect of which the offence is committed, and the amount of any tax due may be recovered as if it were a fine if you have previously been convicted of an offence under this Act or any rule made thereunder.


If you are a resident of Tripura, this detailed guide on the road tax applicable will help you abide by the rules of the Tripura state government regarding road tax. Irrespective of the type of vehicle you own, payment of these taxes in a timely manner, will help prevent you from having to pay unnecessary fines. Along with road tax, you must remember that any vehicle you drive, must have a valid motor insurance, as per the guidelines laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act. It is mandatorily required for any vehicle driven on Indian roads to have at least a third-party insurance. Hence, if your vehicle hasn’t been insured, do it now! Bajaj Markets can help you with some of the best motor insurance policies for your vehicle.

FAQs on Road Tax in Tripura

How can I check the amount of tax due on the Tripura Transport Department's official website?

Individuals can verify the amount of tax due by going to the Transport Department of India's official website. To examine details of relevant tax, they must click on "Tax Assessment and Penalty Calculation" and input the car registration number and Regional Transport Office.

When do vehicle owners in Tripura have to pay road tax?

At the time of registration, vehicle owners must pay the Tripura vehicle tax. Depending on the vehicle type, they have the option of paying a lifetime or yearly RTO tax in Tripura.

In Tripura, how do you file a road tax return?

If you have had the automobile for less than 15 years and subsequently abandoned or scrapped it, you may be eligible for a vehicle tax refund. You can file the refund after the vehicle's registration has been cancelled.

How do you pay Tripura RTO tax offline?

If you wish to pay your RTO tax offline, you'll need to fill out certain documents and send them to the state's RTO, where you can finish the procedure by paying the required amount.

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