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RTO (Regional Transport Office)

Regional Transport Office or the RTO is a dedicated department tasked with overseeing all the issues related to transportation in India. RTOs have been set up across the country under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. The primary task of the RTO is to preserve the database of all the Indian vehicles. Along with handling the database, RTOs also issue driving licences and pollution fitness certificates, collect road tax, check motor insurance and regulate transportation rules. Every state and union territory has its own RTO, which enforce the rules enshrined in the motor vehicles law and ensure safety on the roads.

Functions of RTO

India has a large and complex road network which supports an ever-expanding number of vehicles. With millions of vehicles plying on Indian roads, RTO offices have gained immense importance.

  • The basic function of RTOs is to implement and enforce various rules enshrined in the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Other functions are:

  • All new vehicles in the country have to undergo RTO registration

  • The RTO office has to maintain the database of all the vehicles in India

  • RTOs issue driving licence to vehicle users

  • Routine inspection of vehicles

  • Issuance of vehicle fitness certificates

  • Collection of the road tax

  • RTO offices regulate and manage commercial permits given to trucks, taxis and autos

  • Implementation of the changes brought in the motor vehicle act

  • Issuance of pollution certificate after checking emission

  • Ensure a comprehensive growth of road transport through the implementation of various rules

RTO State Codes of India

RTO Location

RTO Code

RTO Location

RTO Code

Andhra Pradesh




Arunachal Pradesh


























Tamil Nadu


Himachal Pradesh










Uttar Pradesh






Madhya Pradesh


West Bengal








RTO Code of Union Territories

RTO Location

RTO Code

Andaman and Nicobar Islands




Dadra and Nagar Haveli


Daman and Diu




NCT of Delhi




Jammu and Kashmir




RTO online and offline facilities

Rising internet penetration has led to the digitisation of an increasing number of public services. One does not need to stand in never-ending queues to submit an application or get a document issued. A number of functions at RTO offices have been digitised and do not require the physical presence of the applicant. However, one will have to reach out to a nearby RTO to get certain things done. Here are a few RTO online activities.

  • Opting for a fresh driving licence or renewing an old one

  • Seeking an appointment to visit an RTO office

  • Getting a duplicate of an existing driving licence

The activities listed above can be completed online, but RTOs still have to ask applicants to be available physically for other services. You will have to drop in an RTO office for the following activities:

  • Registration of a new car

  • Appearing the test for a learner’s licence or for a new licence

  • Settlement of any dispute following an accident

Vehicle registration at RTO

A brand new vehicle has to be compulsorily registered with the concerned RTO office according to the Motor Vehicle Act. When you buy a car, the RTO registration is taken care of by the dealer. The total price displayed by vehicle dealers generally includes RTO registration charges. The dealership completed the registration process without the vehicle owner having to visit the RTO office. However, if you do not want to involve the dealer, you can get the vehicle registered yourself. A few documents are required while applying for a vehicle registration at an RTO.

  • At least 3 photographs (passport size)

  • Vehicle registration application form, also known as Form 20

  • Sales certificate provided by the dealer of the vehicle, also known as Form 21

  • One has to submit an identity proof, which includes PAN card, Voter ID, Aadhar card, Passport and driving licence.

  • One has to submit residence proof, which includes ration card, Aadhar, rental agreement, and account statement, utility bill and Voter ID.

  • Loan hypothecation details, also known as Form 34

  • PUC certificate, also known as Pollution Under Control certificate, which is issued to certify that the vehicle’s emission is below the prescribed limit

  • The insurance certificate provided by the dealership

  • Sales invoice provided by the vehicle dealership

  • Temporary registration number

  • In case the state you bought the vehicle from is different from the state you want to get it registered in, you will have to produce sales tax clearance certificate

  • NOC from the RTO

These documents will have to be submitted in an RTO office while registering a new vehicle. After the submission, the documents as well as the vehicle will be inspected by an RTO official. As soon as the verification gets over, the RTO office issues the driving licence. The entire process may take around seven days.

Fees for registering a vehicle

If you are familiar with the pricing structure of vehicles, you must have heard of two terms—the ex-showroom price and the on-road price. The ex-showroom price is the company’s price of the vehicle, while the on-road price is the showroom price with added charges. Before you start driving the vehicle, you have to bear certain additional costs such as road tax and registration charges. Here are the various charges levied during the registration of the vehicle.

Road Tax: The government levies a one-time road tax on vehicle owners to develop and maintain the network of roads in India. The dealership generally charges the road tax while selling the vehicle and submits to the RTO. In case the road tax has already been paid by you, collect the requisite document and submit it in the RTO office along with other documents.

Registration fee: The fee levied by RTOs to verify the documents and complete the registration process is known as the registration fee. The registration charges depend on the type of vehicle.

Hypothecation charges: Most people avail a car loan to buy a vehicle. The RTO office levies an additional charge to process the hypothecation documents.

How to get a duplicate registration certificate

The registration certificate issued by the RTO must be kept securely, but sometimes people lose it. However, if the registration document gets lost or stolen, one can easily get a copy from the RTO. Follow the simple steps given below to get a copy of the registration certificate.

  • File a police complaint as soon as you lose the registration document

  • Go to the RTO office with the police complaint

  • Submit the application for the duplicate copy, also known as Form 26, and attach the photocopy of the police complaint with it

  • After the verification of the documents, the RTO issues a copy of the registration certificate

Transfer of ownership of a registered vehicle

Buying a pre-used vehicle is as common as buying a new one. India has a large second-hand vehicle market, but when you trade in pre-owned vehicles, you have to get the ownership transferred to the new owner. The RTO office facilitates ownership transfer of vehicles. One has to follow a few simple steps to get the ownership transferred:

  • Fill and submit Form 29 and Form 30 which are used for ownership transfer

  • Submit the vehicle registration, vehicle insurance and PUC certificates

  • Submit an affidavit stating the vehicle sale

  • The RTO office asks for the buyer’s address and identity proof

After the submission of the documents listed above, the RTO will verify and issue the transfer certificate.


The network of RTOs across the country plays an important role in supporting the transportation and automobile sectors of India. RTO is one of the first places to visit after purchasing a vehicle.

But before going to an RTO, you will have to visit an insurer because motor insurance is compulsory in India. To avoid long queues and unnecessary documentation, opt for Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS. You can get a four-wheeler insurance as well as a two-wheeler insurance with extensive coverage options through Finserv MARKETS.

Manage all your queries here

  • ✔️What is the maximum time allowed to register my vehicle?

    A new vehicle should ideally be registered within a week of the purchase.

  • ✔️Do RTOs accept the required documents online or would I be required to visit an RTO office near me?

    One can submit the documents online but will have to be physically present at the RTO office with the vehicle to receive the registration document.

  • ✔️Do RTOs function on Saturdays?

    RTOs are not open on all Saturdays, but function on the first and the third Saturday every month.

  • ✔️What is the validity of my certificate of registration?

    The registration of a personal vehicle has a 15-year validity and the validity has to be renewed in blocks of 5 years after that.

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