SBI General Bike Insurance has a carefully curated set of two-wheeler insurance plans that can protect a bike owner’s finances, on and off the road. Such plans can secure your pockets against costs born from vehicular damages inflicted by accidents, natural calamities, theft, etc. SBI General Two-wheeler Insurance can offer you three types of plans, viz. third-party liability bike insurance, own-damage bike insurance, and comprehensive bike insurance. These plans can provide you with the security of personal accident coverage, legal liability coverage, cashless claims, no-claim bonuses, etc. 

SBI General Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans Available on Bajaj Markets


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Types of SBI General Two-Wheeler Insurance

Here are the three types of SBI General bike insurance plans. 

Plan Type

What’s Offered

SBI General Third-party Bike Insurance

Get coverage against third-party bike damage, third-party injuries, and personal accident damage.

SBI General Own-damage Bike Insurance

Claim coverage against damages incurred by your own two-wheeler vehicle, excluding any third-party coverage.

SBI General Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Access benefits and coverage against third-party liabilities, own damage, and personal accident damages. 

How to Buy SBI General Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

Follow the steps given below to purchase an SBI General Bike Insurance plan on Bajaj Markets.

  • Step 1: Enter information about your bike’s make, model, registration number, etc. 

  • Step 2: Fill in your personal details.

  • Step 3: Get your SBI General Bike Insurance premium quote.

  • Step 4: Choose a plan that suits your bike insurance needs.

  • Step 5: Include any SBI General Insurance add-ons as per your requirements. 

  • Step 6: Upload all necessary documents. 

  • Step 7: Pay the SBI General bike insurance price.

Key Features of SBI General Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

A few key features of SBI General Bike Insurance are stated below. 

  • Affordable premiums

  • 1000+ network garages

  • Value-adding insurance riders

  • Up to ₹15 Lakhs as personal accident coverage to owner driver holding valid driving licence

  • No-claim Bonuses up to 50%

Benefits of SBI General Two-Wheeler Insurance

Cashless Services

Tap into the cashless services offered by 1000+ network garages. The repair and replacement costs will be settled between the garage and insurer as per the insurance policy terms and conditions. 

Reimbursement Claims

As an alternative to cashless services, you can claim coverage in the form of reimbursements as well. Submit invoices or bills that record your expenditure and your insurer can indemnify the amount as Read Morestated in the policy terms and conditions.  Read Less

Fair and Quick Claim Process

With a CSR of 98%, you can expect claim settlement and claim processes to be efficient and smooth. You can initiate your SBI General bike insurance claim procedure online and offline.

No-claim Bonus

You can earn a discount on subsequent renewal premiums of your SBI General Bike Insurance for claim-free years. No-claim bonuses can range up to 50%.

Minimal Documentation

You don’t have to produce a stack of documents as high as the ceiling. All you must do is submit a few basic documents containing your personal details and information about your bike. 

Up to 100% Compensation

Get up to 100% compensation under the personal accident cover. This is applicable in case of an unfortunate demise or total and permanent disability.

What’s Covered & Not Covered

Find below the inclusions and exclusions of an SBI General Insurance plan. 

What’s Covered

What’s Not Covered

Third-party liability coverage

Regular wear and tear of the bike

Personal accident cover

Depreciation or other consequential losses

Own-damage coverage

Vehicle not being used as stated in policy specifications 

Protection against natural disasters

Damage caused due to mutiny, war, and nuclear risk

Protection against man-made disasters

Damage caused due to electrical/mechanical breakdowns

Theft coverage

Accidental damages caused when driving under the influence of intoxicants or without a licence

*Note: Please read the policy document carefully for a deeper understanding of the inclusions and exclusions of the SBI General Bike Insurance plans.

Factors Influencing the Premium of SBI General Two-Wheeler Insurance

Given below is a breakdown of the factors that can impact the premium price of your SBI General bike insurance plan. 

1. Two-wheeler’s Market Value

This is the price at which your vehicle can be sold on the current market. This can impact your premium price since the higher the market value, the higher will the premium price be. 

2. Two-wheeler’s Age

This is a factor that matters a lot when it comes to bike insurance. If you have an older bike that requires insurance, you can expect the premium price to be higher than most.

3. Protective Devices

A bike with any additional safety features or protective devices is considered a secure vehicle. Hence, the installation of such devices can decrease your premium price significantly. 

4. No-claim Bonuses

At the time of an SBI General bike insurance renewal, this can help you a lot. It is a discount you can get on renewal premiums for every claim-free year that your policy survives. 

5. Two-wheeler Modifications

Many enthusiasts love the idea of beautifying their bike through modifications and customisations. However, you must remember that these customisations can cause your SBI General bike insurance premium to shoot upwards. 

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How to Calculate the Premium for SBI General Two-Wheeler Insurance

With the help of the bike insurance premium calculator on Bajaj Markets, you can derive SBI General bike insurance prices in minutes. Here’s how. 


  • Step 1: Fill in details like your phone number, vehicle registration number, etc. 

  • Step 2: State whether your current bike insurance is active or has expired.

  • Step 3: Choose the bike insurance policy type you would like to purchase.

  • Step 4: Compare and analyse the premium price options displayed on your screen. 

Add-on Covers Offered By SBI General

Add-on covers are enhancements that you can make to a basic bike insurance plan. SBI General bike insurance add-ons can customise your plan to offer you advanced and tailored coverage.

1. NCB Protection 

A no-claim bonus can be sustained by not claiming coverage from an active policy for a prolonged period of time. This cover, however, allows you one chance to make a claim and still maintain your no-claim bonus. 

2. Return To Invoice

This add-on can help you greatly in the unforeseen events of theft or total damage/loss of your bike. If you were to fall short of the coverage amount you receive, the insurance company can offer further support. You can request SBI General Bike Insurance to fill the gap between the coverage amount and the bike’s selling price. 


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SBI General Insurance Company Limited | Corporate & Registered Office: Fulcrum Building, 9th Floor, A & B Wing, Sahar Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400099. 

The information in the advertisement is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale. | For SBI General Insurance Company Limited IRDAI Reg. No. 144 dated 15/12/2009 | Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited is a registered corporate agent of SBI General Insurance Company Limited. For Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited, IRDAI Registration Number CA0551|CIN: U66000MH2009PLC190546 | SBI Logo displayed belongs to State Bank of India and used by SBI General Insurance Company Limited under license. | Website:, Tollfree: 18001021111. SBI General Insurance and SBI are separate legal entities and SBI is working as Corporate Agent of the company for sourcing of insurance products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SBI General Two-Wheeler Insurance

How to claim SBI General Bike Insurance coverage?

You can call SBI General Bike Insurance’s toll-free number (1800-102-1111). Another alternative is to send a text message saying, “CLAIM” to 561612. You can also email your information to to acquire your reference/claim number. You may log on to and register the claim by using the service of the Chat-Bot Sakhi. Alternatively, you can register the claim through SBI General exclusive WhatsApp number (7669800345).

What is the claim duration of SBI Bike Insurance?

You can expect the claim settlement to be initiated within 30 days of completing the claim process and receiving a final survey report. 

Can I cancel my SBI General Bike Insurance?

You can discontinue your SBI General Bike Insurance plan only after 14 days of policy activation. However, deactivating your policy during the cooling period would allow you to get a refund of the premium price you paid. 

How can I check my SBI General Bike Insurance status?

For claim-related queries, you can choose the following points of contact. 

What does an SBI General Third-party Bike Insurance cover?

Here’s what an SBI General Third-party Bike Insurance can cover. 

  • Third-party injuries

  • Third-party vehicle damage

  • Personal accident injuries

Can my bike’s customisations affect my SBI General Bike Insurance price?

If you have made modifications to your bike like adding custom lighting, customising your exhaust pipes, changing the seat, etc., you can expect a higher premium price. Such customisations and modifications increase the costs of repairs and replacements, hence, also increasing the premium. However, modifications like installing safety devices can decrease the premium price. 

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