A salary account is a type of savings account that is exclusively offered to salaried employees. Most leading banks in the country offer the option to open a salary account. AU Small Finance Bank is one such financial institution. You can open an AU Small Finance Bank salary account if your employer has a tie-up with the bank for the purpose of availing this specific service. 


Here’s everything you need to know about an AU Bank salary account. 


The AU Bank salary account is a zero-balance savings account where your monthly salary can be credited regularly. In addition to this, you can also use your AU salary account to pay your bills, withdraw cash, make fund transfers or invest in different assets. You can also earn interest on the balance in your salary account. 


As long as the salary from your current employer is regularly paid out into the account, you will continue to enjoy the various AU Small Finance Bank salary account benefits offered. Some of these benefits include interest on the account balance, insurance coverage, free debit card and various exclusive offers worth ₹50,000.

Key Features

The key features of an AU Bank salary account are outlined below. Get to know the fine print for these features, so you can use them to your advantage.

  • Competitive Interest Rates

You can earn interest on the balance in your AU salary account at rates as high as 7.25% per annum. 

  • Joining Benefits

When you open an AU Small Finance Bank salary account, you also earn Amazon vouchers up to ₹1,250 as a joining benefit. 

  • Digital Banking Facilities

The AU 0101 app and the AU 0101 net banking facility ensure that you can access your salary account 24x7. 

  • Dedicated Relationship Officer

All your banking needs will be handled by a dedicated relationship officer who will be your ready point of contact. 

AU Small Finance Bank Salary Account Benefits

In addition to the advantages obtained from the features listed above, there are several exclusive AU Small Finance Bank salary account benefits you can experience. Check them out below. 

  • Zero-balance account with no minimum balance requirement 

  • Instant account opening 

  • Added convenience via video banking facilities 

  • Paperless deposit facilities 

  • Complimentary domestic airport lounge access


That’s not all. Your AU Bank salary account benefits also include a comprehensive range of banking products like credit cards, locker facilities, loans, demat accounts and insurance. You also get access to various investment options like term deposits, mutual funds and more.

Documents Required for AU Salary Account

You need to submit the following documents and details to open an AU Bank salary account online.

  • Original PAN card

  • Aadhaar card number

  • Your signature captured on a blank paper with a pen 

  • Employment confirmation proof, which can be any of the following: 


1. Your employee ID card


2. Your latest salary slip (not older than 60 days)


3. The first page of your employment offer letter (not older than 4 months)


4. OTP sent to your official corporate email ID


So, you now have a clear idea of what the AU Bank salary account is and the key features and benefits it offers. If the company you are employed in has partnered with AU Small Finance Bank for its salary account services, you can tap into the features outlined above to make the most of your salary account.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can open an AU Bank salary account if you are an employee of a company that has partnered with the bank.

There is no minimum balance requirement for a salary account offered by AU Small Finance Bank.

You can opt for an AU Bank salary account opening online or visit the nearest branch to open an account in person.

Yes, the salary account offered by AU Bank comes with debit card charges, transaction fees, payment and collection service charges and delivery fees, among others. 

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