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Aprilia SR125 Insurance

The Aprilia SR125 is a scooter that is truly in a league of its own. It is available in two different variants and can be purchased in any one of three colours. With an engine capacity of 124.45cc, the Aprilia SR125 has an ex-showroom price of ₹98,373 - ₹1 lakh. In order to truly justify the expenses associated with purchasing the vehicle, it is important to invest in a truly good insurance plan. With the right Aprilia SR125 insurance backup, it is possible to gain access to financial protection in the event that the bike runs into any disaster, calamity or damage. The Aprilia SR125 bike insurance plan would be able to restore your precious two-wheeler to its original glory with ease.

Aprilia SR125 Variants and Insurance Price

The Aprilia SR125 is available in any one of the two variants. Understand the ex-showroom price for each of the SR125 variant below:


Aprilia SR125 Ex-Showroom Price*

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-Party Premium~

FY 2022-23

(effective 1st April, 2022)

Aprilia SR125 Digicluster




Aprilia SR125 Analogue




Aprilia SR125 STD

₹1 Lakh



Disclaimer: *The SR125 ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change based on the city.

~Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual Aprilia SR125 insurance price that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your bike insurance policy.

How to Buy Aprilia SR125 Insurance Online

You can purchase Aprilia SR125 bike insurance at cost-effective prices only with us!


Step 1: Visit the ‘bike insurance premium calculator’ page & enter your registration number and mobile number.


Step 2: Provide the necessary information in the application form.


Step 3: Pick the bike insurance plan that suits your needs.


Step 4: Make an instant online payment.


Step 5: Your insurance policy will reach you in no time.


How to Renew Aprilia SR125 Insurance Online

Step 1: Head to the ‘bike insurance renewal’ page of the insurance provider’s site & enter your previous policy details.


Step 2: Input your personal and bike-related details.


Step 3: Check your renewal premium.


Step 4: Make an instant online payment.


Step 5: Your bike insurance will be active soon.

Why Insure Your Aprilia SR125 Bike

If your Aprilia SR125 two-wheeler was to incur complete damage due to an accident, recovering the loss would become a financial burden. Buying a vehicle in a similar range would not only drain your funds but shall also be in vain. This is because you can opt for an Aprilia SR125 insurance that will cover such perils at a more affordable rate. Hence, it is wiser to invest in a comprehensive plan than shoulder the burden of unforeseen risks on the road.

Which One Should You Choose: Third-Party or Comprehensive Insurance?

Third-Party Bike Insurance

The third-party bike insurance plan is a kind of cover that takes care of any liabilities you may incur towards third parties in the event of an accident. If your SR125 damages somebody’s vehicle or property, you may have to pay out of pocket for these costs without third-party Aprilia SR125 insurance. But with this insurance plan, you can rely on your insurer to cover these costs.


Comprehensive Bike Insurance

A comprehensive insurance plan offers you coverage for third-party liabilities. In addition to this, it covers damages to your SR125. So, in case your two-wheeler is damaged in an accident or in any disaster, whether man-made or natural, your insurance policy can help you get the two-wheeler repaired without paying a huge sum. Furthermore, comprehensive Aprilia SR125 insurance also takes care of losses in case of theft, and offers personal accident coverage.

What’s Covered Under Bike Insurance?

Third-party insurance covers loss caused to the third-party, bodily injuries, death of the victim, etc. Moreover, comprehensive Aprilia SR125 insurance covers personal injury in an accident, damages caused to your vehicle, natural or man-made calamities, any third parties liabilities, etc.

What’s Not Covered Under Bike Insurance?

The exclusions of comprehensive Aprilia SR125 insurance include damages due to regular wear and tear, damages caused while driving without a licence, under the influence or when the policy is not active, etc.


Read More About: Inclusions & Exclusions of Bike Insurance Cover


Add-On Covers for Your Aprilia SR125

Add-on covers enhance the benefits offered by your Aprilia SR125 insurance plan. By paying a nominal additional premium, you can enjoy specific benefits over and above the protection offered by your base plan.

  • Personal Accident Cover

The personal accident cover helps with treatment costs in case you are personally injured during an accident.


  • Return to Invoice

In case of any total loss due to theft or other reasons, you can raise a claim under Aprilia SR125 insurance for the total amount as shown on your purchase invoice, provided you have this cover.


  • Zero Depreciation Cover

With the zero depreciation cover in bike insurance, you can rest assured that there will be no depreciation cuts in your claim amount.


  • Round-The-Clock Spot Assistance

The 24x7 roadside assistance cover ensures that you get access to emergency assistance in case you are stranded, so you can stop worrying about urgent repairs, towing facilities, etc.


Raise a Claim Under Aprilia SR125 Insurance

In addition to the general claims process, there’s one final aspect that you should be aware of. And that is the documentation needed for your Aprilia SR125 bike insurance claim.


  • Your original policy document

  • Your insurer’s details

  • Your vehicle details

  • Your FIR copy if your scooter was stolen

  • Your original bills and proof of payment if you are claiming a reimbursement


There are two types of Aprilia SR125 insurance claims:

  • Cashless Claim Under Bike Insurance

Inform your insurer about the claim by calling their toll-free number or heading to their website. You can visit a network garage associated with the insurer for repair work. Sit back and relax as your insurer settles your claim directly with the garage.

  • Reimbursement Claim Under Bike Insurance

Inform your insurer about the incident. Get your bike repaired and pay for it from your own pocket. Then, submit the original bills and payment receipts to your insurer. You will be reimbursed after the verification of the paperwork.


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Tips to Reduce Your Aprilia SR125 Insurance Premium

You can bring down your Aprilia SR125 bike insurance premium cost in the following ways:

  • Use No Claim Bonus

You can avail an affordable renewal premium with the help of NCB in two-wheeler insurance by maintaining a claim-free year during the policy tenure.

  • Maintain Your Bike

To retain your NCB in Two-wheeler insurance reward without raising any Aprilia SR125 insurance claims, it is advised to maintain your bike for fewer vehicular problems in the future.

  • Cover Smaller Claims

You can choose to pay for an affordable claim amount to ensure a claim-free policy year.

  • Compare Quotes Online

By comparing Aprilia SR125 insurance plans online, you can pick a suitable policy at the right price without compromising on coverage.


How to Take Care of Your Aprilia SR125 Bike

  • Follow the Service Schedule

To keep your SR125 two-wheeler in good shape and steer clear of any issues, following the prescribed maintenance schedule is a must.

  • Maintain the Battery

The vehicle battery should be serviced and cleaned regularly for some peace of mind while riding your two-wheeler.

  • Check the Brakes

Make sure you inspect the SR125 brakes to check if they work properly and for safety purposes as well.

  • Park Your Bike Safely

It is recommended to avoid parking your vehicle outside as it can accumulate debris due to external elements.

Aprilia SR125 Maintenance Cost

You can contact the Aprilia service centre for details regarding the maintenance cost and the service schedule for the Aprilia SR125 bike.

About Aprilia SR125

This motorbike features a combined braking system for its two wheels. It features a front disc along with rear drum brakes. The Aprilia SR125 weighs 115 kilograms and its fuel tank capacity is 6 litres. A tubular steel frame supports this motorbike which uses telescopic forks at the front along with a single coil spring at the back to allow for suspension. Continue reading to learn more about the SR125.

Aprilia SR125 Specifications

Only once you are aware of the specifications of a vehicle can you make a more informed decision as to whether its offerings are worth investing in. Keeping this in mind, it is important to understand the specifications of the SR125.




· Displacement – 124.45cc

· Power – 9.78 bhp @ 7,700 RPM

· Torque – 9.7 Nm @ 6,000 RPM

· Cylinders - 1


Automatic Transmission

Fuel Tank Capacity

6 litres

Aprilia SR125 Mileage

40 kmpl


Front - Single 220 mm disc

Rear - Single 140 mm drum

Wheels and Tyres

Front - 120/70 R14 (Alloy wheel)

Rear - 120/70 R14 (Alloy wheel)

Aprilia SR125 Weight

115 kilograms

The current SR125 boasts of features that are ideal for the modern biker. Its raised grab handle and long seat allow for both, comfort and style. Its wide wheels along with the Colour Duo give this motorbike a sleek sporty finish. Simply put, the SR125 is packed with a wide range of features that are worth noting. Listed below are some of these features.

  • Superior Instrument Cluster:

The Aprilia SR125 features an enhanced instrument cluster which features a Twin Pod analogue unit. This unit has been designed to display the speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge.

  • Suspension and Lighting:

To add to the appeal of this contemporary motorbike, it consists of a hydraulic double-telescope fork suspension and a double barrel headlight.

  • Exterior:

The SR125 features a pass switch, split grab rails, pointed tail lamps and fat 14-inch tyres.

Aprilia SR125 On Road Price


Aprilia SR125 On-Road Price


₹1.08 Lakh


₹1,13 Lakh


₹1.17 Lakh


₹1.13 Lakh


₹1.13 Lakh

Now that you’ve read this article, you should have a greater understanding of the Aprilia SR125 insurance and know what each of its specifications is that help make it a great motorbike. Prior to actually putting down your hard-earned money on this vehicle you can, of course, take it for a spin. That being said, should you choose to ultimately purchase the Aprilia SR125, it is important to get a good bike insurance plan alongside such that you gain access to adequate coverage. With Bajaj MARKETS, you can get a suitable bike insurance policy in no time!

FAQs on Aprilia SR125 Insurance

What is the Aprilia SR125 mileage?

The mileage for the SR125 amounts to around 40 kmpl.

Is it recommended to declare a different IDV?

No. It is not recommended to declare a higher or lower IDV in bike insurance to avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses.

What is the ex-showroom price of the Aprilia SR125?

The SR125’s ex-showroom price ranges between ₹97,190 - ₹1 lakh.

What is the tyre size in the Aprilia SR125?

When examining the dimensions of the Aprilia SR125 tyres, the front and back tyres of the Aprilia SR125 each measure 120/70 R14.v

What is the SR125 fuel tank capacity?

The fuel tank capacity of the SR125 is 6 litres.


How much does the Aprilia SR125 weigh?

The SR125 weighs 115 kilograms.


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