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Having a Bajaj Pulsar 220 insurance in India will help you during any unforeseen mishap since it can act as a protective financial shield against any damages caused due to accidents, theft or unforeseen incidents. The  Bajaj Pulsar 220 is one of the most popular motorbikes in the 220cc segment in India. Powered by a 220cc engine, Pulsar has zero flaws except for it being a bit on the heavier side. Bajaj Pulsar 220 has an ex-showroom price starting from ₹1.18 Lakhs and going up to ₹1.37 Lakhs. Here are the details including Pulsar 220 insurance price, its variants, and much more.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Variants and Insurance Price

Variant Names

Ex-showroom price*

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium**


₹1.34 Lakh



The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change on the basis of the city.


Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your bike insurance policy.

Buy Bajaj Pulsar 220 Bike Insurance Policy

Follow the below steps to buy a Bajaj Pulsar 220 bike insurance cover

  • Enter details like your vehicle registration number and mobile number.

  • Include other important details of your bike.

  • Pick the type of bike insurance cover you want to buy.

  • Pay the premium amount online.

  • You’ll receive your insurance policy document via email!

Renew Your Pulsar Bike Insurance Plan in Just 5-Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Provide your bike registration number and contact details.

  • Step 2: Enter your previous policy details.

  • Step 3: Check your bike insurance renewal premium quote.

  • Step 4: Make online payment.

  • Step 5: Download the policy document copy.

Why Insure Your Bajaj Pulsar 220?

The Government of India has made it necessary to have an insurance policy for every bike owner under the Motor Vehicles Act. Uneven roads and reckless driving, bike theft and several other incidents often tend to cause severe loss. Repairing and replacing multiple accessories of your Pulsar could cost up to ₹40,000 at the least. However, a Pulsar 220 insurance guarantees to reimburse the lost expenses for the bike and also the owner at times depending on the coverage.

Why Should You Opt for Comprehensive or Third-Party Bike Insurance?

1. Third-Party Bike Insurance

Third-Party bike insurance is crucial under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.  Every third-party liability and loss is enclosed under this third party insurance plan. For instance, if your bike is responsible for causing any damage to a third party, the plan will reimburse you for the loss. The Pulsar 220 third-party insurance price is comparatively cheap since it offers limited coverage.

2. Comprehensive Bike Insurance

A comprehensive bike insurance plan makes sure to safeguard your precious bike. In case of any damage to the bike due to accident, theft or any other inconvenience to your possession, the plan is there to compensate for your loss. This plan furnishes the third party penalties as well. It furthermore furnishes monetary insurance to your bike at times of any hardship. Since the plan covers a lot of features, the premiums costs are a bit higher than the other insurance party. But the money invested is worth the comprehensive coverage the plan comes with.

What’s Covered Under Bike Insurance?

Third-party insurance covers all third-party liabilities like his/her property, bodily injuries, and even the death of the victim. In case of a comprehensive cover, you are protected against own damage, third-party damage, theft, natural calamities, and man-made disasters.

What’s Not Covered Under Bike Insurance?

A comprehensive insurance policy excludes natural wear and tear, driving without licence, electrical/mechanical breakdown, damages caused due to drunk driving, etc.

Add-On Covers for Your Bajaj Pulsar 220 Bike

Enhance the benefits of your comprehensive bike insurance policy with the below add-on covers:

1. Zero-Depreciation Cover

You can benefit from a nil depreciation or zero depreciation policy for your Bajaj Pulsar 220. This policy will provide a full coverage for rubber, fibre, plastic, glass.

2. No Claim Bonus Cover

Your no claim bonus for being a good driver will benefit you 20%-50%. But if you make a claim, this goes back to 0. This NCB protection will help you in conserving the rebate even when you make fewer claims according to the terms of the policy.

3. Engine Protection Cover

You can get engine protection during the monsoon to save the engine from flood and waterlogging.

4. Round-the-clock Spot Assistance

With this cover, you will never be stranded on the road due to a sudden breakdown.

Bike Insurance Claim Process for Your Pulsar 220

You will need the following documents to make a bike insurance claim:

  1. Bike insurance policy papers

  2. FIR in case of an incident/accident

  3. Detailed information about the incident with eyewitness accounts

  4. Original RC papers of the vehicle

  5. Full set of bills and receipts (in case of reimbursement claim)


Here are the two ways of making bike insurance claims:

  • Cashless Claims

Your bill for a cashless claims service will be finalised directly with the network garage by the insurance company.

  • Reimbursement Claims

You have to finalise the sum for servicing before you proceed for reimbursement claim. After the original bill and the claim form is submitted, the insurer can finalise your amount with you.

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How to Reduce Your Pulsar 220 Insurance Premiums?

Follow the below tips to reduce the insurance premiums rates on your Pulsar 220:

  • Compare Insurance Plans Online

Instead of opting for a policy suggested by a friend or agent, you should compare different plans available online. This will allow you to opt for an insurance cover that best suits your needs.

  • Use the NCB

In case you have made zero claims during your policy tenor, you can avail the benefits of the No Claim Bonus to enjoy lower premiums at the time of policy renewal.

  • Install Anti-theft Device

Installing an ARAI-approved anti-theft device on your bike can offer a small discount on your insurance premiums.

  • Avoid Making Small Claims

In case your bike incurs minor damages, try to get it repaired without making a claim. This will protect your no claim bonus.

Maintaining Your Pulsar 220: Important Tips

  • Regularly Service Your Bik

Your Pulsar 220 must be kept in check to ensure that it runs efficiently. Additionally, regular servicing will help you spot any potential problems with your bike even before it becomes a big problem.

  • Maintain Tyre Pressure

Maintain the pressure of your bike, so there is no extra pressure on the engine.

  • Maintain the Engine

The bike’s engine is an essential component! Monitor the engine regularly, so your bike can glide effortlessly.

  • Do Not Overload

Overloading can damage your bike’s engine and other internal components, hence avoid adding the stress of carrying extra weight on your motorcycle.

Pulsar 220 Service Cost

Refer to the below table to understand the Pulsar 220 service schedule.

Service Schedule

Kilometres / Months

Free / Paid

Pulsar 220 Maintenance Cost

1st Service 




2nd Service 




3rd Service 




4th Service 




5th Service 




6th Service 




7th Service 




*All prices mentioned on this page are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your bike insurance policy.

About Pulsar 220

Bajaj Pulsar 220 is a bike that every bike rider would love to have. It can generate a high amount of power, defeating the rest. This is one of the leading bikes in the 220cc section in our country. Along with the Pulsar 220’s unique design, it features a pair of raised clip-on handlebars, giving a sporty, yet comfortable biking experience. Read on to discover the cutting-edge features and specifications like Pulsar 220 fuel tank capacity, mileage, max power, etc.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Specifications

Let’s take a look at the main specifications of Pulsar 220: 




Four-stroke, two-valve, twin-spark BSVI compliant, DTS-i FI Engine, oil cooled


20.4 PS @8500 rpm

Front/Rear Brake


Max Torque

18.55 Nm @ 7000 rpm

Fuel Capacity

15 L

Body Type

Sports Bikes

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Features

LED Tail Light







Fuel Gauge 



Bajaj Pulsar 220 On-Road Price Across Different Cities


Pulsar 220 On-Road Price 


 ₹1.61 lakh


 ₹1.58 lakh


 ₹1.69 lakh


 ₹1.64 lakh 


 ₹1.58 lakh

Wrapping It Up

Although Bajaj Pulsar 220 has ABS and offers you safety while riding, it is very important to have Pulsar 220 insurance as an add on. It helps you stay financially secure during unforeseen financial emergencies. Compare different bike insurance plans and the insurance price using the bike insurance premium calculator. Check out the two-wheeler insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets to buy/renew insurance cover for your bike.

FAQs on Bajaj Pulsar 220 Insurance

What are the specifications of Bajaj Pulsar?

The bajaj pulsar comes with BSIV Compliant, DTS-i, 4-stroke, Air-cooled engine, single cylinder. Has front brake of 240 mm Disc and back brake of 130 mm Drum, tubeless tyres, auto headlamps etc

What are the variants of Pulsar?

Pulsar 220 F, Pulsar RS200, Pulsar NS200, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180.

What is an IDV?

IDV stands for Insured Declared Value. This is the utmost amount guaranteed by the company.

Is bike insurance mandatory?

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, bike insurance is necessary for India.

What are the types of bike insurance available?

There are majorly two types of insurance available one is the third party insurance plan and the other is a comprehensive bike insurance

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