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The Honda Shine is one of the best-selling bikes in India. And with so many buyers, the Honda Shine bike insurance in India has also been quite popular. The Honda Shine on-road price in Delhi starts at around ₹90,074 and can go up depending on the variant. However, in the unfortunate event that you are involved in a motor accident, you could be financially burdened with the bike repair costs and medical expenses, not to mention third-party liabilities. This is where comprehensive Honda Shine bike insurance comes into the picture. A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance can help you cover all these costs while keeping your finances secure simultaneously. Let’s take a look at the Honda Shine bike insurance price, features, specifications, and more.

Honda Shine Bike Insurance Price for All Variants

The Honda Shine two-wheeler is available in 2 different variants, and you can take a look at the insurance costs for them in the table given below:

Honda Shine Variant

Ex-Showroom Price

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-Party Premiums

Shine Drum BS6




Shine Disc BS6




 *The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change based on the city.


**Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your bike insurance policy.

How to Buy Honda Shine Bike Insurance Online Instantly

You can follow the simple steps given below to purchase your Honda Shine bike insurance plan from Bajaj Markets:

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Bike Insurance Premium Calculator’ page on the Bajaj Markets website.
  • Step 2: Enter your bike registration details and other required information on the form available on the page.
  • Step 3: Choose a Honda Shine bike insurance plan from the available list of two-wheeler insurance options.
  • Step 4: Pay the online premiums for your chosen Honda Shine two-wheeler insurance plan.


Once all of the above steps are completed, your Honda Shine bike insurance will be activated and the details will be sent to your registered email.

How to Renew your Honda Shine Bike Insurance

You can renew your Honda Shine bike insurance online through your insurance provider’s website by following the given steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Bike Insurance Renewal’ page of your insurance provider’s website.
  • Step 2: Enter your existing Honda Shine bike insurance details on the page, and any other required information.
  • Step 3: Choose a Honda Shine bike insurance renewal plan from the available options.
  • Step 4: Pay the online premium for your chosen renewal plan and it will be activated soon.

Why do you Need Honda Shine Bike Insurance?

The risk of road accidents always persists even if you drive your Honda Shine with utmost care. With two-wheelers, this risk becomes more acute because the rider of a bike is exposed to more danger than a passenger in a car. Such a risk could lead to accidents that may cause physical injury, damages or losses to your own bike or a third party. Moreover, it is now mandatory for owners of vehicles to have a vehicle insurance plan under the Motor Vehicle Act, 2019. Thus, it is recommended that you get bike insurance as soon as you purchase the two-wheeler.

Types of Honda Shine Bike Insurance Plans

You can choose a policy from among the following types of insurance plans:

1. Third-party Bike Insurance

The third party bike insurance cover is compulsory for all owners of two-wheelers that ply on Indian roads. It provides coverage against damages and injuries caused to the third parties involved in an accident.

2. Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

A comprehensive bike insurance cover provides the benefits of both standalone and third-party bike insurance policy covers. Such a policy can also have add-ons that enhance the coverage of your policy.

Inclusions Under Your Honda Shine Bike Insurance

Inclusions refer to all the situations/damages covered under the policy. Your Honda Shine bike insurance will cover accidental damages, theft, the medical cost of treatment for accident-related injuries, natural or man-made disasters, third-party liabilities, etc.

Exclusions Under Your Honda Shine Bike Insurance

Exclusions refer to the situations/damages that are not covered under the policy. Exclusions under your Honda Shine bike insurance include normal wear and tear of bike parts, electrical or mechanical breakdown, accidents due to drunk driving, etc.

Add-On Covers for Your Honda Shine Bike

Other than the basic inclusions in your Honda Shine insurance, you can also choose to buy add-ons that help expand the coverage and protect you from additional damage:

  • Personal accident cover

While a comprehensive plan covers the cost of treatment for injuries to the policyholder, this add-on cover will also allow coverage for the medical expenses due to injuries to the pillion rider.

  • Zero-depreciation cover

The zero depreciation in bike insurance protects you against the depreciation of the value of the bike so that you get the full market value of the damaged bike parts in your insurance claim.

  • Round-the-clock spot assistance

This add-on cover ensures that you can get on-the-spot assistance from mechanics if there is ever a sudden breakdown of your vehicle, even in a remote location.

  • Return to invoice

This cover makes sure that you get the total value of your motorcycle which is as close to the amount mentioned on your purchase invoice as possible.

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Claiming Honda Shine Bike Insurance

You will need to keep the following documents ready when making a claim for your Honda Shine bike:

  • Honda Shine insurance policy papers.

  • FIR of the accident.

  • Bike registration papers.

  • Information about the eyewitnesses to the accident.

  • In case of a reimbursement claim, all the original bills and receipts of the bike’s repair.


There are two ways to make a bike insurance claim:

1. Cashless claim

Under this type of claim, you will have to take your damaged bike to a nearby network garage that is affiliated with your insurer. Once the insurer verifies your insurance details, the repair work will begin. After the repairs are complete, your insurance provider will pay the network garage for the repair expenses.

2. Reimbursement claim

Under this claim, you will need to get your Honda Shine repaired at your expense at any garage. After the repairs, submit all the original repair bills and receipts to your insurer. The insurer will verify the details and then pay out your insurance claim amount.

How to Reduce Honda Shine Bike Insurance Premiums

Here are some valuable tips you can apply for reducing your bike insurance premium costs:

  • Select add-ons carefully

Each extra add-on cover increases your premium costs. So, make sure you only buy the necessary add-ons or skip them altogether.

  • Use the No Claim Bonus

If you have not made any insurance claims in the last policy year, you can use the No Claim Bonus to get lower premiums on insurance renewal.

  • Install anti-theft device

By installing an ARAI-approved anti-theft device on your Honda Shine, you may be eligible for a small reduction on premiums.

  • Avoid making small claims

If there are minor damages to your bike that can be repaired for small sums of money, you should get them repaired at your own expense. Making multiple claims in a short period can lead to an increase in premiums during renewal.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Honda Shine in the Best Shape

Your Honda Shine will continue to deliver great performance as long as you maintain the bike properly. Take a look at some useful tips below:

  • Regular servicing

You should take your Honda Shine to a garage at regular intervals for servicing. This will ensure that your bike remains in top shape for a very long time.

  • Maintain tyre pressure

Maintaining tyre pressure is important for getting the best mileage and performance from your bike. Uneven tyre pressure can cause extra stress on the bike’s internals.

  • Take care of the engine

The engine is the most important component of your bike so make sure you inspect it regularly. If any issues with the engine arise, get them fixed by a professional mechanic asap.

  • Do not overload

Overloading your Honda Shine can lead to accidents due to the weight imbalance. In the long term, it can damage the internals due to the added stress.

Honda Shine Maintenance Cost

The official figures for Honda Shine maintenance costs are not available online. You can contact Honda customer support to get details about the Honda Shine service cost.

About Honda Shine

Honda Shine is a good choice for those looking for a mid-range bike that offers high mileage. It comes equipped with a capable BS6 124 cc engine and is available in 2 variants; the Shine Drum BS6 and Shine Disc BS6. The bike is offered in four different colour options; black, grey, blue and red. The build of the new Honda Shine is identical to its predecessor Honda Shine CB. Let’s take a closer look at Honda Shine specifications, features, and on-road prices across cities.

Honda Shine Specifications

You can take a look at the main Honda Shine specifications in the table given below:


124 cc


55 kmpl


5-speed manual


114 kg

Fuel tank

10.5 litres


10.59 bhp

Honda Shine Features

Honda Shine comes packed with value-added features such as:




Fuel Gauge


Honda Shine On-Road Price Across Cities

The on-road price of vehicles changes basis their location. Let’s take a look at Honda Shine on-road prices across different cities in India:


Honda Shine On-Road Price











To Conclude

The Honda Shine is a great bike for those looking for reliable performance and high mileage. If you are going to buy this bike, you should also consider buying comprehensive bike insurance to get the best possible insurance coverage. A Honda Shine bike insurance will keep you financially covered against accidental damages, injuries, third-party liabilities, and more. You can check out the Honda Shine bike insurance options available at Bajaj Markets and choose a plan that suits your needs. 

FAQs on Honda Shine Bike Insurance

Yes, you can buy Honda Shine bike insurance online at Bajaj Markets in a swift and hassle-free manner. 

You can check the Honda Shine insurance price using the online ‘Bike Insurance Premium Calculator’. 

You should not lower your Honda bike’s IDV as it will lead to lower insurance payouts when you make a claim. 

The kerb weight of the Honda Shine is 114 kg.

The fuel tank capacity of the Honda Shine is 10.5 litres.

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