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If you are a resident of India and are willing to purchase a used bike, you will be required to take care of a few things. One of the most important factors is the transfer of ownership of the bike. Here’s how you can do it:

Firstly, get all the relevant documents from the seller like thesales receipt, road tax certificate, insurance policy, etc. Secondly, the seller must submit the relevant transfer form duly filled and signed by both the parties at the RTO where the vehicle was registered. 

The process of transferring the ownership of a bike is extremely easy and straightforward. Here’s a quick overview of the bike ownership transfer process.


1. Firstly, as the buyer of a used bike, you should ensure that you get all the relevant documents from the seller. This includes the sales receipt, road tax certificate, registration certificate, pollution certificate, insurance policy, and Forms 28, 29 and 30 duly signed by the seller.


2. In the case of a sale of a used bike, the seller of the bike has to submit the relevant form for bike ownership transfer, duly filled and signed by both the seller and the buyer, at the RTO where the vehicle was registered.


3. In the case of a transfer due to the death of the previous owner, the legal heir of the owner has to initiate the process.


4. After filing all the necessary transfer forms and documents with the RTO along with the payment of the bike transfer charges within the stipulated time period, the transfer will then be processed.


5. And upon successful verification by the RTO, the ownership of the bike will be transferred from the seller to the buyer.

When is Bike Ownership Transfer Required?

It is extremely important to be aware of the list of documents that you need to submit to initiate the bike ownership transfer. This will not only make the process go a lot faster, but will also reduce the chances of rejection. Check out the list of documents down below.

1. Registration Certificate (RC)

Every vehicle is required to be registered with an RTO, which would provide the owner with a Registration Certificate (RC). The RC consists of several details regarding the owner and the vehicle in question.

2. Pollution Certificate (PUC)

As the name itself signifies, a Pollution Certificate is a piece of document that certifies that the bike meets all the emissions and pollution control criteria laid out by the transport authorities.

3. Insurance Certificate

Every vehicle is mandatorily required to possess a valid insurance policy as per the Motor Vehicles Act. An insurance certificate is a mandatory document that you should produce to be able to effect the bike ownership transfer.

4. Sales Receipt

When you purchase a used bike, the seller is required to give you a sales receipt specifying the bike transfer price, which is a signed document that acts as a confirmation of the sale.

5. Proof of Identity

You would also have to submit a copy of your identity proof. It can be anything from your PAN card or Aadhaar card to your driving licence or passport.

6. Proof of Address

Similarly, you will also have to produce a proof of your address as well. Your Aadhaar card, passport, electricity bill, and utility bill, are all accepted address proofs.

7. Road Tax Certificate

A road tax certificate is a piece of document that serves as proof of road tax payment and has to be submitted along with the other documents.

8. Form 28

In the case of inter-state bike ownership transfers, you would have to produce a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in Form 28 from the RTO of the state from which you wish to transfer the bike.

9. Form 29

Two copies of Form 29, which is essentially a notice of the transfer of ownership of the bike, have to be submitted with the RTO.

10. Form 30

And finally, another two copies of Form 30, which acts as a confirmation of the previous form, are also required to be submitted.


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In the case of the death of a bike’s owner, the legal heir is supposed to transfer the bike onto his name. Here’s a quick look at the additional documents that you would have to submit along with the ones above to effect the bike ownership transfer.


  1. Death certificate of the owner of the bike

  2. Form 30 and 31, duly signed by the transferee

  3. Succession certificate

  4. No Objection Certificate

  5. Self-attested copy of the bike insurance policy

  6. Copy of the transferee’s PAN card or Form 60

  7. Seller’s signature identification

  8. Vehicle verification on Form 20

Documents Required for the Transfer of Ownership of a Bike in case of the Owner's Death

The bike ownership transfer costs are quite nominal and are not likely to have an impact on your wallet at all. Here’s how much a bike ownership transfer will set you back.

1. RTO Charges

The bike transfer fees that Regional Transport Offices levy are very affordable and range from just Rs. 30 to Rs. 35 depending on the state where you effect the transfer.

2. Smart Card Charges

Nowadays, RTOs all over the country are providing registration certificates in the form of a smart card. The charges for the smart card are set at Rs. 200.

3. Total Charges

The approximate total cost that you’re likely to incur towards the transfer of ownership of a bike would be around the range of Rs. 230 to Rs. 235.

Two-wheeler Ownership Transfer Fees

It is not enough to just know how to change the ownership of a bike. Considering the fact that you would also have to transfer the insurance policy over to your name when you purchase a used bike, it is equally crucial to be aware of the insurance transfer process as well.


Let’s take a quick look at the steps involved.


1. Within two weeks from the date of bike ownership transfer, you will have to intimate the insurance provider about the transfer of ownership of the bike over to your name.


2. The insurance provider will require you to submit certain documents such as the new Registration Certificate bearing your name, the original insurance policy document, your proof of address, your proof of identity, and the sales receipt, among others.


3. Once you’ve submitted all of the necessary documents, the insurance provider will update the insurance certificate and issue a new policy document bearing your name.


4. Upon receiving the insurance policy with your name updated, you will have to report the same to your Regional Transport Office as well.

Transferring the Insurance Certificate of the Two-wheeler

After transferring the insurance policy, you can choose to continue with the same insurance provider or purchase a new one upon expiry of the plan.


If you’re interested in purchasing a new one, simply head on over to the website of Bajaj Markets. You can browse through the extensive list of bike insurance providers and plans, compare them with each other, and choose the one that fits your needs and requirements


The transfer of a bike ownership is an important process that you must do as soon as you purchase a used motorcycle or a scooter. Delaying the process can lead to exorbitant fines being levied on you and may even lead to an imprisonment. So, make sure that you do it on time.  

FAQs on Bike Ownership Transfer Process

 Yes. Whenever you purchase a bike that’s been used by another person, you are required to apply for the transfer of ownership immediately. Driving a bike without transferring the ownership can lead to trouble with the transport authorities.  

 The total two wheeler transfer charges can be anywhere from Rs. 230 to Rs. 235.   

 Yes. The ownership of the bike can be transferred in the event of the previous owner’s death. However, only the previous owner’s legal heirs can initiate the bike ownership transfer.  

 Yes. To be able to transfer the ownership of the bike from the seller to yourself, you would have to produce a No Objection Certificate. However, this would only have to be done if you’re transferring the bike from one state to another.  

 Yes. It is not enough to just transfer the ownership of a used bike that you purchase. You would also have to transfer the vehicle’s insurance plan within two weeks from the date of transfer of ownership.  

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