Introduction about KTM 790 Duke Insurance

The KTM 790 Duke is the flagship model from the Austrian bike manufacturer KTM. It is scheduled to be relaunched in 2022 with a BS6 compliant version. If you are among those KTM enthusiasts who want to get their hands on the 790 Duke, you should also start reading about the bike insurance plans that you can get for this bike. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates the purchase of bike insurance if you want to ride your bike on Indian roads. Additionally, bike insurance also offers several financial benefits as well as peace of mind to bike owners.


When you purchase bike insurance, the insurance cost will be part of the on-road price of the bike. This amount varies depending on the exact details of the insurance plan that you’ve purchased. It is hence important to thoroughly understand the finer aspects of bike insurance before purchasing your KTM 790 Duke insurance


Check Insurance Premium for KTM 790 Duke Variants

The company offers one variant of the KTM 790 Duke in the market. You can use a two-wheeler insurance calculator to check the KTM 790 Duke Insurance costs. The online calculator saves time and provides accurate results.


Check out the details of the KTM 790 Duke Variant in the table below -

Variant Name

Fuel Type

Ex-Showroom Price

Estimated third party premium

FY 2022- 23 (effective 1st april,2022)

KTM 790 Duke STD BS4


Rs. 8.64 Lakhs

 Rs. 7,897

**Note - The current price and insurance cost are for a brand new KTM 790 Duke bike. IDV, fuel type, vehicle condition, etc., influence the insurance cost.


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How to Buy Insurance for the KTM 790 Duke Online

KTM 790 Duke two-wheeler insurance is available online at Bajaj Markets. You can buy insurance by following these quick and simple steps -


  • Head over to the bike insurance calculator on the Bajaj Markets website, to calculate the premium you have to pay.

  • You will be redirected to a new window, where you will have to enter your mobile number, and vehicle registration number

  • Select KTM 790 Duke insurance price quotations from the available list

  • Select the payment mode to pay the KTM 790 Duke insurance premium

  • Once the premium is paid, you will receive your KTM 790 Duke insurance policy details on your registered contact details


How to Renew your KTM 790 Duke Insurance Online

Insurance companies send timely reminders to customers regarding premium and renewal payments to avoid penalty charges. The process of online bike insurance renewal is quick and simple.


Follow these quick and simple steps for KTM 790 Duke insurance online renewal -

  • Open your insurer’s official portal.

  • Enter your mobile number, and vehicle registration number.

  • Enter your current or expired policy details.

  • The KTM 790 Duke insurance renewal policy amount will be displayed on the screen.

  • Select the payment mode to pay the KTM 790 Duke insurance premium.

  • Once the premium is paid, you will receive your renewed KTM 790 Duke insurance policy details on your registered contact details.


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Why to Insure Your KTM 790 Duke Bike?

Insurance coverage helps individuals cover expenses of unfortunate incidents and accidents; however, there is a list of significant reasons you should get KTM 790 Duke bike insurance


  • According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory to get Third-Party insurance to drive any vehicle.

  • The repair cost of damaged vehicle parts will be covered.

  • KTM 790 Duke insurance offers coverage of legal liabilities to the vehicle owner.

  • Insurance companies provide add-on facilities like NCB protection, Engine protection cover, etc., to customers to customise their KTM 790 Duke insurance plans according to their goals and needs.

  • Coverage on damage caused due to natural calamities and human errors.

Types of KTM 790 Duke Bike Insurance

There are two major types of KTM 790 Duke insurance plans available for the customers to choose from as per their requirements -


1. Comprehensive Bike Insurance


A comprehensive bike insurance facilitates the customer by offering compensation for own damage as well as the damages incurred by the third party. The insurance plan takes care of the financial liabilities of the vehicle owner. The customer can customise their KTM 790 Duke comprehensive bike insurance plan by using the add-on features to avail of maximum coverage at affordable premium rates.


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2. Third-Party Bike Insurance


According to the Motor Vehicles Act, a third-party bike insurance plan is the essential and mandatory insurance plan that every vehicle owner should have in India. As the name suggests, this insurance plan covers property damage and medical expenses sustained by the third party. It also offers coverage to the vehicle owner for personal or property damages.


Every bike insurance plan renders different perks and benefits to the customers; however, the below-mentioned perks are commonly included in KTM 790 Duke bike insurance plans -


  • Add-on facility

  • Coverage for third-party liability

  • Coverage for personal damages

  • Damage coverage for natural calamities

  • Damage coverage for theft, fire, etc.


The customer needs to be aware of the exclusions of their insurance plans. The below-mentioned pointers are standard exclusions that will not be covered by any KTM 790 Duke bike insurance plans -


  • Vehicle servicing costs

  • Depreciation costs

  • Any sudden breakdown of electrical or mechanical vehicle parts

  • Accidental damages caused under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substance

  • Accidental damages caused during extreme circumstances like war

  • Accidental damages caused by the vehicle owner driving without a licence

  • Accidental damages caused by the vehicle owner when the insurance plan has lapsed


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Add-On Covers for Your KTM 790 Duke Car

The add-on facility helps the customer to customise their KTM 790 Duke insurance plans to enjoy maximum benefits at affordable rates. The customer can select from the available add-ons and pay an extra premium to include these features in the plan.


Here are some of the Add-on features that you can include in your KTM 790 Duke insurance plan -

  • Zero Depreciation Cost Cover -

With Zero depreciation cost cover, the customer gets full coverage on damaged and old vehicles parts during the claim process.

  • Invoice Value Cover -

The IDV amount sanctioned under insurance plans against complete vehicle damage does not include the additional expense cover like taxes, registration fees, etc. The invoice value cover add-on feature offers compensation for the invoice value amount to the customer under complete vehicle damage.

  • NCB Cover -

The customer receives an additional premium bonus ranging between 20% and 50% if they do not make any claim in a financial year; however, after making a claim, they generally lose their No-Claim Bonus points as per company policy. NCB cover allows the customer to keep the previously earned bonus points even after making a claim.

  • Engine Protection Coverage -

The insurance plans cover the damages incurred to the vehicle engine due to accidents and not by other factors like oil leakage, water ingression, etc. Engine Protection features offer compensation to the customer for engine damage caused by the other factors.

  • Essential Parts Coverage -

This add-on feature covers the expenses of the consumable parts of the vehicle like grease, brake oil, screws, etc., during accident repairing or regular vehicle servicing.

KTM 790 Duke Insurance Claim Process

There are two ways in which you can claim your bike insurance, namely cashless claims and reimbursement claims. No matter which method you choose, it is easy to claim your bike insurance, as the following paragraphs explain.

1. Cashless Claim -

Direct settlement is done with the third party by the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder.

2. Reimbursement Claim -

The insurance company reimburses money to the policyholder against the claimable expenses settled by them.


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KTM 790 Duke Insurance Cashless Claim Process

Follow these quick and simple steps to initiate the process of a cashless claim -


  • Contact your insurer to register your claim

  • Register your claim details and select a network garage for vehicle servicing and repairing

  • Get your vehicle damages repaired and submit the required documents to your insurer

  • The company will authenticate and verify the bills and other details with the network garage

  • Once verified, your bill will be automatically settled by the company with the network garage

KTM 790 Duke Insurance Reimbursement Claim Process

Follow these quick and simple steps to initiate the process of reimbursement claim -


  • Notify the company executive regarding the vehicle damages and accident details

  • File an FIR, if there is an involvement of a third party

  • Get your vehicle repaired at the garage and settle the bill

  • You will then have to submit all the documents like FIR copy, garage bills, etc to your insurer to initiate the claim

  • The company will authenticate and verify bills and other details

  • Once verified, your bill amount will be automatically settled by the company

Here is a list of documents that are required to be submitted to the insurance company by the policyholder -



  • Two-wheeler insurance policy details

  • Vehicle details like registration number, vehicle number, etc.

  • Accident details

  • Copy of FIR (involvement of third-party)

  • Original invoices of vehicle repair and servicing at garage

How to Reduce Insurance Cost of your KTM 790 Duke

With the addition of add-on benefits to the insurance plan, the value of the premium amount increases. While these benefits facilitate safety and monetary assistance during emergencies, there are some maintenance aspects you can manage yourself to reduce the bike insurance costs according to your budget -


  • Design your KTM 790 Duke bike insurance plan as per your needs.

  • Pay for minor repairs and vehicle servicing by yourself to enjoy the benefits of NCB points under KTM 790 Duke insurance plan.

  • An anti-theft locking system can be installed in the vehicle to avoid theft.

  • Claim NCB points at the end of the financial year to get 0% to 50% of your premium back.

  • Make timely payments of the KTM 790 Duke insurance premium to avoid penalties.

Top Tips to Maintain your KTM 790 Duke Bike

One can reduce the depreciation speed of their vehicles by ensuring proper care and timely servicing. It is also advisable to check the maintenance cost of vehicles while purchasing them as it holds a similar relevance as the vehicle price.

Top tips for maintaining your KTM 790 Duke bike -


  • Get your bike servicing done at regular intervals.

  • Make sure that the tyres are in proper condition. Replace the tyres as they tear/wear out.

  • Change oil at specific intervals for smooth functioning.

  • To avoid scratches, get your vehicle waxed.

KTM 790 Duke Maintenance Cost

A maintenance check at regular intervals helps in the smooth functioning of your bike. One must always get the vehicle maintenance or servicing done at company service centres.

Check out the table below to find the estimated maintenance cost of KTM 790 Duke -





1st Service



Rs. 2,600

2nd Service



Rs. 2,600

3rd Service



Rs. 2,600

4th Service



Rs. 2,600

** Note - The KTM 790 Duke maintenance should be done at specific intervals of 15,000 km. The servicing costs may change with the terms and conditions of the company.


Replacement Costs of Parts Changed During Services

The cost of replacing the torn or worn out vehicle parts is not included in the regular servicing charges. Check out the table below to find the estimated cost of replacing damaged vehicle parts -


Vehicle Part


Oil Filter Set

Rs. 4,016

Fuel Filter

Rs. 100

Air Filter

Rs. 350

Spark Plug

Rs. 200

Clutch Cable

Rs. 175

**Note - The prices mentioned above are the estimated cost of the vehicle parts. The price may change according to the terms and conditions of the company.


Components To Be Replaced/Serviced At Different Intervals

The service manual explicitly mentions the replacement of certain vehicle parts at periodic intervals. Replacement and servicing of vehicle parts ensure efficiency and smooth functioning of the vehicle. Check out the table below to find out the components that need to be replaced and their timeline -



Replacement Interval

Engine Oil

After 30,000 km or 1 year, whichever is reached earlier

Spark Plugs

70,000 Kms or 6-7 years

Clutch/Brake Fluid

45,000 Kms or 3 years

Drive Belt

Check every 60,000 Kms and then every 10,000 Kms

Fuel Filter

After every 30,000 Kms

About KTM 790 Duke

The KTM 790 Duke is the flagship offering of KTM for the Indian market. It features the same sharp styling and aggressive lines which have made bikes manufactured by KTM iconic over the years. It is built on a 799cc engine which is capable of churning out power of 105 bhp and torque of 86 Nm. It comes with a range of rider aids which enhance the riding experience. Some of these are cornering ABS, traction control and a SuperMoto mode. It is offered in two colour schemes - black and orange.


Check out the table below to find the specifications and features of the KTM 790 Duke -






Kerb Weight


Cooling system

Liquid Cooled

Emission Type



12.7:1 (ratio)



KTM 790 Duke Variants

The KTM 790 Duke is available in one variant known as the KTM 790 Duke BS6. Check out the details below to know more about the variant -


Fuel Type


KTM 790 Duke BS6



On Road Price in Top Cities

The on-road price of the KTM 790 Duke differs in each location due to various factors like conveyance charges, taxes, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to check the price of KTM 790 Duke in your location before you purchase one.





Rs. 9.68 Lakhs


Rs. 9.54 Lakhs


Rs. 9.54 Lakhs


Rs. 9.97 Lakhs


Rs. 9.74 Lakhs


Features of KTM 790 Duke

Check out the table below to find out the features of KTM 790 Duke bike -





Pass Light


Electric Start



Yes, Analogue


Yes, 2


The KTM 790 Duke offers a terrific blend of performance and styling, which makes it a must-have asset for motorcycle enthusiasts. Getting bike insurance for your 790 Duke is not only mandated by law, but can also provide you with financial security and peace of mind in the event of an unfortunate accident. The cost of your bike insurance depends on several factors such as the add-ons that you purchase together with your insurance plan. It is hence a great idea to head over to digital marketplaces such as Bajaj Markets, where you can learn all about the various KTM 790 Duke insurance policies that are available, before choosing to buy one that is best for you.

FAQs on KTM 790 Duke Insurance

What is the tenure of the KTM 790 Duke insurance policy?

The KTM 790 Duke bike insurance policy has a tenure of a year.

What is the price range of the KTM 790 Duke bike?

The KTM 790 Duke bike ranges between Rs. 8-10 Lakhs. The price of the bike varies in every city.

How many colours and variants is the KTM 790 Duke bike available in?

The KTM 790 Duke bike is available in one variant known as KTM 790 Duke BS6. It is available in two colours - black and orange.

Can I get the first servicing for my KTM 790 Duke bike free of charge?

The company does not offer free servicing for KTM 790 Duke bikes. The customer will have to pay service charges of Rs. 2,600.

What do you mean by IDV?

IDV stands for Insured Declared Value. It is referred to as the maximum amount the policyholder will receive from the insurance company if the vehicle is completely damaged or stolen.

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