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Mahindra Centuro is a budget-friendly 110 cc bike manufactured by the popular automobile company Mahindra. The Centuro two-wheeler was designed from scratch in a Mahindra research facility in Pune. Although it was one of Mahindra’s most popular bikes, the Centuro was discontinued in 2020. The last known Mahindra Centuro ex-showroom price (Delhi) ranged between ₹43,250 and ₹54,935 for all of its variants. However, if you own this bike or are planning to buy it second-hand, you will also need good Mahindra Centuro bike insurance to protect it against accidental and other damages. Let’s take a look at Mahindra Centuro insurance price, features, and specifications. 

Mahindra Centuro Bike Insurance Price for All Variants

You can take a look at the Mahindra Centuro insurance price for all variants in the table below: 

Mahindra Centuro Variants 

Ex-Showroom Price*


Fuel Type 

Estimated Third-Party Premiums 

FY 2022-23

(w.e.f 1st June 2022)

Centuro Rockstar Kick Alloy 




Centuro Mirzya Special Edition 




Centuro N1 




Centuro Rockstar 




Centuro 110 cc 




Centuro NXT 




Centuro Disc Brake




Disclaimer: *The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change based on the city.


~Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your bike insurance policy.

How to Buy Mahindra Centuro Bike Insurance Online

If you do not have insurance for your two-wheeler, you can get the Mahindra Centuro bike insurance online in just a few minutes by following these steps: 

  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Bike Insurance Premium Calculator’ page on the Bajaj Markets website. 

  • Step 2: Enter your Centuro bike details and personal details in the calculator, then click on ‘Get Quote’ 

  • Step 3: Choose an appropriate bike insurance plan for your Mahindra Centuro from the available list of two-wheeler insurance options. 

  • Step 4: Select any add-on covers you may require and then upload the necessary documents onto the website. 

  • Step 5: Pay the online premiums for your chosen plan through digital payment means. 


Your Mahindra Centuro two-wheeler insurance will shortly be activated and the policy details will be sent to your registered email. 

How to Renew Your Mahindra Centuro Insurance Online in Just a Few Minutes

Renewing insurance online is just as simple as buying a new plan. Just follow the steps given below: 

  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Bike Insurance Renewal’ page of your chosen insurance provider’s website. 

  • Step 2: Enter your existing policy details and bike registration details on the page. 

  • Step 3: Choose a Mahindra Centuro bike insurance from the available two-wheeler insurance options. 

  • Step 4: Select any add-ons you need and upload any required documents. 

  • Step 5: Pay the online premiums for your chosen Mahindra Centuro bike insurance renewal plan. 


Once the above steps are completed, your Mahindra Centuro insurance plan will be renewed. 

Why You Should Insure Your Mahindra Centuro

 Buying an automobile is a major investment and it needs to be protected against accidents and damages. If your new Mahindra Centuro bike gets involved in a serious accident and is damaged heavily, it can cost you anywhere between ₹2,000 to ₹30,000 or more depending on the extent of the damage. If you wish to keep your bike covered against these unexpected accidental expenses, it is important to buy bike insurance.  Moreover, it is mandated by the government that all vehicle owners must have third-party insurance under the New Indian Motor Vehicle Act, 2019. 

Types of Mahindra Centuro Bike Insurance

There are two main types of Mahindra Centuro bike insurance that you can choose from: 

  • Third-Party Bike Insurance 

Third-party bike insurance is the most basic type of two-wheeler insurance you can buy for your bike. This insurance will only provide coverage for damages and injuries caused to the third party involved in an accident. Please note that this insurance does not provide any coverage to you or your vehicle. 

  • Comprehensive Bike Insurance 

A comprehensive bike insurance is a much more rounded policy that is intended to provide third-party cover as well as protection to you and your own two-wheeler. It will cover the cost of medical treatments if you are injured in an accident and repair costs for the damage to your bike. Comprehensive bike insurance is more expensive than third-party insurance. 

Inclusions Under Mahindra Centuro Bike Insurance

When you buy Mahindra Centuro bike insurance, you will get third-party coverage for damages and injuries, coverage for your own vehicle’s damages, theft, natural calamities, and medical coverage for injuries, etc. 

Exclusions Under Mahindra Centuro Bike Insurance

Every insurance plan has a set of exclusions not covered by the policy. The Mahindra Centuro bike insurance will not cover regular wear and tear of the bike, electrical or mechanical breakdown, accidents due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, replacement of consumables, etc. 

Useful Add-On Covers for Your Mahindra Centuro

When you buy your Mahindra Centuro bike insurance, you should also consider these useful add-on covers to enhance the scope of your policy: 

  • Zero Depreciation Cover 

A zero depreciation bike insurance cover protects your vehicle against the loss of value due to depreciation. When you make an insurance claim for damaged parts, you will get the full market value of the parts as compensation in your insurance claim. 

  • Engine Protection Cover 

Engine protection cover is an add-on that provides enhanced coverage for your bike’s engine, which is not provided under a regular bike insurance plan. 

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

With this add-on cover, you can get professional assistance from mechanics if your bike breaks down in the middle of the road, even if you are in a remote area. 

  • Return to Invoice Cover 

If your bike gets stolen or gets damaged to the point that it cannot be repaired, this cover allows you to get the full price of the bike on your invoice when you make an insurance claim. 

Claiming Insurance for Your Mahindra Centuro

In order to make an insurance claim for your Mahindra bike, you will need to keep the following documents ready: 

  • Mahindra Centuro insurance policy papers 

  • FIR of the accident

  • Bike registration papers 

  • Information about the eyewitnesses to the accident 

  • In case of a reimbursement claim, all the original bills and receipts of the bike’s repair 


There are two types of Mahindra Centuro claims you can apply: 

1. Cashless Claim

Under a cashless claim, you can directly take your Mahindra Centuro to a nearby network garage that is connected to your insurer. The network garage will repair your bike after verifying the insurance details. Your insurance provider will then directly settle the repair bills with the garage. 

2. Reimbursement Claims 

Under reimbursement claim, you will need to get your Mahindra Centuro repaired at any garage of your choice. After the repair is done, you can submit the bills and receipts to your insurance provider to get reimbursement for the damages. 


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How to Reduce the Mahindra Centuro Insurance Premium Cost

Here are some valuable tips you can follow to reduce the Mahindra Centuro insurance premium cost: 

  • Use the No Claim Bonus

If you have been using bike insurance for more than one year and have not made any claims, you can use the No Claim Bonus to get lower premiums at the time of renewal. 

  • Maintain Your Vehicle 

Maintaining your vehicle by regularly servicing will ensure that your insurance premiums remain low compared to bikes that are in bad shape or not well maintained. 

  • Choose Add-ons Carefully 

While you have the choice to buy add-ons with your comprehensive bike policy, they can quickly add up and increase your premium costs. So make sure you only buy the necessary add-ons as per your needs. 

  • Install an Anti-Theft Device

If you install an ARAI-approved anti-theft device on your Mahindra Centuro, you may get a small discount on your bike insurance premium costs. 

Best Tips to Maintain Your Mahindra Centuro

Maintaining your bike will allow you to get the best performance out of it for years to come. So, here are some valuable maintenance tips you should know: 

  • Regularly Service the Bike 

Regularly servicing your Mahindra Centuro will keep it in the best shape and any problems that arise are dealt with on time. 

  • Do Not Overload 

Make sure to never overload your bike more than the recommended capacity as it can lead to accidents due to the weight imbalance. 

  • Maintain Tyre Pressure 

It is important to maintain the correct tyre pressure for your bike. This will improve performance and provide higher fuel efficiency. 

  • Maintain the Engine

The engine is one of the most important components of your bike. Regularly inspect your bike’s engine to see that it’s working smoothly. If there are any mechanical issues with the engine, get them repaired as soon as possible. 

Mahindra Centuro Maintenance Cost

Since this particular model has been discontinued, there is no official Mahindra Centuro maintenance cost available. However, you can try and contact a Mahindra representative or a Mahindra service centre to get an estimate on the Mahindra Centuro service cost.

About Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra Centuro is a 100 cc budget-friendly bike that offers a lot of value for money. The bike comes with exciting features such as an anti-theft key, full-lit digital dashboard, find-me lamp, and ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 75 kmpl. The bike has been modelled keeping the Indian roads and biking experience in mind. Its superior handling and in-built toughness make it easy to ride even in the toughest of the Indian terrains and hence, is an ideal choice for every bike enthusiast. It should be noted, however, that the bike has been officially discontinued in India. Let’s take a look at the specifications and features of the Mahindra Centuro: 

Mahindra Centuro Specifications

With an approximate mileage of 75 kmpl, the Centuro is one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in India. Take a look at its main specifications below: 


106.7 cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder air-cooled engine


8.5 bhp @ 7500 rpm


8.5Nm @ 5500 rpm


4-speed constant mesh


Drum (front and rear)



Front: 2.75 × 18, Rear: 3 × 18


75 kmpl (approx) 

Fuel Capacity

12.7 litres 

Mahindra Centuro Features

The Mahindra Centuro comes packed with useful features such as: 


LED Tail Light 

Fuel Gauze 




To Conclude

The Mahindra Centuro is a very economical bike that you can purchase from the second-hand markets. With the ever-rising fuel costs, the high fuel efficiency of this bike makes it a perfect choice for budget-conscious people. However, simply buying the bike is not enough. You also need to buy a Mahindra Centuro bike insurance plan that can keep you financially covered against damages to the bike or injuries caused to you in an accident. If you don’t yet have coverage for your Mahindra Centuro, you should check out the bike insurance plans available at Bajaj Markets and choose one that suits your needs. 

FAQs on Mahindra Centuro Bike Insurance

How can I check the Mahindra Centuro bike insurance cost online?

You can check the Mahindra Centuro bike insurance price online using the ‘bike insurance premium calculator’.

What is the mileage of the Mahindra Centuro?

The Mahindra Centuro has an approximate mileage of 75 kmpl.

Should I change the IDV of my Centuro when buying insurance?

 It is recommended that you do not change your bike’s IDV, as it can lead to a lower insurance claim payout.

Can I drive my Mahindra Centuro without insurance in place?

 As per the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, driving without insurance is a criminal offence. You can be fined heavily or even imprisoned if caught driving without at least third-party insurance.

Can I buy Mahindra Centuro bike insurance online?

 Yes, you can buy Mahindra Centuro bike insurance online in just a few minutes on Bajaj Markets and other insurance websites.

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