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Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance

Royal Enfield Scram 411 is an urban off-road bike from the house of Royal Enfield. If you intend to purchase the Scram 411, you would know that you also need to buy bike insurance along with it. You cannot drive a vehicle on Indian roads without insurance, since the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, makes it mandatory to have at least third-party liability cover.

The Scram 411’s insurance cost is included in the on-road price of the bike. This value changes depending on the details of the plan you have chosen, and so it is important that you familiarise yourself with all these finer nuances of Scram 411 insurance before deciding which plan is perfect for your Royal Enfield bike.

Check Insurance Premium For Royal Enfield Scram 411 Variants

The Scram 411 comes in 3 variants, and the on-road price starts at Rs. 2.36 Lakhs after adding RTO charges and insurance costs. You can use a bike insurance calculator to calculate these complicated prices. The online bike insurance calculator offered by Bajaj Markets is easy to use and error-free.

Before choosing a two wheeler to buy, you should be aware of the Scram 411 insurance cost. Check out the insurance premium for different variants here.


Variant Name

Fuel Type

Ex-Showroom Price

Bike Insurance Price

Scram 411 Graphite Series


Rs. 2.36 Lakhs

Check Premium

Scram 411 Blazing Black And Skyline Blue


Rs. 2.38 Lakhs

Check Premium

Scram 411 White Flame And Silver Spirit


Rs. 2.41 Lakhs

Check Premium

Disclaimer: The information in the table above is for brand new Scram 411 vehicles. Premium costs depend on the model, fuel type, variants, year and place of registration, add-ons, IDV, and other relevant factors.


How to Buy Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance Online?

Now, you must be aware of the cost of Scram 411 insurance in India. The next step will be buying a Scram 411 insurance cover for your vehicle. You can buy bike insurance online using the Bajaj Markets platform, which provides a quick and hassle-free Scram 411 insurance purchase.


Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy Scram 411 insurance online:


  1. Visit the Bajaj Markets website and head over to the bike insurance calculator.

  2. Click on ‘Buy Now’.

  3. Now, fill in the details of your bike, such as the vehicle registration number and your phone number.

  4. Enter other required details and fill the application provided.

  5. You can check the Scram 411 insurance plans available online and choose one that fulfils your needs.

  6. Check what premium is due and pay this online immediately.

  7. Once the payment is confirmed, your Scram 411 insurance policy will be sent to your email ID.


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How to Renew Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance Online?

Always remember to renew your Scram 411 insurance on time to avoid penalties and ensure financial protection. Renewing your Scram 411 insurance is a simple process. Given below are the steps for it:


  • Visit your insurer’s website.

  • Enter the details of your vehicle, like the registration number as well as your phone number.

  • Fill in the details of your existing Scram 411 insurance policy or policy which has expired.

  • You can check your Scram 411 insurance renewal amount online.

  • Make your premium payment online.

  • Download your renewed Scram 411 insurance policy, once the payment is confirmed.

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Why to Insure Your Royal Enfield Scram 411?

Though these processes are easy and quick, you may be wondering why you should buy Scram 411 insurance. Here is why you should insure your Royal Enfield Scram 411 while purchasing it.


  • A third-party vehicle insurance is mandatory to drive on Indian roads

  • Insurance covers for third-party liabilities in the event of an accident

  • Through network garages, you can enjoy the benefits of cashless transactions

  • Scram 411 insurance provides protection for your bike against natural calamities, theft, fire, etc.

  • Comprehensive policies provide personal accident cover


Types of Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance

There are two types of Scram 411 insurance policies; comprehensive and third-party bike insurance. You can choose any one of them based on your requirements.

    1.Third-Party Bike Insurance

A third-party bike insurance is the basic form of insurance cover. It covers bodily injury and /or death of a third-party and protects you from financial liabilities. The insurer will pay for the property damage to a third-party in the event of an accident involving the insured bike.

    2.Comprehensive Bike Insurance

A comprehensive bike insurance is an enhanced version of the third party one. While providing third-party coverage, it also provides personal accident cover for the damages caused to the insured bike. Other than that, loss and damage to the vehicle due to theft, natural calamities, etc., are also covered under this plan.



Whether you choose a third-party or a comprehensive plan, there are always inclusions in any plan, and these are conditions that your Scram 411 insurance cost will cover. Here are some common inclusions you can find in third-party and comprehensive plans:


  • Third-party liability coverage

  • Personal accident coverage

  • Accident coverage for other riders

  • Expense cover for repairs and replacements

  • Damage or destruction caused as a result of natural or man-made calamities



Every vehicle insurance plan contains particular exclusions as well. Exclusions in the Scram 411 insurance can be deciding factors in selecting a given plan.

These are the common exclusions you will come across:


  • Bike’s regular wear and tear

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown

  • Any damage caused if you are driving under the influence of any intoxicants

  • Loss or damage arising out of a war-like circumstance

  • Damage or loss while you are driving without a valid licence

  • Damages which are sustained while your policy is inactive/invalid


Add-On Covers for Your Royal Enfield Scram 411 Bike Insurance

While comprehensive Scram 411 insurance helps you deal with the financial liability of an accident, it may not be completely enough. Note that the Scram 411 insurance price rises as you add more covers. Here are some add-on covers that offer additional protection to your insured bike.


  • Zero Depreciation

It is commonly known as nil depreciation cover. This cover helps you manage external costs. Zero-depreciation cover takes care of all body repairs with no depreciation in the value of the bike’s external parts.


  • Passenger Cover

It financially protects the passengers travelling on the insured bike against death or disability due to an accident.


  • Engine Protection

The replacement and repair of your bike’s engine parts are covered under the engine protection add-on.


  • No Claim Bonus Protection

For a successful claim-free year, you will receive 20-50% of the premium paid No Claim Bonus (NCB) every year. Even if you make some smaller claims as per the policy terms, the NCB Protection add-on helps you to retain your discount.


Royal Enfield Scram 411 Claim Process

You can file cashless claims and reimbursement claims for your Scram 411 insurance pretty easily. All you require to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:


Process to File Cashless Claims

Your insurance company directly settles bills with the network garage if you are going for a cashless claim on Scram 411 insurance. For cashless claim:


  • Register your claim through your insurer’s website or the toll-free number. Else, you can use the Bajaj Markets website to do the same.

  • Then, go to the nearest network garage and get your bike repaired.

  • Provide the required documents to your insurer.

  • Your insurer will verify the submitted documents.

  • Once it is verified, all your bills will be directly settled with the network garage.


Process To File Reimbursement Claims

In a reimbursement claim on Scram 411 insurance, your insurer will reimburse the costs incurred while repairing your bike. For claiming reimbursement:


  • Inform your insurer about the incident and the damages sustained immediately.

  • If it is a major accident where a third-party is involved, file an FIR.

  • Repair your vehicle at the garage of your choice and pay for it.

  • Submit the FIR, original receipts, bills and other documents to your insurance company.

  • Once verification is complete, your insurance company will settle your claim and reimburse the costs incurred.


Documents Required for Filing a Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance Claim

Here is a list of documents you should submit to your insurer if you want to claim Scram 411 insurance.


  • Bike insurance policy document

  • Vehicle details and information

  • Details of the incident

  • In case of theft or damage by a third party, a copy of the FIR filed

  • All original receipts/bills of replacement or repair


How to Reduce Insurance Cost for Your Royal Enfield Scram 411

You can considerably decrease your Scram 411 insurance cost if you follow the below-mentioned strategies.


  • Don’t buy all add-on covers, as this increases the premium of the Scram 411 insurance plans.

  • Avoid modifications that increase the chance of theft.

  • Pay for small repairs and replacements from your own pocket.

  • The higher the deductible (the amount that you pay from your pocket before the claim is covered), the lower the premium that you pay on your Scram 411 insurance.

  • Browse through different Scram 411 insurance plans and opt for one that suits your budget.


Top Tips to Maintain Your Royal Enfield Scram 411

Your off-roader bike, Scram 411 will be the apple of your eye. If you take good care of this vehicle, it will provide convenience and comfort for several years. Here are some top tips to maintain your bike well:


  1. Service your vehicle at regular intervals.

  2. Check tyres for wear and tear and replace them, if required.

  3. Oil changes at recommended intervals will keep the bike running for years without any trouble.

  4. Clean the air filters of the bike regularly.

  5. Lubricate and clean the sprockets of your bike chain at regular intervals.

  6. Check the level of distilled water in your bike’s battery every couple of weeks.

  7. Keep the carburettor cleaned at all times and set the gaps of your spark plug correctly.


Royal Enfield Scram 411 Maintenance Cost


You should take your Scram 411 only to authorised centres for regular vehicle services. To know the approximate amount of Scram 411 service cost, check out the table given below:





Total Cost

1st Service



Rs. 680

2nd Service



Rs. 1,805

3rd Service



Rs. 110

4th Service



Rs. 2295

5th Service



Rs. 330

6th Service



Rs. 1,915

Disclaimer: These service charges may differ according to the vehicle model, variant, the city and several other factors.


Replacement Costs of Parts Changed During Services


As part of regular services, certain parts of your vehicle may need to be changed. This will increase the performance. The table given below will give you an idea of Scram 411 maintenance costs.


Vehicle Part


Engine Oil

Rs. 550

Oil Filter

Rs. 130

Air filter

Rs. 165

Rear wheel cush rubbers

Rs. 220

Brake Pads

Rs. 350

Note that these rates change depending on the city, dealer and service centre.


Components to Be Replaced/Serviced at Different Intervals


To increase the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, certain parts or components should be replaced or serviced at intervals. This will be informed in the service manual you receive when you purchase your vehicle. A list of various main parts that may have to be changed at intervals are given below.



Replacement Interval

Engine Oil

Change it every 3 months or 3000 km for better performance.


Clean and lube it after every 300–400km, depending on the dust in your area.

Air filter

Change the air filter after 2-3 years as the filters will be blocked by impurities.

Oil filter

Change the oil filter every 10,000 kilometres of distance travelled.


About Royal Enfield Scram 411

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 is an aesthetically good looking off-roader bike. The Scram 411 is ideal for newbie off-road riders, thanks to its lighter steering, easier ergonomics and tauter suspension. This bike is one of the best motorcycles with its crisp throttle response and the ability to shift gears at low-speed. The 19-inch front wheel is the highlight which helps to move the bike around while overtaking vehicles or when cornering at higher speeds.

The smaller front wheel and lighter kerb weight of the Scram 411 result in a pleasing riding experience. The Royal Enfield Scram 411 gives a mileage of 37 kmpl. The Yezdi Scrambler is Royal Enfield Scram 411’s closest competitor in the market. Both are designed for similar use, and have a similar customer base.

Royal Enfield Scram 411 Variants

Scram 411 has only one variant available. The details are given below:



Fuel Type


Scram 411 Graphite Series


5 speed Manual

Scram 411 Blazing Black And Skyline Blue


5 speed Manual

Scram 411 White Flame And Silver Spirit


5 speed Manual


On-Road Price in Top Cities

When you buy a Scram 411, the final Scram 411 price will be decided according to the model and the location from where you buy your vehicle. Check out the Scram 411 on-road prices in the top cities of the country.



On-Road Price


Rs. 2.36 Lakhs


Rs. 2.46 Lakhs


Rs. 2.46 Lakhs


Rs. 2.62 Lakhs


Rs. 2.37 Lakhs


Features Of The Royal Enfield Scram 411

Here are some key features of the Scram 411:



Starting System

Ignition System

Fuel Capacity


Scram 411 Graphite Series


Digital Electronic Ignition

15 L

Dual Channel

Scram 411 Blazing Black And Skyline Blue


Digital Electronic Ignition

15 L

Dual Channel

Scram 411 White Flame And Silver Spirit


Digital Electronic Ignition

15 L

Dual Channel



The Royal Enfield Scram 411 is a tough and well designed motorcycle that’s built to take on a wide range of road surfaces. To protect such an asset, it is advisable to get a Scram 411 insurance plan which not only keeps you legally compliant, but also financially secures you against the impact of unfortunate accidents or mishaps. In addition, bike insurance plans come with a host of add-ons which can provide you even more benefits and convenient value additions. You can learn about the various Scram 411 insurance plans that are available today in detail at the Bajaj Markets platform, before purchasing the Scram 411 insurance plan that works best for you.


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FAQs on Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance

What is a scram bike?

 Scram bikes, or scrambler bikes as they are formally known are bikes designed for off-road usage. They feature simpler designs, enhanced suspensions and higher ground clearance which allow you to take them over non-conventional surfaces or unpaved roads.

What is the exact on-road price of Scram 411?

 The on-road price of Scram 411 in New Delhi starts at Rs. 2,36,131. The on-road price is inclusive of RTO charges and insurance.


Does the capacity of the bike engine play a role in deciding the insurance premium paid?

 The engine’s capacity does have a role to play in determining bike insurance, as the higher the cubic capacity, the more insurance premium amount you will have to pay.

What documents do I need to get my Scram 411 bike insurance renewed?

 You don’t need any documents to renew a bike insurance. All you have to know is the previous year policy number, previous year policy expiry date and vehicle registration number. You can easily renew your bike insurance policy at Bajaj Markets.  

Does IDV decrease every year?

 Due to the Depreciation factor, your car’s IDV decreases every year. The premium cost also decreases a little every year because of the same reason.


Will I be fined if I am caught driving my bike without a valid bike insurance policy?

 Yes, you will be charged a traffic challan under the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019. For the first offence, the penalty for driving your vehicle without a valid bike insurance is Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment up to three months. For subsequent offences of driving without a valid bike insurance, the penalty is Rs. 4,000 and/or imprisonment of up to three months.   

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