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Claiming Scooty Insurance 

Two-wheelers like Scooty (Activa, Jupiter, Access 125 etc.) are one of the most popular forms of personal transport in India. The majority of families in urban areas own at least one or more two-wheelers as a form of personal transport. However, in the event of a scooty accident, you may have to shell out a lot of money to pay for repair, medical expenses, and any third-party damages. In such an event, having Scooty insurance or two-wheeler insurance may prove highly beneficial.  

Why do you Need Bike/Scooty Insurance?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the government has made it mandatory to have third-party insurance for every vehicle owner. Third-party insurance, which is also known as ‘act only’ insurance, is a type of insurance cover wherein the insurer offers coverage against damage to a third-party’s person or property. A personal bike/scooty insurance will also ensure that any damages caused to your two-wheeler or you are covered. In this article, we’ll take a look at the following Scooty Insurance processes:

  • Steps to file a third-party claim on scooty insurance

  • Steps to claim scooty insurance during accidents

  • Steps to claim scooty insurance for own damages

Steps to File a Third-Party Claim on Scooty Insurance

As mentioned above, third-party insurance helps provide coverage against damage to third-party property or physical injuries. Here are the steps on how to file a third-party claim on Scooty Insurance:

  • Immediately inform your insurance provider about the accident.

  • Claims cannot be settled without informing the insurance company.

  • You must file an FIR at the police station nearest to the accident location and keep a copy of the FIR.

  • After you have filed an FIR, file a claim with the insurance company for the third-party insurance claim. You will also have to provide all the necessary documents.

  • Once the claim has been filed, the insurance company will send a surveyor to take stock of the damage caused and the estimated cost of damages. The surveyor then files a report accordingly based on their findings.

  • The insurance company settles the claim based on the surveyor’s report.

  • In the case of legal situations, the insurance company will make settlements based on the court’s decision.

Steps to Claim Scooty Insurance During Accidents

Here are the steps on how to claim scooty insurance in the case of an accident or damage to your scooty:

  • In case of an accident involving damage to your scooty, inform your insurance company about the incident.

  • Your scooty will be repaired at one of the insurance company’s registered repair shops/garages and an estimate of the damage cost will be given.

  • In the case of a serious accident, the insurance company has to be informed so a surveyor can inspect the spot of the accident to assess damages before the vehicles are moved off the road.

  • Once the claim forms have been filled and documents submitted, the insurance company will take note of the damage and calculate the claim cost.

  • You will have to submit your scooty registration certificate and your driving license to the insurance company along with all the required documents.

  • Once the insurance company has verified all documentation, your scooty bill will be reimbursed or settled at the insurance company’s repair shop/garage.

Steps to Claim Scooty Insurance for Own Damages

Here are the steps on how to claim the insurance on a scooty for own damages:

  • In the event of an accident where you get physical injuries, arrange for immediate first aid and take stock of the situation. Note the time of the accident, people involved, and damage caused to yourself.

  • File an FIR at the nearest police station and reserve a copy for yourself.

  • In case of a serious accident, do not try to move and repair the scooty on your own. Seek medical help.

  • After seeking medical help, inform your insurance provider about the accident and provide a copy of the FIR.

  • If your insurance provider has the facility of cashless settlement, provide all the relevant documents like vehicle registration, driving license, repair estimates, and any other relevant document.

  • Once the insurance company has verified all details of the accident and has all the documents, your insurance claim will be settled.

Documents Needed for Scooty Insurance Claim

If you have been involved in a scooty accident and are seeking to file an insurance claim, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary documents ready. Lack of documents is one of the main reasons claims are rejected, so make sure all of your necessary paperwork is in place. Here is a list of all the documents that will be required for your scooty insurance claim.

  • Policy documents

  • Location, time, and date of the accident

  • Correctly filled insurance claim form

  • Registration Certificate (RC) for your scooty

  • Copy of the police FIR

  • All the original bills that you incurred

  • PAN card (for claim amount exceeding ₹1 lakh)

  • PUC certificate

Final Takeaway

It is important to ensure that you have a two-wheeler or scooty insurance that will keep you covered in the case of an accident or third-party vehicle damages. A comprehensive insurance plan will take care of unexpected expenses and damage in the case of an accident. You can take a look at the various two-wheeler insurance policies available at Bajaj Markets. With Bajaj Markets’ insurance policies, you will benefit from features such as a smooth claims process, cash-free servicing, and 24x7 roadside assistance.  

FAQs on Scooty insurance Claim

How can I claim scooty insurance?

Report the accident to the insurance company and file an FIR. Keep all required documents ready and file an insurance claim request. Once the insurance company has verified all details, your insurance claim will be settled.  

Is online vehicle insurance valid?

Yes, vehicle insurance policies purchased online are just as valid as insurance policies purchased in person.  

Can you drive without two-wheeler insurance in India?

No, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, requires that all vehicle owners have a mandatory third-party insurance policy.  

How can I check my insurance policy status?


Most insurance companies have a customer support number you can call to enquire about all details of your policy.


When should I renew my two-wheeler insurance?

You should renew your two-wheeler insurance before your existing policy lapses to ensure you do not remain uninsured for any period.  

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