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The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates two-wheeler insurance for vehicles. Comprehensive and zero depreciation insurance are two commonly preferred insurance plans by vehicle owners. The key difference between comprehensive and zero depreciation insurance is that a comprehensive plan offers compensation and coverage for all accidental damages and losses incurred to the vehicles, whereas zero depreciation is an add-on facility in an insurance plan, that guards the IDV during the claim settlement procedure. Policyholders can include the zero depreciation features in their comprehensive insurance plan, by paying a little extra premium and enjoying its benefits.

What is Comprehensive Bike Insurance?

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan safeguards your vehicle from unfortunate perils on the road. This includes own damage, third-party liability, man-made and natural calamities, theft, etc. With such an insurance policy, you can avail extensive coverage for your bike and ensure you have a financial backup in the event of a mishap.


Not only does it cover your precious two-wheeler from various risks but also allows you to maximise coverage with rider benefits. Thus, you can rest assured while riding your bike as you have opted for a comprehensive insurance plan. The following aspects are covered under the comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy:

  • Damage caused due to an accident

  • Loss resulting from man-made disasters

  • Damage caused to the third-party property

  • Bodily injuries endured by the third party or death of the victim

  • Theft of the insured bike

  • Personal injury resulting from an accident

  • Loss caused due to natural calamities

Importance of Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

Though a comprehensive insurance plan isn’t mandatory, having the right backup in case of an unforeseen mishap is crucial. So, let’s explore why such an insurance policy is essential for all owner-riders:

  • With comprehensive bike insurance, you will be financially protected during unfortunate events that can burn through your savings without the right coverage

  • Comprehensive insurance enables you to enjoy a cashless facility to repair your bike without having to pay for the expenses

  • You can avail various add-ons covers to gain coverage against certain pre-decided aspects such as breakdown of your bike, engine protection, passenger cover and others

  • Even though comprehensive insurance has a relatively high premium amount, it offers security against an array of risks

What is Zero Depreciation Cover in Bike Insurance?

As you may already know, your two-wheeler is a depreciating asset. In simpler terms, the market value of your motorcycle reduces with time. So, under a bike insurance policy, the insurance company provides coverage for repairs or replacement of components only after deducting the applicable depreciation rate. This reduces the compensation sum you shall receive in case of damage beyond repair or even small insurance claims made during the policy term.


When you choose a zero depreciation cover for your bike, you can get the right compensation amount without bearing the losses of depreciation. Thus, the insurance provider will not account for the depreciation rate of your two-wheeler while raising a claim!

Inclusions of Zero Depreciation Cover in Bike Insurance

  • Zero depreciation add-on in two-wheeler insurance covers the expenses incurred due to rubber, fibreglass, plastic, and nylon parts of your bike

  • You can also opt for a zero depreciation cover while purchasing or renewing your bike insurance policy

Exclusions of Zero Depreciation Cover in Bike Insurance

  • Damage to the parts of the bike that are not insured like tyres, bi-fuel kit, gas kit, etc.

  • Natural wear and tear and ageing of the insured motorcycle

  • Damage incurred due to any mechanical issue

  • Damage caused due to risks that aren’t covered by the insurer

Difference Between Comprehensive Bike Insurance Vs Zero Depreciation Cover

Let’s understand the difference between zero depreciation and comprehensive insurance plans with the following comparative view:


Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Comprehensive Bike Insurance with Zero Depreciation Cover


Comprehensive bike insurance offers coverage to vehicles up to 10-15 years of age

Zero depreciation cover is only available for bikes that aren’t more than 5 years old

Premium Rate

The premium amount for comprehensive bike insurance is lower than for a policy with the zero depreciation cover

The premium amount for comprehensive insurance with the zero depreciation cover will be slightly higher

Insurance Claim Amount

The claim amount will be lower as the insurer will consider the depreciation of your bike

The claim amount is higher as no depreciation rate is taken into account

Depreciation Rate

With time, the depreciation rate of your motorcycle will keep increasing and won't be covered under the plan

The depreciation rate of your bike will be zero due to the nil depreciation cover

Cost Depreciated Parts

Depreciation rate will be considered while repairing or replacing such parts

With the zero depreciation cover, the insurer will not consider the depreciation rate of such parts

Benefits of Zero Depreciation Cover in Bike Insurance

Here are the perks of opting for comprehensive bike insurance with nil depreciation cover:

  • Provides maximum coverage with the nil depreciation cover

  • Enables you to enjoy a higher claim amount

  • Saves you money that was being spent on covering the depreciated parts of your vehicle

  • Offers a cost-effective option to cover the depreciation of your bike

To Conclude

As you can see, both comprehensive bike insurance with and without the zero depreciation cover has its pros and cons. Hence, making the right choice entirely depends on personal preference and the insurance requirements of your two-wheeler.


With bike insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets, you can avail extensive coverage and nil depreciation cover. But, remember that you would need to pay an additional premium for the rider benefit. Regardless, every penny spent on securing extra coverage is worth it!

FAQs on Comprehensive Bike Insurance Vs Zero Depreciation Cover

Is zero depreciation cover really beneficial for two-wheelers?

Yes. As your vehicle depreciates with time, the nil depreciation cover allows you to gain better coverage along with the comprehensive insurance plan.

Can I purchase zero depreciation cover without comprehensive bike insurance?

No. Zero depreciation cover is an additional component that you must purchase over and above your comprehensive bike insurance plan. Thus, you cannot buy such a cover separately.

Who should opt for zero depreciation cover in two-wheeler insurance?

Zero depreciation cover is suitable for owner-riders with bikes that are less than five years old. If you use your motorcycle frequently and want to secure it against various risks then nil depreciation cover is for you!

Which type of insurance plan is mandatory for two-wheelers?

Third-party bike insurance is mandated by law under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. If you do not have this insurance policy, you will have to pay hefty penalties or face the risk of imprisonment.

How can I buy comprehensive bike insurance with zero depreciation cover?

You can follow the step-by-step guide to get a comprehensive insurance plan with zero depreciation add-on cover:

  • Go to the ‘Bike Insurance’ section on Bajaj Markets

  • Fill in the necessary details in the application form

  • Review the insurance policy terms

  • Add the zero depreciation add-on cover along with other relevant riders

  • Pay the premium online

  • You shall receive the comprehensive bike insurance policy document on your registered email ID

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