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With the help of Lendingkart Business loan EMI Calculator, you can calculate your EMIs and plan your finances accordingly.

Lendingkart Business Loan EMI Calculator

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How to Calculate Lendingkart Business Loan EMI

  • The EMI can be calculated from the following formula: EMI = [P x r x (1+r) ^n] / [(1+r)^ n-1]

    Here, EMI = EMI amount

    P = Principal amount

    R = Rate of interest at which the loan is borrowed

    N = tenure of the loan over which one would repay the loan


  • By using this formula, the applicant can manually calculate the EMI to be paid on a monthly basis but the process can be a bit inconvenient and time-consuming

  • To avoid these hassles, the Lendingkart Business Loan EMI Calculator has come to the rescue by completely eliminating the need to manually make the calculations. 

  • All you need to do to calculate your monthly EMIs is to enter the loan amount, tenure of loan, and the rate of interest.

  • Lendingkart Business Loan has indeed made the entire process of calculating your EMI pretty seamless and quick!

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FAQs for Lendingkart Business Loan EMI Calculator

Are there any prerequisites to using the Lendingkart business loan calculator?

No there are no prerequisites you need to fulfil before using the Lendingkart business loan calculator.

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