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The aim to purchase a car insurance policy is to be able to bank on its coverage on a day of an emergency. It makes little sense for the claim process of this coverage to be a hassle. Hence, considering an insurer’s claim settlement process matters greatly when you’re choosing the right car insurance.


Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is known to offer value-added services to their consumers, which includes a hassle-free, time-efficient, and seamless claim settlement process. You can claim coverage in the form of cashless services and reimbursements.

What is a Cashless Claim?

Cashless claims save you from taking any money out of your own pocket. Once you inform your insurer about your intention to make a claim, the damage caused to your vehicle and the cause of it, the claim process is jump started immediately. After this, you can proceed to take your car to a network garage for fixing, repairs and replacements.


Through this claim option, you don’t need to pay repair and replacement bills. Your Bajaj Allianz car insurance will pay those bills directly for you. With a 98.54% claim settlement ratio, you can rest assured, knowing that your financial protection is in the hands of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co.

How Can You File a Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Cashless Claim?

A cashless claim for Bajaj Allianz car insurance has three phases: claim registration, vehicle repairs, and survey with claim settlement. Here’s how you can smoothly cruise through each of these phases. The steps given below guide you through claims for accidental damage.

1. Online Claims:


  • Step 1: Go to https://www.bajajallianz.com/general-insurance-claims/motor-claim/motor-claim-register.html

  • Step 2: Submit important details such as your contact information, engine & chassis number, kilometre reading, etc.

  • Step 3: Explain in detail of the accident, including the date, time and location

  • Step 4: Provide a vehicle inspection address

  • Step 5: Note down the claim reference number and keep track of the claim status sent to you via SMS

  • Step 6: Transport your vehicle to a network garage for repairs after the claim is approved

  • Step 7: Sit back and allow the insurer to settle repair costs with the network garage

2. Offline Claims:


  • Step 1: Start by calling Bajaj Allianz car insurance customer care on 1800-209-5858

  • Step 2: Explain your intention to claim and that the claim is for accidental damage

  • Step 3: Submit all documents to the insurer at a Bajaj Allianz branch as per the instructions given

  • Step 4: Keep an eye on the claim status sent to you through SMS

  • Step 5: Take your car to a network garage for repairs and submit your policy documents there

  • Step 6: Allow the insurer and the network garage to internally settle the repair costs

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Documents Required for claim of accidental damages

Here are all the documents you will need to successfully carry out a Bajaj Allianz car insurance claim for accidental damages. 


  • A complete claim form with your signature

  • Insurance policy proof/a copy of the covernote

  • Registration book copy

  • Tax receipt

  • Driving licence copy

  • FIR or police panchnama (for third-party liability damage, fatality or injuries, and theft)

What is a Reimbursement Claim?

A reimbursement claim refers to the insurer indemnifying the costs you had to bear to get your damaged car repaired. A reimbursement also consists of compensation coverage that can be claimed in the event of your four-wheeler vehicle getting stolen.


You can send your insurer an invoice or bills that quote the price of the repairs and replacements done. Your claim will be processed thereon and the amount will be reimbursed. However, this can only be processed up to the maximum coverage amount.

How Can You File for a Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Reimbursement Claim?

Much like cashless claims, Bajaj Allianz car insurance reimbursement claims consist of three phases for accidental damage and theft. Here’s how the process works.


Online Claims:


  • Step 1: Visit Bajaj Allianz car insurance’s claim settlement portal

  • Step 2: Enter your contact number 

  • Step 3: Enter basic details of your car like its chassis number, kilometre reading, etc. 

  • Step 4: Give details of the accident such as the location, time, and date

  • Step 5: Keep tabs on the claim status sent to you through SMS

  • Step 6: Tow your vehicle to a preferred garage for repairs

  • Step 7: Pay the costs of the repairs and replacements

  • Step 8: Submit the invoices and/or bills to the insurer


After this, your repair and replacement costs should be reimbursed shortly.


Offline Claims:


  • Step 1: Call 1800-209-5858 to contact Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co.

  • Step 2: Inform them about the incident and that you’d like to make a claim through your insurance

  • Step 3: Provide all required documents at a branch as discussed by you and the customer care executive

  • Step 4: Take you car for repairs as soon as your claim is approved

  • Step 5: Collect all bills and invoices that record the costs you incurred for the repairs

  • Step 6: Submit those bills as proof to your insurer in person


The amount should be reimbursed to you soon. However, in case of theft, the process varies a little. Once you have contacted the insurer and explained the incident of theft, you must produce an FIR or police panchnama as proof.


If your vehicle isn’t found even after 90 days, request the police to provide you with a Non-traceable Report. Submit this report to the insurer and allow them to handle the rest.

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Documents Required for Reimbursement Claim

Here are the documents you require for Bajaj Allianz car insurance reimbursement claims.


Accidental Damages:


  • Tax receipt or registration book copy

  • Insurance papers

  • Driver’s licence

  • FIR (In case of third-party demise, damage or injuries)

  • Repair estimates in the form of invoices or bills




  • Self-attested claim form

  • Policy documents

  • Tax payment receipt

  • Details of previous insurance

  • Keys/warranty cards/service booklet

  • FIR

  • Final investigation report

  • An RTO letter that labels your car as ‘Non-use’

  • Forms 28, 29 and 30

  • Your and your insurer’s consent to agreed claim settlement value

  • Vakalatnama (undated and blank)

Claiming Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Under Various Circumstances

Here are the situations under which you can claim the coverage and benefits of Bajaj Allianz car insurance. 


  • Third-party damage

  • Accidental damage

  • Man-made disaster damages

  • Natural calamity damages

  • Transit damages

  • Fire/explosion damages

  • Loss due to theft

Why Can Your Bajaj Allianz Claim Get Rejected?

Given below are all the reasons why your Bajaj Allianz car insurance claim request could be rejected.


  • Submitting inaccurate/invalid documents

  • Submitting insufficient information

  • Claims for damages that occurred prior to policy activation

  • Claiming exclusions of the policy

  • Claims with malign intent to carry out illegal activities or fraud

  • Claims made through a lapsed policy

No-claim Bonus in Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

A no-claim bonus is a benefit you can receive for an extended period of no claims. To elaborate, if you make no claims for a long period of time, you can get the no-claim bonus through Bajaj Allianz car insurance. 


This bonus could culminate to the point of giving you up to 50% discount on upcoming renewal premiums. At the time of renewal, if you’d like to switch insurers, you can transfer this no-claim bonus to your new car insurance plan. 


However, it is important to understand that no-claim bonuses are applicable to Bajaj Allianz third-party car insurance. You can get no-claim bonuses only for Bajaj Allianz comprehensive or standalone own-damage car insurance.

FAQs on Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Claim Process

How many times can I claim Bajaj Allianz car insurance coverage?

You can claim Bajaj Allianz car insurance as many times as you’d like to during a policy period. However, you cannot continue to make claims once the coverage is exhausted.

What is the claim settlement ratio of Bajaj Allianz car insurance?

The CSR of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. is 98%.

Does Bajaj Allianz car insurance have any claim charges?

No claim charges are involved in the settlement process.

How long should I wait to claim coverage from my Bajaj Allianz car insurance plan?

It is wise to make a claim as soon as possible. You could face hurdles on the way to claim settlement the longer you wait.

Does Bajaj Allianz car insurance require me to file an FIR for claims?

In case of third-party demise, damage or injuries, and theft, you are required to produce an FIR for claims.

What can I claim through a Bajaj Allianz car insurance plan after an accident?

Through Bajaj Allianz car insurance, you can claim personal accident coverage, third-party coverage and own-damage coverage. All these could be offered to you under the umbrella of Bajaj Allianz comprehensive car insurance.

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