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TransUnion CIBIL is one of the most prominent credit information bureaus in India. It is known to maintain the financial records of individuals and businesses. This information helps lenders determine the creditworthiness of an individual or a business based on their past financial behaviour and overall credit health. However, to access this data, you need to log in to the CIBIL portal. Let’s learn how.

Steps to Login to CIBIL Portal

CIBIL Login Process for Individual Members


  • Visit the official CIBIL website and click on the ‘Login’ button on the homepage
  • Enter credentials like your email ID and password to proceed
  • Enter the provided OTP
  • Verify whether the device you are using is trusted or not
  • Your CIBIL dashboard will then be visible on the screen


CIBIL Login Process for Companies


  • Visit the official CIBIL website
  • Click on the ’Login’ option
  • Enter credentials like the email ID and password
  • Your dashboard shall be displayed on the screen

CIBIL Registration Process

CIBIL Registration Process for Individual Members


You can view your updated credit score by registering on CIBIL’s website through these three simple steps:


  • Visit the CIBIL website, and click on ‘Subscribe Now’ 

  • Choose the subscription plan you want

  • Provide a few personal details like date of birth, PAN, and email address

  • Pay for the subscription through either net banking or your debit/credit card


With this, you will be registered on the CIBIL portal and be able to access your credit reports and CIBIL scores with ease.


CIBIL Registration Process for Companies


A company can register itself on the CIBIL website through the steps given below:


  • The company has to select the option of ‘Company Credit Score.’ 

  • Provide details like the company’s name, address, legal constitution, authorised signatory’s ID and address proof, and other additional information 

  • Make the required payment through net banking or credit/debit card.

  • A unique CIBIL registration ID along with a transaction ID will be sent to the registered email address

  • Upload the company’s KYC documents


Following this, the provided data will be verified, post which CIBIL will send a Company Credit Report (CCR).


Steps to Recover Your CIBIL Username


If you’ve forgotten your CIBIL username, you can reset the same to recover your account. Given below are the steps to recover your CIBIL username:


  • Log in to the TransUnion CIBIL website

  • Now, click on ‘Partner Login’ from the drop-down menu, then click on ‘Consumer’

  • A new tab with ‘Member Login’ for ‘Consumer CIR’ will appear on the screen

  • Click on ‘Reset Your Password’ for member/nodal

  • The TransUnion CIBIL Connect portal will open in a new tab

  • Click on the ‘Consumer Bureau’ tab and tap on ‘Unlock ID’

KYC Documents Required for CIBIL Login and Registration

KYC Documents Required for Individuals


To get access to your individual CIBIL score, you are required to submit both identity proof and address proof documents as mentioned below. 


  • Identity Proof: PAN card, Passport, Aadhaar Card, Voters Identity Card, Driver’s Licence

  • Address Proof: Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Bank statement


KYC Documents Required for Companies


For companies, only proof of address, like a bank statement, or electricity/telephone bill has to be provided as other details have already been furnished during the company registration process.

How to Upload KYC Documents for CIBIL Login

You must ensure to upload the recent KYC documents before proceeding to the CIBIL login. Expired or invalid documents can result in the cancellation of the registration process. You can proceed to upload KYC documents by following the steps given below:


  • Visit the KYC page on CRISIL’s official portal

  • Fill in the requested details like email ID. These should match the details provided during the registration process

  • Select the type of document for identity proof and upload. Skip this step if you are uploading KYC for your business

  • Select the type of document for address proof. Upload it and click on ‘Submit.’


How to unlock the user ID online for the consumer bureau?

You can unlock your user ID through TransUnion CIBIL Connect. You just need a valid consumer bureau user ID and the registered email ID to proceed with the process.

What do I do if I forget my CIBIL username and password?

Head over to the CIBIL portal. On the login page, choose ‘Forgot username’ or ‘Forgot password’, as per your requirement. Reset your credentials through an e-mail verification process. Alternatively, you can use the links provided below:

  • In case you forget your username, visit - 

  • In case you forget your password, visit -

What are the benefits of registering on myCIBIL?

Here are some advantages of registering on myCIBIL and getting a subscription:

  • Get up to 45% discount on credit reports 

  • Access and monitor your credit report online for errors or discrepancies 

  • Get pre-approved credit cards and loans at competitive rates

  • Receive alerts on any significant changes to your credit report and credit summaries

  • Gain insights to improve your financial health by making informed borrowing decisions

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