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Axis Bank offers a wide range of credit cards and a variety of benefits belonging to different categories. Some of these include high credit limits, discounts on shopping, dining, and online purchases.


Also, you get to enjoy easy EMI conversion on big purchases and get assured cashback on paying your utility bills using an Axis Bank Credit Card. Furthermore, you can earn and redeem EDGE REWARD points every time you use your Axis Bank card.

Top Axis Bank Credit Cards

  • Joining Fee
    ₹500 + GST
  • Annual Fee (2nd year onwards)
    ₹500 + GST
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MY ZONE Credit Card

  • Benefits
    The MY ZONE Credit Card is an all-rounder when it comes to offers! You get 40% off on Swiggy, free SonyLiv 1 year subscription, complimentary airport lounge access, fuel surcharge waiver and much more!
  • Joining Fee
    ₹250 + GST
  • Annual Fee
    ₹250 + GST
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NEO Credit Card

  • Benefits
    The NEO Credit Card offers a lot with the main benefits being gift vouchers from Amazon, BookMyShow and Myntra. You can get up to 20% off at 4000+ partner restaurants across India. Get 10% off on movies, mobile recharges, online shopping & more.
  • Joining Fee
    ₹500 + GST
  • Annual Fee(2nd year onwards)
    ₹500 + GST
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  • Benefits
    INDIANOIL AXIS BANK Credit Card is a specially designed credit card to benefit you on every fuel transaction. Enjoy accelerated reward points and surcharge waiver at fuel outlets. Get instant discount on your movie tickets booked via BookMyShow website/app & 20 EDGE REWARD points on every Rs. 100 spent on fuel at IOCL outlets.
  • Joining Fee
    ₹3000 + GST
  • Annual Fee (2nd year onwards)
    ₹3000 + GST
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SELECT Credit Card

  • Benefits
    SELECT credit card is one of the best credit cards that you can apply for. With this credit card, you get exclusive access to movie ticket offers on BookMyShow, 20% Off on BigBasket, 40% instant discount on Swiggy, milestone bonuses on premier spend, airport lounge access, fuel surcharge waiver, Complimentary Golf rounds, and much more.

Features and Benefits of Axis Bank Credit Cards

Welcome Bonus

This feature allows you to get a welcome reward for signing in for a new Axis Bank Credit Card. While each credit card may provide different offers, welcome benefits can generally be availed after you have made the first transaction from your card.  For instance, Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card offers Flipkart vouchers worth ₹500, 15% cashback and a 50% discount on your first orders from Myntra and Swiggy, respectively.

Offers on Dining

Enjoy up to 20% off at 4,000+ partner restaurants across India with Axis Bank Credit Cards.


The EDGE Loyalty programme of Axis Bank allows you to earn reward points ranging between 1 to 20 on every spend of over ₹200. You can use these points to enjoy discounts on your travel, electronics, entertainment, dining, and online shopping expenses.

Lounge Access

Axis Bank Credit Cards also offer complimentary lounge access and VIP services at partner domestic and international airports.

High Security

Axis Bank Credit Cards prioritise the safety of your finances. They have EMV chips embedded in them for enhanced security.

Frequent Flyer Miles

If you travel by flight frequently, then the Frequent Flyer Miles offered by the card serve as a great feature for you. Every time you travel, book your ticket with your Axis Bank Credit Card to add miles to your account. These miles accumulate over time, and you can get discounts on your future flights. If you collect enough points, you can even get your next flight ticket for free. 


You can maximise savings with your credit card by taking advantage of several cashback options offered by Axis Bank on multiple categories of expenses. Whether you are shopping online, booking tickets for an event or a movie, or even paying utility bills, the cashback option helps you save money. 


One of the benefits of reading the terms and conditions in detail before applying for a credit card is that you do not miss out on features such as insurance. Most of us do not even realise that our card offers insurance features like domestic/international travel insurance.

Universal Acceptance

This feature of a credit card sets them apart from most debit cards. Universal acceptance of the Axis Bank Credit Card proves to be extremely convenient when visiting a foreign country. If you are travelling abroad, you can easily make payments using your credit cards instead of spending your time looking for currency exchanges or ATMs. 

Instant Loan

The credit limit offered on your Axis Bank Credit Card is a source of loan that you can get instantly without any approvals. The instant loan feature can aid you in case of any emergency, be it medical or family related. Moreover, some banks allow you to easily convert your monthly credit card bill into EMIs in case of any financial constraints. 

Credit Score Improvement

An often-overlooked advantage of a credit card is that its judicious and proper use improves your credit score. A credit card builds your credit profile which will help you with your credit score. The timely payment of credit card bills significantly contributes to the betterment of your credit score.


Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required for Axis Bank Credit Cards

The general Axis Bank Credit Card eligibility criteria and the documents required are as mentioned below:

1. Eligibility Criteria 

The common eligibility criteria required to apply for any of the Axis Bank Credit Cards are mentioned below:

  • You should be aged between 18 to 70 years 

  • You can apply if you are either a salaried or a self-employed individual

  • You can apply if you are a resident of India or a non-resident Indian

  • And finally, the add-on cardholder must necessarily be above the age of 15 years


2. Documents Required 

Along with a duly filled application form, here is a list of documents required commonly for an Axis Bank Credit Card approval:

  • Proof of IdentityPAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, driving licence, voter ID card, or any other Government approved photo identity proof

  • Proof of Income: Latest salary slips (not more than 3 months old), Form 16 (latest), or bank statement (last 3 months)

  • Proof of Residence: Aadhaar card, Driver’s License, Passport, Any utility bill like telephone or electricity (not more than 3 months old), Ration Card, or any other Government approved address proof

  • Photographs: 2 coloured recent passport-sized photographs

How to Apply for an Axis Bank Credit Card?

The Axis Bank Credit Card online application option is available on the Bajaj Markets website. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Step 1: Visit the Bajaj Markets website to discover the range of credit cards available.

  • Step 2: Fill out your basic details to determine your eligibility for an Axis Bank Credit Card.

  • Step 3: Compare the various credit card options available.

  • Step 4: Select the card that best matches your lifestyle.

  • Step 5: Click on ‘Apply’, and a representative will contact you if your application gets approved

How to Apply for an Axis Bank Credit Card?

Axis Bank Credit Card

Why Choose an Axis Bank Credit Card on Bajaj Markets

There are multiple reasons to choose Bajaj Markets to apply for Axis Bank Credit Cards:

1. Rewards & Discounts

Get some of the best rewards on Axis Bank Credit Cards on Bajaj Markets. Apply for credit cards online at and get one packed with rewards and offers from your favourite brands.

2. Joining Benefits

Enjoy assured joining benefits on multiple credit cards at Bajaj Markets as soon as you join. Get amazing discount vouchers from top e-commerce sites, fuel surcharge waivers, cashback, and much more!

3. One Platform, Many Cards

At Bajaj Markets, you can find the right variety of credit cards for you. Whether you want one that gets you discounts on shopping or one that saves on your fuel costs, we have it all!

4. Convert Purchases into EMIs

Purchases made through any of the Axis Bank Credit Cards available at Bajaj Markets can be converted into EMIs easily. Apply for one of these cards online today.

5. Stringent Security Measures

With cybercrime being a global issue, your credit card comes with features that ensure safety against any kind of fraud. Apply online and get the best credit card for you now!

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Axis Bank Credit Card Customer Care

In case you are facing any issues with your Axis Bank Credit Card, have any questions, or need any form of assistance, you can get in touch with customer care. The customer care number is 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555. 


Alternatively, you can submit your grievances at www.axisbank.com/support. You can also contact the bank at PNO@axisbank.com for queries and grievance redressal.

FAQs on Axis Bank Credit Cards

Yes, Axis Bank has a rewards programme for its credit cards, known as the EDGE Rewards programme.

Yes, you can apply for 4 add-on credit cards against your primary credit card.

Yes, Axis Bank Credit Cards are accepted the world over and can be used to transact at ease at international locations.

The minimum salary criteria vary for different cards. However, ideally, you must have a minimum annual income of ₹6 Lakhs. You can also apply for a credit card against a fixed deposit.

The credit limit on your Axis Bank Credit Card varies from one cardholder to cardholder. The credit card limit is decided at the time of issuing the card by the bank. They take into account a number of factors, such as the applicant’s annual income, credit score and credit history.

Some of the best credit cards for beginners are the Axis Bank NEO Credit Card, Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card, Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card, and Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card.

Axis Bank offers a special loyalty EDGE Rewards programme for its cardholders. Under this programme, the bank offers a number of credit card reward points that can be redeemed against a host of products, offers, and discounts available in the EDGE Rewards catalogue.

Yes, you can apply for up to 4 add-on cards with your existing primary Axis Bank Credit Card.

As an Axis Bank credit cardholder, you can redeem your earned rewards using three methods: the Axis Bank mobile app, the Axis EDGE Rewards website, or Internet banking. 


To redeem your rewards using Internet banking, you need to log in to your Axis Bank website account, click on Account, select the “EDGE Rewards” option, and then click on “Redeem Now.” 


Alternatively, you can redeem your rewards using the Axis Bank mobile app by selecting the Reward points option and then choosing products from the Rewards Store or making bookings through the Travel EDGE option. 


You can also select Instant Vouchers from a list of popular brands. 

Lastly, you can redeem your rewards by logging in to your account on the Axis Bank EDGE Rewards website, clicking on Redeem Now, selecting from a wide variety of products, making travel bookings, or recharging your phone. These steps will help you redeem your Axis Bank Credit Card rewards with ease.

Axis Bank allows you to get an add-on or supplementary card against your existing credit card from the bank. The features offered on an add-on card are the same as the parent card. Axis Bank lets you apply for up to 4 add-on cards. Just contact the nearby branch to avail of an add-on card.

Most Axis Bank Credit Cards have various charges and fees that you need to be aware of as a cardholder. The first type of fee is the Joining/Annual fee, which varies depending on the specific Axis Bank Credit Card. 


The second type of fee is the Finance charges, which can be up to 3.4% per month or 49.36% per annum. The third type of fee is the Late Payment Fee, which is charged on outstanding balances. If the outstanding balance is less than ₹500, there is no late payment fee. 


However, if the balance is between ₹501 and ₹5,000, the fee is ₹500. If the balance is between ₹5,001 and ₹10,000, the fee is ₹750. And if the balance is greater than ₹10,000, the fee is ₹1200.

Please note that certain charges may differ across card types. For detailed information about the fees and charges for specific Axis Bank Credit Card variants, please refer to the terms and conditions.

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