ICICI Expressions Credit Card

ICICI Expressions Credit Card

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ICICI Expressions Credit Card

Credit cards have truly evolved over the last few years to emerge as one of the most popular payment methods available to people today. Credit cards are ideal for when you want to buy latest home appliances or consumer electronics.

Shopping through credit cards are additionally appealing because of the huge amounts of rewards and benefits they offer. For instance, a lot of credit cards, and especially those issued by ICICI Bank, offer a range of traveller points that you can utilize for getting discounts on flight tickets and other amenities. 

ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card is the latest offering by ICICI, and is made even more appealing due to the cardholder’s ability to customize it. You can choose from a range of images across themes, or even use your own image, which will be featured on the card.

ICICI Expressions Credit Card Features & Benefits

The ICICI Bank Expressions credit card comes equipped with a range of features and benefits, which enable the cardholder to avail a range of discounts. Read on below to learn the ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card features and benefits, which make using this card such a great tool for making payments. 

  1. Extensive security against duplication and fraud through a microchip embedded into the card.

  2. For every Rs. 100 spent through the card on retail purchases, excluding fuel, cardholders earn 3 payback points, which can be redeemed for attractive products.

  3. Twice a month, cardholders can get enviable discounts of Rs. 100 each time on movie tickets bought through bookmyshow. 

  4. Cardholders also have access to the ICICI Bank Culinary Treats programme, under which they can avail discounts of 15% or more at across 2,500 restaurants across 12 or more Indian cities.

  5. ICICI Bank Expressions credit card benefits also include offers from VISA, which can be redeemed across restaurants, lifestyle stores, luxury hotels, and spas.

  6. Travelling can get a lot more luxurious and exciting for cardholders of the ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card. Expression credit card benefits include a complimentary visit to airport lounges every quarter along with unrestricted chargeable access for cardholders and their guests.

  7. Even as fuel prices shoot up, ICICI Bank Expressions credit card holders can avail waivers on fuel surcharge of 1% each time they refuel for a maximum expenditure of Rs. 4,000 per transaction at HPCL pumps.

Expressions Credit Card Fees & Charges

Credit cards have long earned criticism for the additional charges they levy from cardholders, without cardholders being informed about it in advance. However, ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card fees and charges are clearly communicated to customers, thereby, ensuring that cardholders are never left feeling shortchanged. Read on below to learn the different fees and charges you will be liable to while using the ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card.

Fees & Charges Criterion


Fee for Joining

Rs. 499 + GST

Annual Fee

Rs. 499 + GST (the annual fee gets waived from second year onwards if annual expenditure through card exceeds Rs. 1,50,000)

Add-on Card Fee

Rs. 199

Finance Charges

These are levied at a rate of 3.40% per month or 40.80% per year

Cash Advance Fee

Either Rs. 300 or 2.50% of the amount withdrawn, depending on whichever is higher

Dial-a-Draft Fee

3% of the draft value will be charged, subject to a minimum fee of Rs. 300

Late Payment Charges

Charges are capped at Rs. 750

Over-limit Charges

2.50% will be charged on the over-limit amount, but subject to a minimum of Rs. 500

Cheque-return Fee

The minimum from among either Rs. 450 or 2% of the total due amount

Fee on Cash Payment at Branches

Rs. 100 per payment transaction

Request for Duplicate Statement

Rs. 100

Fee for Card Replacement

Rs. 199

Fee for Cash or Cheque Pick-up

Rs. 100 per Pick-up

Request for Charge Slip

Rs. 100 per charge slip

Surcharge on Railway Booking

If payment is made online, 1.80% of the transaction value is levied, while 2.50% is levied on other payment modes. 

ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria
  • The applicant cardholder must be aged at least 23 years
  • The applicant cardholder needs to be a citizen of India
  • In order to be eligible for availing the ICICI Expression credit card, the cardholder must have a good credit score.
Documents Required
  • Latest 3 months’ salary slip/Form 16/ IT return copy as proof of income
  • Residence proof (Aadhar Card, Passport, Utility Bills)
  • Identity proof (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driver’s License)

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  • ✔️What is limit on ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card?

    There is no limit on the ICICI Expression credit card, but instead if you spend up to Rs. 1,50,000 annually through the card, your annual fee for using the card will be waived.

  • ✔️What are ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card benefits?

    ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card benefits are numerous, and offer a range of rewards and discounts for eating out, travelling, etc. 

  • ✔️What is the annual fee on ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card?

    The annual fee for using the ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card from the second year onwards is Rs. 500 and the appropriate GST. However, this fee will not be levied if your annual expenditure through the card is more than Rs. 1.5 lakh.

  • ✔️What are the customer contact details for ICICI Emerald Card?

    For all queries related to your Credit card application, you can reach the ICICI Bank credit card customer care team:

    • Email: Customer.care@icicibank.com

    • Phone: 1860 120 7777

    • Local call: 33667777 (prefix local area code)