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ICICI Bank HPCL Credit Card

When credit cards were first introduced to the Indian market, they were considered a luxurious product that most people might not be able to afford. Since then, lifestyles have undergone a lot of changes, and people are now more willing to try new payment methods.


Credit cards have especially shown a lot of utility for the young, urban population who are setting up their own homes for the first time. Credit cards are especially useful for purchasing electronic appliances and consumer appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc.


ICICI Bank, one of the most prominent banks in India, has several credit card offerings in the market. All are popular with consumers owing to the wide range of benefits and rewards they offer on the purchase of goods and services.


ICICI Bank, in collaboration with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), launched the ICICI HPCL credit card. The card offers a range of benefits and rewards but is especially geared toward saving consumers excess costs while purchasing fuel.


This card can be redeemed against a range of services and earn the cardholders a lot of rewards. If this card is used at any HPCL outlet, you will not have to bear the 2.5% surcharge which is liable on payment through other credit cards. At every step, this credit card endeavours to reduce your expenses and maximise your earnings.

ICICI HPCL Credit Card Benefits & Features

There are several interesting features and benefits offered by the ICICI HPCL credit card.

Some of this cards features and benefits are:

  • The ICICI HPCL credit card can be used globally to make payments at any store or outlet that allows Visa card or Mastercard payments

  • The annual fee on the ICICI HPCL credit card can be reversed if you spend more than ₹50,000 through it annually

  • Your outstanding balance from other credit cards can be transferred to this credit card, which you can then repay through EMIs and availing a lower interest rate


While the ICICI HPCL credit card benefits are numerous and attractive, they ensure that it remains a sought-after product in the market constantly.

  • For every ₹100 spent on retail purchases, excluding fuel, 2 payback points are earned by the cardholder

  • If the card is swiped on ICICI swipe machines for making fuel transactions for a maximum of ₹4,000 pumps, the cardholder is eligible for 1% of fuel surcharge.

  • If the card is swiped on ICICI swipe machines for making fuel purchases at HPCL pumps, the consumer can get cashback for up to ₹100.

ICICI HPCL Credit Card Eligibility and Documentation

The  ICICI HPCL Credit Card comes with a simple eligibility checklist making it super-easy to avail of its myriad benefits. If you wish to apply for the card, you should be:

  • 21-65 years of age. 

  • A salaried employee or self-employed individual with a stable income.

  • A credit-worthy borrower with a good credit score of at least 750 or above. 

  • Able to demonstrate a stable credit history. 


If you meet this eligibility checklist, you simply have to submit the following documents to successfully apply for the card:

  • Identity proof (PAN Card, voter’s ID, passport, driver’s licence, etc.)

  • Address proof (Aadhaar Card, utility bills, passport, etc.)

  • Two passport-sized photos

  • Salaried employees must submit their latest salary slips, form 16, and last three months’ bank statements.

  • Self-employed persons must submit last two year’s ITR statements, proof of business, and Last three months’ bank statements.

How to Apply for an ICICI HPCL Credit Card on Bajaj Markets

  • Step 1: Visit Bajaj Markets: Visit us online 

  • Step 2: Fill in your details: Help us with a few of your details

  • Step 3: Check out the list of multiple Credit Cards from ICICI Bank: Compare between the multiple options available

  • Step 4: Make a Choice!: Select ICICI HPCL Credit Card

  • Step 5: Submit your form: And you're done!

ICICI HPCL Card Rewards

With credit cards being made available by a range of banks in the market, there is immense competition by companies to gain more customers. With this objective, companies are offering different kinds of rewards to appeal to its customers. Some of the rewards offered by the ICICI HPCL credit card include the following:

  • As part of the ICICI Culinary Treats Program, the ICICI HPCL credit card benefits include a minimum 15% of savings on dining bills at more than 2,500 participating restaurants. 

  • The Easy Bill Pay facility on the ICICI HPCL card helps you conveniently and easily pay your regular utility bills, such as for your mobile, electricity, etc.

  • Twice a month, the ICICI HPCL credit card lets you get ₹100 off on movie tickets, if they are booked through

ICICI HPCL Credit Card Rewards Redemption

The best part about the ICICI HPCL credit card is that you can redeem your PAYBACK points directly at an HPCL gas station for fuel. Available at select HPCL stations, with this feature you can use 2000 reward points to purchase fuel worth ₹500. 


You can also redeem your ICICI HPCL credit card PAYBACK reward points by simply logging into your netbanking account or visiting the PAYBACK website. Alternatively, you can also call the customer care number and pick a gift from the exclusive rewards catalogue in exchange for your points. 

Who Should Get the ICICI HPCL Credit Card?

If you are looking for a credit card which offers benefits in one of the following areas, then you must opt for an ICICI HPCL credit card:

  • You have been looking specifically for a fuel credit card

  • You are looking for a fuel credit card with a low annual fee

  • Apart from low annual fees, you are also looking at getting some special benefits at HPCL petrol stations

  • Lastly, you are someone who is considering a card that offers services that include roadside assistance

FAQs on ICICI HPCL Credit Card

Your CIBIL score and income levels will determine the permissible credit limit on your ICICI HPCL credit card. If you have a CIBIL score of more than 750, you can expect a good credit limit on the card and reap its multiple benefits.

ICICI HPCL credit card benefits include a range of rewards, such as cost-savings on fuel surcharges and discounts on movie tickets.


The annual fee on the ICICI HPCL credit card is ₹199, but it can be reversed by spending more than ₹50,000 annually.


It takes approximately 21 days for a new credit card to be processed by the issuing authority.


The late payment charges vary as per the total amount due. If the amount due is less than 100, then the charges are zero. But if the amount due is less than 500, then the charges are ₹100, if the amount due is less than 10,000, then the charges are ₹750. If the amount due is less than 25,000, then the charges are ₹900 and the charges are ₹1,000 if the amount is more than ₹25,000 but less than ₹50,000. If the due amount is more than ₹50,000, a charge of ₹1,200 will be levied. 


Purchasing tickets online will incur a surcharge of 1.805% of the transaction amount, while in other cases there will be a surcharge of 2.50 percent.

The ICICI HPCL credit card comes with a joining fee of ₹199+ GST and an annual renewal fee of ₹199+GST (applicable from the second year onwards). However, if you spend more than ₹50,000 in the preceding year, this annual fee can be waived.

Apart from the nominal ₹199 joining and annual fee, you will also have to pay monthly finance charges of 3.40% on the card. Additionally, this co-branded credit card also comes with a late payment fee of up to ₹1,200, an overlimit penalty of at least ₹550, and a cash advance fee of at least ₹500. Besides these charges, foreign transaction charges, cash payment fees, and card replacement charges are also applicable on this card. 


Yes. The ICICI HPCL credit card is best-suited for those who want more from a regular fuel credit card. Fuel expense savings are guaranteed by cashbacks of 2.5% (up to ₹100) and 1% fuel surcharge exemptions (on up to ₹4,000) on the card. 


Additionally, the ICICI HPCL credit card’s benefits  include rewards and cashbacks across non-fuel spending categories like movie tickets, dining, lifestyle stores, spas, and more. For the constant traveller, this card brings a complementary Dreakfolks membership with two domestic airport lounge visits and two airport spa sessions.  


Yes. You can use your ICICI HPCL credit card on an HPCL petrol pump to claim up to 2.5% cashback on fuel purchases. You can also claim a 1% fuel surcharge exemption on spends less than ₹40,000. However, you can only avail of these ICICI HPCL credit card benefits if the pump uses an ICICI Bank Merchant Services swipe machine.


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