10 Common Mistakes to avoid While Setting a Clinic in India

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If you’re a professional doctor planning on setting up your clinic in India, you need to have a proper plan in order to get started with your business. There are a lot of clinics these days that have their own unique brand names and specialties. To step ahead from the rest and push your business towards the success you need to plan your business moves and avoid any setbacks.

The following are 10 common mistakes that you need to avoid when setting up your clinic.

1. Improper money management

To be able to run a clinic you need to have good financing. Budgeting is essential for the smooth operation of your clinic. You need to find out your requirements and predict your future expenses. This will help you in managing your finances better. If you’ve taken a doctor loan for a clinic, try to predict how long it will take you to pay it off the complete loan amount, so that you can have a better judgment whether the clinic is financially viable.

2. Not setting a concrete open date

When you are aware of the time frame you might have set a date to open the clinic on a certain date. However, if your landlord or insurance agent causes some delays in the process this might lead to even more delay in getting your clinic started. The same goes for acquiring a government license. It’s best to plan in advance and give yourself some buffer time to accommodate any unexpected delays.

3. Not acquiring the right technology

To perform medical practise you need to have the best equipment and technology in place before you start your clinic. With the help of software technology you can manage all of your appointments, medical records, reports, etc. For the receptionist’s desk, you will require a laptop or a computer. If you require financial assistance you can take a professional loan for doctors and cover all such expenses with ease. By getting a doctor loan at Bajaj Markets you can finance all the expenses incurred in setting up your clinic.


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4. Not making yourself heard

Word-of-mouth is an ideal way to spread the word but you have other options to spread information to a vast majority of people. You need to get a unique name board for your clinic and you can also get listed online with all the information of your medical practices so that more people are aware of your clinic.

5. Hiring inefficient staff

You need to be very selective about the staff you hire for your clinic or you might complicate matters in the long run. A proper background check is necessary for all your staff. You need to get information about their previous work experience and verify it. You get what you pay for, so do not settle for cheap alternatives.

6. Location of Clinic

Choose the location of your clinic wisely or your clinic might not run well as expected. You need to take into consideration the demand in the locality for a certain specialty clinic. See what kind of people live in that locality, the general age group and then make a final decision.

7. Patient’s negative experience

If your patient is satisfied with the services provided in the clinic they are most likely to visit again. Hence it is necessary to have an organized medical record and regular communication regarding appointments and patient’s feedback. You can also see if the waiting room and entrance of your clinic is clean and whether proper hygiene is maintained on a daily basis.

8. Lack of presence online

People every day turn to seeking information online, some use it to shop medicines or find doctors too. If you put out the information about your medical practices then a lot of people will get to know about your clinic. A web profile means better exposure online and a steady stream of patients and appointments.

9. Not having a proper clinic opening

The day you open your clinic is supposed to be a special occasion. And by doing this you are adding value to the locality with your medical services. You can let people know of the opening and invite them for free check-ups. This can be a good strategy to bring in patients in the future. This leaves a good impression in the mind of the people and they might come again for actual consultation.

10. Not listing a proper checklist

Setting up a clinic is a complicated process but what helps to manage it well is by making a checklist of what needs to be done on priority. You can make use of this checklist and organize your efforts into getting a clinic opened. This will make sure you fulfill all things on priority and not miss out on anything.

Now that we’ve listed all the things that need to be kept in mind for a successful start of your clinic. For financial assistance, you can always take a doctor loan and cover all of your financial requirements. With Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for Doctors, you can avail a sizable loan of up to Rs 25 lakh at affordable interest rates without pledging any collateral. Also read what are the benefits of business loan online at Bajaj Markets.





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