Ways to Reduce Your Car Loan EMIs

Posted in Lending Articles By Chanel Rick - Aug 17,2022
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The famous magic flying carpet is the envy of us all. Don’t you want a magic carpet that could breeze through the endless barrage of traffic? It would cut down the hassle of long-distance commutes. But unfortunately, it’s fictional and limited to the confines of Aladdin’s realm. However, there are other, real options out there! 

A shiny-new four-wheeler could solve your woes of tedious daily commutes. Moreover, it could fulfil your desire to enjoy an adventurous weekend getaway, perhaps a long road trip to exciting destinations. Whether for a family or a solo driver, there is a suitable option for everyone! Moreover, you can weigh the option between different fuel and non-fuel type cars to optimise the experience. 

Though, there’s a glaring price tag associated with such investments. But, before you’re too disheartened, let us remind you of a solution. Car loans are a great way to finance this acquisition! It’s hassle-free and requires simple documentation, and helps you purchase the car of your dreams. Instead of paying a mighty cost upfront, break down the price to manageable EMIs that must be repaid over a certain tenure. 

Still, contemplating whether it’s the right choice? With a vehicle at your disposal, no more frustrating encounters with cab cancellations! Now, that’s a reason worth owning a car. Don’t you agree? If you do, then we have something you might be interested in! 

6 Tips to Lower Car Loan EMIs 

After browsing countless brands and their bestselling cars, you might have settled on one with the best mileage, features, etc. But, guess what? That mighty price tag could deal some damage after converting the payment into EMIs. However, there are a few ways to lower the price! 

1. Pay a Higher Down Payment 

While this step could topple some budgets, it may be worth the try. Consider that your EMI would be considerably reduced by paying a higher down payment. It would also lower the loan amount required. That said since the interest of a loan is estimated based on the principal amount requested, it would benefit the borrower. 

The more money you choose to borrow, the higher interest will be imposed on you. Hence, it’s best to pay a reasonable amount upfront to lower the burden of interest rates. It will help you reduce the EMI and cushion the blow of interest rates in the long run. 

2. Choose Affordable Cars 

If you have your heart set on a particular type of car, ensure it matches all the necessary criteria. Once it checks all the boxes of utility and safety, start negotiating the price with different car deals. While shopping for a car, it’s best to avoid settling for the first option or offer available. Mull over the decision as you let various car dealerships make offers with the most competitive price available in the market. 

Moreover, with some negotiation, you just might get some free accessories! Unless it’s necessary, browse through all the options in the market before making the final purchase decision. 

3. Opt for Long Tenors 

When lenders offer various tenor options, experts suggest that borrowers could opt for the longest one available. It will distribute the EMI across the length of the tenor, bringing down the total instalment liable to pay every month or so. But, consider some factors before making this decision. 

Choosing a longer term increases the duration within which you must continue paying the interest charged on the loan amount. In exchange for a lowered EMI and longer tenor, you might incur the additional expense of paying the interest. So, unless it’s a feasible option for your finances, borrowers must thoroughly contemplate before increasing the duration. 

4. Approach Your Existing Bank 

One of the best ways to ensure that you receive the choicest offers is by visiting one of your banks! Preferably choose a bank with which you have sustained the longest customer relationship. It will allow them to make better offers that work in your favour if you have maintained a healthy relationship with them. Moreover, they might be able to provide you with a lower interest rate on your preferred loan. 

5. Use Windfall for Prepayment 

That Diwali bonus check can do more than just purchase a few idle gifts for the kids and relatives! With each windfall you receive, consider re-directing it towards the prepayment of the loan. While not necessary to entirely part with the amount, use a portion of it to repay the loan sooner. 

Most banks and NBFCs allow borrowers to make prepayments after a certain period within the tenor. Borrowers can take advantage of this by using bonus checks or other windfalls to deposit the surplus toward loan repayment. It will allow you to close the loan well in advance, without the unnecessary interest payment. However, inquire with your loan provider whether they levy any prepayment charges. Depending on that, consider closing off the loan at the earliest. 

6. Prioritise High-Interest Payments 

Another way to quickly close a loan is to create a list of all ongoing repayments like high-interest credit cards, loans, etc. Prioritise them in high to low interest based on their interest rate. Once completed, start focusing on paying off high-interest loans like car loans first. It means re-directing any surplus checks or bonuses towards closing it off. Moreover, it means prioritising its timely repayment without any delays. 

With these useful tips, you could quickly close an ongoing car loan! And then what? It’s just smooth sailing afterwards! Drive the car to exotic tourist destinations, fulfil life-long road trip dreams and enjoy the car to its full potential. 

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