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Purchasing a new electric bike makes sense in 2021 if you want to steer clear of the pursuant and steady rise in fuel prices. However, not every electric bike or rather two-wheeler is worth purchasing as the initial costs are often higher as compared to the standard two-wheelers. Despite the higher initial investment, Hero Electric Zion bikes are the best options to invest in, owing to the ease of maintenance, better garage accessibility, and the availability of curated bike insurance plans.

Types of Insurance plans

If you are planning to invest in the Hero Electric Zion insurance plan, it is advisable to choose between a third-party policy and a comprehensive plan.

  • Comprehensive plan:While it is advisable to opt for comprehensive coverage for electric vehicles as you might need to pay for the hefty repair bills in the unfortunate event of an accident.

  • Third-party plan:A third-party bike insurance plan seems more affordable as it only covers damages incurred by the third party. However, as electric bikes are the new kids on the block, it is better to opt for comprehensive insurance plans over just third-party ones.

Why Choose Bajaj Markets as your Insurance Buying Platform of choice?

When it comes to investing in an electric bike insurance plan, it is advisable to compare multiple service providers and then take a call, according to the deals, add-ons, and premium rates. However, comparing at random will do you no good unless there is a regulated platform to depend on. This is why it is advisable to depend on Bajaj Markets to get your selections on point.

Insurance Inclusions

Depending on the type of insurance plan you choose, here are the aspects that are most likely to be covered:

  • Damages to the insured, and even the third-party property, resulting from an accident

  • Damages caused by explosion and fire

  • Accidental injury or death

  • Vehicle theft

Certain lenders also include damages incurred due to man-made problems and disasters like vandalism and riots.


Regardless of the Hero Electric Zion insurance plan, you choose to go with, there are certain areas that are excluded for good. These include

  • Mechanical failure and electrical damage,

  • Damages caused by regular usage,

  • Damages caused by reckless driving,

  • Problems causes while riding the vehicle without a valid license,

  • Driving while being under the influence of intoxicating substances.


As far as the insurance add-ons are concerned, you can get hold of RTI and zero vehicle depreciation coverage to extend the resourcefulness of the concerned vehicle. You can even get an NCB in bike insurance which will help you save on renewal premiums if you have made not claims against your policy.

How to Apply and Claim?

Applying for a comprehensive or third-party Hero Electric Zion insurance plan is easier than it sounds. However, before connecting with an insurance provider, you must first calculate the insurance-specific liabilities, premium rates, and other processing overheads.

Once the costs are clearly displayed, you can head over to the official website of the concerned insurer and put forth an application by providing personal details, vehicle registration credentials, and other insights.

Claims for EV insurance are pretty straightforward as most insurers offer self-assessment as an option. However, for raising claims, you can always connect with them via the existing app and supply previous policy details, no claim validations if any, vehicle invoice, and more.

Wrap Up

Now that you are aware of how the Hero Electric Zion insurance plans work, you need to get one. But before you do that, you will need to compare all the plans available to you. This is exactly what you can do before selecting the most appropriate plan for you on Bajaj Markets. 

FAQs on Hero Electric Zion Two Wheeler Insurance

How is the coverage value of the Hero Electric Zion determined?

This is determined by taking the cost of the vehicle, the time it’s been in use for, and existing damage. This helps insurers calculate the IDV, which forms the basis of your insurance cover. 

Which insurer trait is to be considered before finalizing a provider?

You should prioritize the settlement ratio over any other trait.

Which insurance add-on helps you with renewals?

For renewals, you should look for the NCB or ‘No Claim Bonus’ as the add-on of choice.

How long does it take to purchase an insurance plan?

If you get hold of a good insurer, you can end up purchasing the Hero Electric Zion insurance plan in less than 5 minutes, especially on Bajaj Markets.

What are the essential documents to provide while renewing insurance?

You must provide the vehicle registration details, previous policy number, and expiry date of the same.

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