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Tuberculosis Cover in Health Insurance

Low-income households in India are far more likely to have tuberculosis, and patients frequently struggle to pay for necessary treatments. The question is, is TB covered in health insurance? Fortunately, there are specific insurance providers who provide affordable tuberculosis health

insurance. The cost of treating tuberculosis also depends on how severe the illness is and how much time it takes to recover. 

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Overview on TB Health Insurance in India

Approximately 40% of the Indian population suffers from a disease called tuberculosis (TB). TB is a very contagious disease that affects a human's lungs. 


The World Health Organisation (WHO) lists tuberculosis as one of the top 10 infections that kill people worldwide. Hospitalisations are required in these situations to receive an intensive treatment regimen. In India, unfortunately, Tuberculosis is much more common in low-income households, and patients often find it problematic to afford treatments. Thankfully, there are certain insurance companies that offer health insurance for tuberculosis at affordable rates. TB health insurance provides coverage for the necessary medical expenses related to TB and ensures efficient treatment. 

Cost of Tuberculosis Treatment in India

Certain types of tuberculosis therapy are expensive. According to 2021 research by a top medical expert in India, a  total of "235 per cent on average of an individual's income and 53% of yearly average earnings of a family" could be at risk. The expense of tuberculosis treatment also depends on how bad the sickness is and how long it takes to get well. 3 months to 2 years may pass during the rehabilitation process. 


If the mycobacterium is drug-resistant, the treatment cost of TB may exceed INR 1,00,000. Hence, to shield patients from the increasing costs of tuberculosis care, they must get medical insurance.


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Health Insurance Coverage for TB Patients

A potentially fatal illness like tuberculosis (TB) is much more likely to affect people with weakened immune systems. Therefore, having a TB insurance plan in place is imperative in case the sickness turns fatal or necessitates longer-term hospitalisation.

  • Treatment costs

These cover the price of treatment and medications used before, throughout, and post-hospitalisation, along with ICU expenses, etc. 

  • Doctor's consultation costs

The insurance also pays for doctor consultations before, during, as well as post-hospitalisation.

  • Diagnostic test costs

This comprises the expenses incurred due to tests both pre and post hospitalisation

  • Hospital room charge

Tuberculosis Insurance will pay the everyday room fee up to the specified amount.

Insurance Companies That Offer Cover for Tuberculosis

Many insurance providers offer various TB cover in health insurance and accept online applications. Below are a few trusted insurance providers, you can buy TB insurance coverage from them,

    1.Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

The TB insurance plans offered by Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance are thorough and reasonably priced. Without having to worry about hefty prices, you can seamlessly receive the best treatment facilities. Depending on your budget and specification you can pick from a variety of their plans.

    2.Aditya Birla Health Insurance

A person's many medical needs can be met through Aditya Birla Health Insurance. Whether it's an individual or family, or perhaps a team of over 50 people, they offer a wide range of plans for everyone.

    3.Care Health Insurance

The astounding unlimited recharge advantage, worldwide health coverage for over 12 serious diseases, yearly health checks for every policyholder, the accessibility of many riders that you can pick based on your specific needs, and the No Claim Reward are just a few factors to opt for Care Health Insurance policies.


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Despite being a severe condition, TB is curable with diagnosis and care. Therefore, if you or your family exhibits signs of the ailment, get medical help at once. Don't forget to purchase solid TB insurance coverage to protect yourself from unanticipated medical costs. The insurer will pay for your medical fees and any related costs if you have TB.

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Which health insurance policy is most suitable for TB?

You must purchase a critical illness medical coverage plan to cover the cost of TB treatments.

Can healthy immunity prevent TB?

Having strong immunity potentially prevents TB that has gotten inside as your body attacks the TB's bacteria and destroys it. In most cases, patients won't require hospitalisation.

Can you contract TB once more after healing?

Yes, there is the possibility that individuals who have been cured of TB could contract it once more. Therefore, see your doctor immediately if you develop symptoms after you've healed.

What are the common symptoms of TB?

Listed below are a few symptoms of TB

  • Drastic weight loss

  • Coughing

  • Fatigue

  • Pain and shortness of breath

  • Less or no appetite

  • Fever

What are the coverages offered under TB insurance?

The TB insurance plan would pay for the rent of hospital rooms, ICU, blood transfusion, doctor, medication, and test costs. However, the coverage may differ from company to company.

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