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A nursery business may be perfect for you if you love to surround yourself with lush greenery and are looking to make money. There are many who want to decorate their houses with plants and bonsai trees to evade the feeling of urban melancholy. 

A nursery business can cater to such a target audience and also make a difference by keeping the environment in cities greener. If you are planning to start a nursery business and want to partake in horticulture, you must have a clearly drawn-out nursery business plan. 

Read on to know all that you need to know about a nursery business plan and how you can pilot it smoothly.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Nursery

The following is a step-by-step guide on how you create a robust nursery startup business plan and set it up to earn profits.

1. Deciding on the Types of Nurseries 

The foremost thing that you need to decide about your business plan is what kind of nursery you want to open. 

The following are different types of nursery businesses that you can set up:

  • Flower Nursery: These are the most common and beautiful nurseries that you can set up. As everyone loves to have flowers around, these nurseries can generate more earnings than any other. However, note that there’s a lot of competition when it comes to flower nurseries.

  • Vegetable Nursery: As people are turning more towards organic vegetables to avoid pesticides and carbides, vegetable nurseries are also garnering popularity. People nowadays seek to turn their terraces into organic gardens growing vegetables.Vegetable nurseries cater to such audiences.

  • Fruit Nursery: As is the case with vegetables, people want to consume organic fruits of superior quality. Fruit nursery businesses provide people with such fruits. However, they require more patience and continued efforts to grow these fruits.

  • Medicinal Nursery: A lot of plants carry medicinal values and are used to produce medicines that act as life savers. Such nurseries are currently the most profitable of the lot. 

2. Scouting for Land

One of the most crucial aspects for starting a nursery is land. Hence, it must be a part of your garden nursery business plan. The quality of plants that you grow depends on the fertility of the land.

When scouting for the land, it is important to look at the fertility and its nutritional qualities. So, when setting up a nursery, you can grow different plants either in your backyard or rent/purchase land for this purpose. 

Look for the following components when deciding on a suitable piece of land:

  • Moisture

  • Nutritional value of soil

  • Lack of presence of pests and insects

3. Permits for Land

Like any other business, when setting up a nursery, you would need to obtain a land use permit from the local authorities. To obtain a land-use permit, you will have to apply for it at the municipal council/corporation office. 

4. Agriculture Licence

Another important aspect of your plant or tree nursery business plan has to be obtaining an agricultural Licence. Once you obtain a land permit, you will need to apply for an agricultural Licence from the state agricultural department. 

An authority from the state agricultural department will inspect the land before granting a Licence for the same.

5. Purchasing Seeds and Saplings

After deciding the type of nursery you want to set up, the next step of your nursery business plan would be purchasing seeds and saplings. You can source different seeds and saplings from various gardening companies. 

6. Soil

The quality of plants that you want to grow for your nursery depends on the quality of the soil. It would be best to get the nutritional quality of the soil checked. This will help you identify the kind of nutrients the soil lacks for growing certain kinds of plants.

Moreover, to increase productivity, you must employ classical ploughing methods.

7. Buying Tools & Fertilisers

To utilise your nursery to its fullest capacity, you need to have certain tools for the following purposes: 

  • Ploughing and turning the soil

  • Sowing the seeds

  • Spraying insecticides

  • Removing weeds

  • Cutting the saplings 

In addition, for the proper growth of plants, you must use fertilisers. However, in order to ensure superior quality, it is always better to use organic manures.

8. Hiring Employees

Horticulture and nursery are a business that still remains human-centric in many ways. So, hiring a team with the required expertise and skills must be a crucial part of your nursery business plan. 

9. Marketing the Business

Marketing needs to be an important aspect of your nursery business plan in order to garner new customers. To advertise your business, you can use different marketing channels, such as:

  • Social media campaigns

  • Newspaper advertising

  • Door-to-door campaigning 

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FAQs for Nursery Business Plan

What is the budget for starting a nursery?

To start a sizable unit of a nursery, you will be required to invest about ₹3-4 Lakhs.


Is nursery a profitable business?

While it depends on a number of factors, a nursery business is generally profitable. Moreover, you can make it profitable if you plan for the future and stick to a robust nursery business plan.

How do I get a plant nursery Licence in India?

To get a Licence to set up a nursery, you will need to get a land-use permit from the local authorities. After that, you can apply for an agricultural Licence which will be issued after an inspection by an authority from the state agricultural department. 


Do you need a Licence to sell plants?

Yes, to sell plants, you need to obtain a general business licence. 


Is plant nursery a profitable business in India?

Yes, while it depends on a number of internal and external factors, a plant necessary is generally a profitable business. You can make it profitable by chalking out a plant nursery business plan and working accordingly. 


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