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Starting a business is indeed a big step that one can take. Once you choose to become your own boss, you choose to give up on the income stability factor that corporate life gives you in hopes of earning much more than that down the line. To stand a proper chance of doing so, you need to make sure that you are opening a shop that will prove to be lucrative in the future. You will find 15 such popular small business ideas that you can start in 2022 below.

15 Most Successful Small Business Ideas

1. Fitness Centre

If you are someone who is passionate about fitness and wants to help others become their best version of themselves in terms of their physicality, you can always open a gym. All you will need is a space of your own, some dumbbells, and related equipment and a handful of trained fitness professionals. Such an endeavour will require you to invest a certain amount of money to get the ground running, for which you can always take a small business loan.

2. Customised Gift-Making

Like to make an occasion a special one with memorable gifts? Opening a small venture that makes customised gifts for people may just suit you best. In addition to having a space of your own, you will need the raw materials to make your product and enough staff-power to keep your venture running. If your business proves to be profitable eventually and feel that it can earn more income for you, you can always take a small business loan to expand your operations.

3. Bakery/Chocolaterie

If you like to make social gatherings a memorable one with your baking skills, maybe you should consider opening a small bakery of your own. On top of a place of your own, all you will need are the required raw materials for your goods, the right kind of cooking equipment and perhaps a handful of assistants. This is all to say that you can open your potentially profitable venture and follow your calling with minimal investment that you can take care of with a small business loan.

Who does not like chocolates? If you are someone who is a master at the art of chocolate making and can get really creative with your cocoa to provide a mouth-watering experience to people, maybe you should open a chocolate making business. All you will need is your expertise, a space and some equipment for bulk chocolate production for starters and maybe an advertising budget to get your word out there. If your chocolate-making venture is already making waves and feel you can benefit from expanding your scale of operations, consider taking a small business loan.

4. Cooking Classes

If you are especially proud of your culinary skills and want to teach how to make restaurant-style dishes at their homes, this is one way to do so. All you will need is a space of your own, a handful of chairs, tables and cooking essentials to get the ball rolling. Everybody loves eating and making other people eat, which means that your little venture can turn into a lucrative one in no time.

5. Yoga Centre

Want to help people become the best version they can mentally as well as physically? A simple way to do that is by starting a Yoga centre of your own. A space on rent, a handful of mats, other kinds of yoga equipment is all you will need. Given that people are becoming more and more health conscious by the day and people are becoming more cognizant of the importance of mental health every day, a yoga centre can potentially churn up profits for you in a short span of time.

6. Pet Salon/Pet Food Store

Many pet owners who live in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities love to spoil their pets as much as they can. This means that a pet salon or a store selling nutritious and tasty food meant for pets is almost sure to work, provided it is situated in the right neighbourhood. Such establishments can be set up with minimal initial investments and with the right kind of marketing, you can earn a fairly decent income for yourself over time.

7. Restaurant/Cafe

It is a known fact that people love to visit and chill at restaurants and cafes and have a nice conversation over delicious food or a fresh brew. This means that if you open up a restaurant or a cafe and give the people what they desire, you can make their evening and even expect repeat business and a positive word of mouth. All you will need is a space for yourself, trained staff, chefs or coffee artisans and you are good to go. What is more, if you feel that you do not have the necessary amount of funds to make your dream of becoming a restauranter/cafe owner come true, you can always take a business loan.

8. Computer Training Centres

Given that there is a growing demand for computer education, courtesy of the increase in the number of people who want to become more literate about the matter, opening up a computer training centre can be a very profitable thing to do. In addition to a classroom-like space, a handful of machines, a white board, some markers/chalks and a projector is perhaps all you will need. You can make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur within no time with a minimal amount of investment that you can secure through a business loan.

9. Handicrafts-Making Business

Indians simply love handicrafts and there is no denying it! If you are proficient in making them yourself or know the people you can make it or supply it, you can start a handicraft-selling store within a few months! Such a store requires a minimal amount of investment and can turn up a noticeable amount of profit over time. You can apply for a business loan today and get the ball rolling!

10. Fashion Boutique

Are you someone who is always updated about the latest trends in fashion or want to make a splash in the fashion industry with your own fashion sense? Maybe you will benefit significantly by becoming the owner of a fashion boutique. All you will need is to get the right kind of storefront in the right kind of neighbourhood, a handful of people who can be of service to the customers and the right kind of material that you can fashion something out of. A small business loan, which can be availed from Bajaj MARKETS, can help you turn that dream into a reality.

11. Real Estate Agent/Broker

Becoming a real estate broker perhaps requires the least amount of financial investment, as all you need is a place you can call your office and your knowledge about the current property market trends along with a few registrations. After that, all you will need to do is build a network of credible people and clientele. Every house that you sell or help someone rent out will put a significant amount of money in your bank. So now, if you think about the capital required and the gains are to be made from such a kind of business, doesn’t it seem like a viable business option to you?

12. Stock Broker/Sub-Broker

If you have adequate knowledge about the stock market, all you will need to do is get a handful of SEBI-registrations in order to embark on a path of becoming a small-scale stock broker. After you get your certificates and registrations, all you will need are a bunch of people, a handful of systems and a commercial space of your own. Alternatively, you can jumpstart your stock-broking business by becoming a sub-broker, which is essentially the franchisee of an established stock-broker. It takes very little investment, which can be secured through a small business loan, to start one.

13. Cab Driving Service

If you are an expert automotive vehicle driver, you can simply start a cap driving service. At start, all you will need is enough money for your own car, making it one of the least-expensive start-up ventures. With time, if you manage to generate enough income, you can expand your business by setting up a fleet of cabs. At which point, you can take a small business loan to fast track the process.

14. Consultancy Services

Have a lot of knowledge about things like social media management, fashion, ethical hacking or cryptocurrency? Maybe you can start your entrepreneurial journey as a consultant. All you will need is an office space, the right kind of marketing tools and your intellect. You can take a business loan today if you need for your office supplies and start away.

15. Housekeeping Services

Who does not like a clean home or office space? Given that cleanliness and the need for hygiene is never going to go out of fashion, getting into the housekeeping industry is one route you can take as an entrepreneur. With a minimal investment required for things like office space and manpower, you can start a business as soon as you want to and turn it into a profit making venture in a short span of time.

Starting a business has never been easier, but it still will require a significant amount of monetary resources. If you feel that you will not be able to set up a startup out of your own pocket, you can apply for a small business loan through Bajaj MARKETS. You can enjoy a multitude of benefits such as flexible loan repayment tenures, competitive interest rates and top-up options. Additionally, you can avail a complimentary credit health report so that you know where you stand in terms of your credit utilisation. Apply now!