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What is Communicable Disease Cover-Indemnity

Communicable diseases are the ones that spread through contact, from one person to another. COVID-19 is one of the most recent examples of a communicable disease. Apart from this. Other communicable diseases include Dengue, which spreads through mosquitoes, HIV AIDS which spreads through blood, and other viral infections. Treating these critical diseases can give a tough time to your pockets. Moreover, some of these air-borne diseases are very easily spread and chronic if not taken care of in the proper time. That’s where this Communicable disease Cover plan, offered by Care Health Insurance Co. Ltd, comes in. It helps by offering financial support of up to Rs. 3 lakhs against the hospital and medical costs. There are several variants of this policy, starting with a premium of Rs. 663/year only, and going up to Rs. 930/year and Rs. 1152/year, depending on the variant you choose. Let us look into all the benefits that come with this policy

Key features offered by Communicable Disease Cover- Indemnity

Here are some of the features offered by this cover that makes this a must-have insurance policy:  

Medicinal expenses support

All the expenses that are incurred on medical bills during hospitalisation are covered under this Communicable Disease Cover-Indemnity. This cover will also reimburse any amount related to medicinal expenses in the post-hospitalisation period.

Diagnostic support

Any diagnostic expenses that are required for the diagnosis of communicable diseases like influenza or COVID-19 will be covered under this insurance policy.

Hospitalisation expenses Support

Under this Communicable Disease Cover, hospitalisation expenses up to 3 lakhs are provided after you provide valid medical documents from a certified doctor. This insurance coverage also includes pre and post-hospitalisation expenses for 30 and 60 days respectively.

How to apply for the Communicable Disease Cover- Indemnity

The steps for applying for this communicable disease insurance are simple and very short. Let us quickly go over them:

  • Select the buy now option

    Click on the buy now option from the website and submit your personal details to submit your application form.

  • Give the OTP

    Provide your phone number in this step. Enter the OTP that you’ll get on your phone for verification purposes.

  • Make the payment

    The initial premium amount (depending on your insurance plan) can be paid using several methods like any payment wallet, credit/debit card, or UPIs.

That’s the application process! You will receive all the necessary details in a short time. 

Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for this exclusive Communicable disease Cover, you need to pass some basic criteria, let’s talk about them below:


  • You must be an Indian Citizen. Some official documents citing you as a citizen of India will also be required. 

Your age must be more than 18 to be eligible for this insurance policy. 

What’s covered under the Communicable Disease Cover-Indemnity?

  • Treatment charges support

    Treatment charges include diagnosis tests charges, charges for hospital rooms, expenses for blood transfusions, and other medications which are crucial for recovery are covered by this Communicable disease Cover-Indemnity.

  • Doctor consultation support

    This insurance coverage plan will reimburse any amount of money that you spend on an appointment with the doctor. However, this reimbursement is offered after checking valid medical documents only.

  • AYUSH Treatment support

    You can have access to the special AYUSH health facilities with the Communicable disease Cover-Indemnity. Ayush healthcare facilities offer a streamlined healthcare solution for communicable diseases like Influenza and COVID-19.

Policy plan details and specifications: 

Keeping the details and the inner specifications of a policy in mind before purchasing it can be quite smart. Let’s go over them quickly.  

  • Coverage Limit

Premium Amount (inclusive of GST)

Sum Insured

Rs. 663

Up to Rs. 1 lakh

Rs. 930

Up to Rs. 2 lakh

Rs. 1,152

Up to Rs. 3 lakh

  • Validity 

This Communicable Disease Cover-Indemnity is valid for a time period of one year.

What's not covered under the Communicable Disease Cover-Indemnity 

Let's understand some of the exclusions that are not covered in this insurance policy: 

1. Unrelated diseases

Medical conditions that are arising due to unrelated diseases like cancer or AIDS are not covered by this insurance plan. 

2. Early hospitalisation

You have to wait for at least 90 days after buying this policy plan to get hospitalised and enjoy the benefits of this plan. 

3. Pre-existing health conditions

No diseases or medical conditions that you already had are not covered by the Communicable Disease Cover plan. 

How to Make a Claim

Let’s take look at the steps that you can take to raise an insurance claim: 


Feel free to contact us at for any queries or to file an insurance-related claim.

Easy-connect through calling

Call us anytime at our toll-free number 1800-102-4488 during the policy duration to initiate an insurance claim.

Customer Care Details

It’s not uncommon to have doubts and questions about an Insurance policy. Reach out to our customer care service at for solutions related to Communicable diseases Cover features, exclusions, and other information.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Communicable diseases Cover

Can I get admitted to the hospital right away after purchasing this insurance policy?

No, the Communicable Diseases Cover policy takes around 90 days for the process to get completed and after that, you can be admitted to the hospital after providing the required documents. 

What is covered under Communicable diseases cover?

With this insurance cover, you can get protection against medical, diagnostic, and ambulance expenses support. 

Does this Insurance cover provide Ambulance support during an emergency?

Yes, this communicable disease cover will reimburse up to Rs 2000 for the emergency ambulance needed for getting to the nearest hospital. 

Why do I need to provide my bank details??

Providing your bank account details can help in better flow of funds if any critical health complication arises for facilitating a proper treatment of communicable diseases. 

What’s the validity of the Communicable diseases Cover

This Communicable disease cover plan is valid for a duration of one year. 

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