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The Hero Passion Pro is the perfect companion for your everyday rides. Its 113 cc engine with its comfortable seats make it worth every penny you pay for it. But if you plan to use your bike everyday, it is highly important that you get your Hero Passion Pro  insurance done. This will look after all the damages done to your bike, in case of an accident in the future.


With a comprehensive insurance plan for your bike, you can be assured that any damage caused due to road accidents, fire, flood or other calamities is covered by the insurance company. Read on to know more about the best Hero Passion Pro insurance for you.

Best Hero Passion Pro Variants

Hero Passion Pro Variants

Ex-showroom price*

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium**

Hero Passion Pro Drum

₹ 70,820


₹ 769

Hero Passion Pro Disc

₹ 73,820


₹ 769

Hero Passion Pro Self-Start Drum Brake

₹ 67,400


₹ 769

Hero Passion Pro Self-Start Disc Brake

₹ 69,600


₹ 769

*The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change on the basis of the city.


**Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

Steps to Buy Passion Pro Bike Insurance Online

You can get Hero Passion Pro bike insurance at amazing prices with Bajaj Markets:

  • Enter your bike registration number and mobile number.

  • Provide the necessary information in the application form.

  • Pick the bike insurance plan that suits your needs.

  • Make an instant online payment.

  • Your insurance policy will reach you in no time.

Renew Passion Pro Bike Insurance Online Effortlessly!

Keep your prized possession secure by renewing your Passion Pro bike insurance:

  • Step 1: Enter your previous policy details.

  • Step 2: Input your personal and bike-related details.

  • Step 3: Check your renewal premium.

  • Step 4: Make an instant online payment.

  • Step 5: Your bike insurance will be active soon.

Why Insure Your Hero Passion Pro Bike?

Hero MotoCorp offers durable and the best-quality vehicles to their customers. However, an accident can easily leave a pile of repair expenses that shall burn a hole in your pocket in the absence of insurance. By opting for an extensive bike insurance policy, you can ensure that the ₹20,000 - ₹40,000 repair costs are covered by the insurer. Moreover, a comprehensive plan also allows you to gain protection against numerous other risks!

Why Should You Choose Comprehensive or Third-Party Bike Insurance?

1. Third-Party Bike Insurance

Third-party bike insurance is mandated for owner-drivers under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. In case of third-party liabilities such as property damage, bodily injuries or death of the victim, the insurance plan financially secures you. Even though the third-party cover premiums are lower, the plan fails to compensate for the loss incurred by your own vehicle.

2. Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Comprehensive bike insurance provides extensive coverage to your precious bike against unforeseen perils. This includes own damage, fire, explosion, theft, natural calamities, third-party liabilities, etc. The Hero Passion Pro insurance premium price charged is slightly higher, it helps safeguard your vehicle from any untoward events that may occur on the road.

What’s Covered Under Bike Insurance?

Third-party bike insurance covers loss caused to the third-party, bodily injuries, death of the victim, etc. Moreover, comprehensive bike insurance includes own damage, theft, natural and man-made calamities, third-party liabilities, etc.

What’s Not Covered Under Bike Insurance?

The exclusions of a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance include loss caused outside the designated geographical area, mechanical or electrical breakdown, riding while intoxicated, etc

Top Add-On Covers for Hero Passion Pro Bike Insurance

Here are a few add-on covers you can combine with your Hero Passion Pro bike insurance plan:

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

You can opt for add-on covers such as bike roadside assistance cover for additional benefits with your Hero Passion Pro insurance policy to cover you during sudden breakdowns.

  • Return to Invoice Cover

If your bike is damaged completely or stolen, your insurer is liable to process the full market price of the bike that you paid at the time of purchase.

  • Consumables Expenses

The replacement of consumables such as oil, coolant, etc. is not covered under an insurance policy. However, this cover enables you to claim expenses incurred on consumables.

  • Personal Accident Cover

Insurers are liable to offer compensation in case of injury, disability or even death of the policyholder/driver under personal accident cover.

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Claim Process for Your Passion Pro Bike

You can keep the below-mentioned documents ready while filing a claim under your Hero Passion Pro bike insurance:

  • Hero Passion Pro insurance policy document

  • Bike details

  • Insurer details

  • Details of the Incident

  • FIR copy, in case of theft/vandalism

  • Original bills and receipts of the vehicle repair


There are two types of Hero Passion Pro bike insurance claims:

  • Cashless Claim Under Car Insurance

In the event of an accident, you can take your bike to a cashless network garage associated with the insurer. Here, the repair expenses will be directly settled by the insurance company whereas you only need to cover the deductibles.

  • Reimbursement Claim Under Car Insurance

For reimbursement claims, you can pick a garage of your choice that isn’t associated with the insurer. But you must know that the repair expenses won’t be settled directly. Thus, you first need to pay for the cost, submit the required documents and later raise a claim.

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Tips to Lower Hero Passion Pro Bike Insurance Premium

With the following tips, you can avail a reduce Hero Passion Pro bike insurance cost:

  • Make Use of NCB

You can enjoy a reduced renewal premium by making zero claims during the policy period with a No Claim Bonus in Bike Insurance!.

  • Maintain your Two-Wheeler

You can easily increase the longevity of your precious bike by maintaining it and getting it serviced regularly.

  • Follow Traffic Laws

By following the traffic rules and regulations, you can try to keep the claims to the minimum and avail the NCB reward.

  • Compare Premiums

A pro tip to get the best bike insurance policy in the market at a budget-friendly rate, make sure you compare quotes online!

  • Cover Small Insurance Claims

In case you do incur some loss, you can choose to cover smaller insurance claims to retain your NCB. However, it isn’t advised to cover high claim amounts that you cannot afford.

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How to Maintain Your Passion Pro Bike?

  • Check the Engine Oil

If you want to incur fewer issues, it is crucial to maintain the right levels of engine oil.

  • Keep an Eye on the Battery

The battery of your Passion Pro is of utmost importance and hence, you must check it regularly and keep it clean.

  • Inspect the Brakes & Clutch

Make sure the brakes and the clutch of your two-wheeler are in good shape and won’t give you any trouble while riding.

  • Follow the Servicing Schedule

Based on your vehicle’s servicing schedule, get your bike checked without fail after completing the set number of kilometres!

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Hero Passion Pro Maintenance Cost

The Hero Passion Pro service and maintenance cost for 3 years is estimated to be ₹9500 - ₹10,500. However, the first six services are free of cost after completing the specified kilometres. Let’s understand the Hero Passion Pro bike servicing schedule and the rate:

Service No.


Free or Paid

Total Expenses

First Service




Second Service




Third Service




Fourth Service




Fifth Service




Sixth Service




Seventh Service




Eighth Service




Ninth Service




Tenth Service




*Disclaimer: These are indicative prices. The actual cost of maintenance of the Hero Passion Pro may vary and change from time to time.

About Hero Passion Pro

Hero Passion Pro is a strong yet stylish bike that offers amazing performance at a competitive price. The sleek Hero bike comes with triple ton graphics and features such as a Digi-analogue console, diamond frame chassis, longer front suspension and more. Hero Passion Pro is available in five vibrant colours and is patented with Hero’s i3s technology.

Hero Passion Pro Specifications



Passion Pro Mileage

60 kmpl

Engine Displacement


Max Power

9.15 PS @7500 rpm

Max Torque

9 Nm @5000 rpm

Passion Pro Fuel Type


Passion Pro Fuel Tank Capacity

10 - 12.5 Litres


Front: 80/100-18” Tubeless

Rear: 80/100-18” Tubeless


Integrated Braking System


Electric start/kick start

Hero Passion Pro On-Road Price

Let’s take a look at the on-road price of Hero Passion Pro in different cities:


Hero Passion Pro On-Road Price


₹84,756 - ₹90,325


₹87,468 - ₹93,184


₹84,051 - ₹89,397


₹83,952 - ₹88,890


₹88,404 - ₹94,323


₹83,430 - ₹87,732

Hero Passion Pro Features

Braking Type




Fuel Gauge

Pass Switch

Alloy Wheels

Passenger Footrest

Final Thoughts!

You can never predict the involvement of your bike in a road accident. Similarly, there have been incidents of vehicles being damaged due to natural or man-made disasters. To safeguard your two-wheeler from such threats, it is crucial to opt for two-wheeler insurance. In case you own a discontinued variant of the Hero Passion Pro, you can still purchase a bike insurance policy on Bajaj Markets. So, head over to our platform and get your vehicle secured!

FAQs on Hero Passion Pro Bike Insurance

What is the Hero Passion Pro bike insurance price?

The Hero Passion Pro bike insurance price differs based on numerous factors related to your vehicle and your area of residence. Thus, it is recommended to use our bike insurance premium calculator to know the Hero Passion Pro insurance price.

Is it compulsory to have third-party Hero Passion Pro insurance?

Yes. Third-party insurance is mandated under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Thus, to avoid getting a hefty penalty, you must opt for a third-party cover without fail! 

What is the penalty for driving without a valid bike insurance policy?

The penalty for driving your Hero bike without a valid two-wheeler insurance policy is ₹2,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three months for the first offence. For subsequent offences, the penalty is ₹4,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three months.

What are some lucrative add-on covers for Hero Passion Pro bike insurance?

You can opt for the below-mentioned add-on covers with your Hero Passion Pro bike insurance Zero depreciation cover Roadside assistance cover Engine protect cover NCB protect cover Return of invoice cover

Can I declare a higher IDV for my Passion Pro bike insurance ?

No. It is not recommended to declare a higher or a lower Insured Declared Value of your Passion Pro. By opting for the correct IDV, you can get the rightful compensation for your bike in case of  complete loss or theft.

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